Friday, June 27, 2008

Virus !


Let me stay awhile here I say, I need
let me just see you enough, my need

times recent, I have this feeling that you are a virus
brimming happiness, vaulting barriers as in circus

a smile that forms in thee, here with you
something special gleaming in those eyes, I knew

this way, unlike others, I do love you my virus
be with me all day, rule me, my world; like great Cyrus

walking away as you do often, as you said you wanted
crazy I am; I just feel inside empty, my soul haunted


The image of the 'simian virus' is the courtesy of the internet.
The current song was played here once before. But I feel that it is worth playing one more time.

“Little wings” by the corrs.
Use a head phone if you really love music.


Srijith Unni said...

That`s so different jac..! Usually virus is associated with disease, suffering.. It requires a really positive frame of mind, to pen such lines.. :)

P.S : Nice Song.

have Fun, Take Care and God Bless!

With Best Regards,

meetu said...

stay away from viruses jac ...they are deadly .

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That is one lucky virus to have a poem dedicated for it! :)

I updated btw!

Janice Thomson said...

What an excellent metaphor Jac - one gets a powerful image of a destructive love - one that asphyxiates rather than bringing the joy of life to the other person. There's a number of ways one could read the into the meaning of this - much enjoyed as always my friend.

ani said...

i never knew we could see virus in such a different light.. nice..

and the song is lovely as usual :)

Lorna said...

I love the Corrs

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

beautiful poem! glad you're back to writing them. :)

Mahi said...

hey, this is the first time im reading a poem on virus, lol!awesome one, jac!

Sam!! said...

Beautiful piece of writing.. love your song selection as always.. :))

Take care

VIDYA said...

whoa! A Poem on a virus, tht 2 a positive one,, the picture is of a real virus, through a microscope ot sumthing ??? i thik i have a few inside me now. :( Inside my throat to be specific of thier location.

Only a great person can love a virus; or mayve we ve all loved viruses without realising wat tey were and then later regreted. its takes a lot to not regret right?

Kai C. said...

so sweet

Priya said...

A different piece from u.

Othersideblue said...


Nea said...

The poem reminded me of a relationship also, one that I had once. One that was very hard to leave......even when I knew it was not good for me.

A very interesting poem..

Rose said...



Dotm said...

Funny how it is shaped like a weird looking wreath.
I finally am able to post. Have been reading your blog and some others the past few days while internet Explorer kept telling me it wasn`t responding when I would try to leave a comment. Today it is finally working better.
Now it isn`t showing the letters, so it probable won`t post afterall.
Nice music.

Keshi said...

so that means Im a Virus? :)


Jac said...

I know that it is quite different. Perhaps You aren’t aware of many viruses that goes through out body without harming us ?

Thank you unni

Jac said...

A civil servant has to be braver than that meetu. They have to face calamities without batting an eye lid, isn’t it?
Thanks for the concern meetu

Jac said...

I will check up. Thanks.

Jac said...

Like your drawing and poems, every one looks at it in a totally different perspective

Jac said...

But seeing is believing!

Jac said...

A pleasant surprise!
I thought I am dreaming when I saw your name here. After this long this is something like home coming,
Thank you lorna

Jac said...

Thank you so much.

Jac said...

By and by, you will be seeing a lot of viruses in Pala. LOL

Jac said...

Thank you for the feedback. GBU too.

Jac said...

Yes, it is the microscopic projection of Simian virus.

I don’t think there is no virus in your throat but may be a few ‘kokkapuzhus’ in your intestines which are not viruses at all. Hehehe !

Your last comment is very true. We hate many of them without a reason. LOL

Jac said...

@kai c

Jac said...

A very scientific poem too. LOL

Jac said...

Athey !
Yes, very true !

Jac said...



Ithra Pettenno ?

Jac said...

Someone has to be on their side !

Jac said...

It is microscopic projection of simian virus.
Thanks for the feedback dot

Jac said...

You don’t look like a virus at all keshi .
On the other hand, you look pretty, like someone I know so well…if you trim your eyebrows.

No pun indented.LOL

Thank you for the feedback keshi

Sreejith Kumar said...

Good one J!!!! Another dimension to a virus perhaps... :-)