Monday, May 05, 2008

Occlude !

I noticed it a month ago.

It was not so much visible then, but then I notice very minute things too…

It was one day I was coming from the diner that I noticed the green patch and a few flowers in them. I took a mild look thinking that it was some kind of wild plant.

I took a closer look, as it was growing in an impossible place….right in front of our classrooms with the concrete pathway running parallel to it; a place where it is impossible for a plant to survive.

After a week I suddenly noticed two tiny fruits, and the plant itself creeping wider and I took a closer look at the fruit and realized that it was edible watermelon. There was nothing else around that area to be called vegetation.
Around the melon plant the earth was dry and barren.
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It must have sprouted from a seed, left over by a bird’s food or accidently fallen by a passerby who was eating a melon piece. He must have tried to chew up the seed.

I noticed it growing everyday, noticed the size of the melon swelling and the colour of the fruits changing from dark green to a mild silver-streaked light green shade, as the case with ripening fruits.
The length of the fruits were transforming to more round day by day and I took some pics.
It was about to ripen !!!
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Yesterday, it was gone…lock, stock and barrel.

Bothe fruits and even the plant were gone.

Some one plucked the half ripe fruit and didn’t even bother to leave the plant alone to grow; the whole plant was plucked out with out a trace.

That’s too cruel, isn’t it?


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