Monday, April 14, 2008


To the people of Kerala at the southern end of India, it is Vishu today. Vishu is the astronomical new year and harvest festival for the south Indians and very specially for the Keralites
The bright yellow flowers of Konna is everywhere.
They believe that today, the first sight at the early dawn decides the outcome of this whole year. So they open their eyes to beautiful, prearranged images and sights before the first rays of sun is out.
I don't have the bright yellow beauties of the Konna(Cassia Fistula) flowers here for you.
This you see here, is the peculiar flower of dagger beans tree(It is the name I have given but the actual name is Albizia Lebbek).
Feathery and funny, they looked very pretty to me, yet no one cares about these beauties here.

This is my Vishukani (sort of a token presentation) to my Keralite visitors and... for others, the pic is of a beautiful flower.
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Today I have a song for Keralites in their own language from a peppy music director called Jazzy Gift.
I liked the song instantly as it was so refreshing from the normal songs. The lyrics as usual, is a man asking the woman, to reveal what is in her mind. LOL


സപ്ന അനു ബി. ജോര്‍ജ്ജ് said...

Vishu wishes to you too,Jacpaul. its not easy for any man to get into a womens heart to know how and what she feels,its like an ocean,fathemless depths which none ever explored.Its like an ocean of love,in differnt formats for man, as mother,sister,lover and even friend.There is substence and base for any realtionship to grow into lucious and prosperous tree of relationships which gives, shade for anyone who walks by. wonderful thought process on a vishu, Jacpaul.

Lyrically speaking said...

I like the song but especially the pic...

Othersideblue said...

hi, are you feeling good?

What a refreshing song; i hear the rythm of life with the beat of the music.

hard to read her mind :)

Janice Thomson said...

Yay! Good to be reading you again!
I have seen a similar flower in pink on a blog from Brazil - it is a beautiful delicate flower. It must be spectacular in full bloom - I can see why you like it too. The Konna is also a gorgeous tree.
Vishu wishes to you too Jac - the music is wonderful!
Hope you had a relaxing and wonderful holiday.

david santos said...

Really beautiful flower.
Have a nice day.

Srijith Unni said...

Heyy Jac, Vishukanikku nanni

Wish you a heppy vishu.

Have Fun, Take Care and God BLess!

With Best Regards,

Geets said...

thanks for the vishu kani, jac. nice to see you back. happy vishu

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love the words and the photos, but I'll have to wait till I get home to hear the music. (can't do that at work) :)
It's so good to see you back!!

whisper said...

wb from your vacation...hope you had a wonderful and relaxing time...umm...don't understand what the singers are saying in this song but hey i can dance with this music! hehehe...umm...have you counted how many blooms of this flower you have in your dagger beans tree each year? ;))

Seema said...

Welcome back to the bloggy land:)
Paatu kallaki !!! Hope you had a great vacation and a nice time at Vishu too!

Anali said...

Lovely flowers Jac! Good to see you around again! ; )

kat said...

Lovely flower and song.

Dotm said...

Hi Jac, welcome back. Do the white flower petals fly off and blow around when the wind hits them? Just curious. Regular flowers are beautiful, but it is nice to see an unusual one once in a while. For some reason I`m not hearing your song. Maybe it is my computer as I also had trouble opening the comment part and I don`t usually.

Walker said...

Very nice flower, has a regal look about it.

Dotm said...

Jac, Decided to check in a second time and for some strange reason the music is playing this time. Sure would need to be a fast dancer to keep up with the speed. Even though I do not understand the words, it is lively music playing.

Rose said...

Really miss the vision of Konna pookal blossomed in abundance to create almost a bright yellow tent over ur heads during this time of year in Kerala..

Wud u belv? I didnt even realise it was Vishu until non-mallus here in my office started wishing me !!!!



samrina said...

Beautiful pic n and you too Happy Vishu :)

Glad to see you around :)

Take care

priya said...

Belated wishes to you Jac.

Jac said...

Thanks for the feedback from a woman’s point of view and many thanks for the greetings.


Yes I am, why not ?
It’s a nice song thanks.
True. With so many burdens around, I won’t blame them.

Thank you Janice for the ardent greetings. This one is a very common tree in the Asian and African peninsula. I am fine.

Thanks David

Thanks unni.

thanks geets, you still owe me the story of the crabs.

Happy to be back, Andrew. Did you hear song it by this time ?

Thanks for the appreciation of music.
Yes I did. 387. LOL




I am imaging the fox trot steps with the rhythm of this music. This tree is different, dot. If you watch the pic closely, you can even see a perished flower near the bloom.

I an sure if you look around you may find some konna pookkal near you.

Thanks samira.

Thanks to you priya.

VIDYA said...

tht flower is very pretty!

its really nice to read u, plz do post more often. :)

(pssst- During vishu older bloggers give younger bloggers 'vishu kaineetam', acepted only in the form of blue narangamutaii.)

:) :)

Hope ur doing good.

Mahi said...

lovely pic:) happy belated vishu!

Jac said...


Thanks twinkle.

Before, I had a buiscuit factory when you told me that you like biscuits. Now I will have to buy a naragamuttai factory. LOL

Jac said...


Welcome back and thank you so much for the greetings.

Geets said...

btw, mahi is my daughter. she started her blog recently

Rose said...

APPOOPPAN THAADI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D :D :D


Dotm said...

Jac, I am getting rusty, haven`t done the Fox trot in years-- probably forgot all the steps.
I went back and looked at the tree again and noticed that when the blossom withers up it resembles a blond uncombed beard. :) So, it wouldn`t fly away. HaHaa.

Nea said...

A lovely post Jac. Maybe that is a good thought for all of us, to wake up with good thoughts and beautiful flowers in our minds eye. I will remember this one, I also find it beautiful, light and fluffy and it reminds me of a happy thought...