Tuesday, March 11, 2008


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times recent, there are these voices, I hear
could well be in my sleep, I fear
they are here and they sound so familiar
I know it is from far, yet I hear it so clear

reminds me, telling me about reality
takes me back years a few, to infinity
sound of music and sweet melodious intimacy
then the crash to the pit, to that negative ecstasy

clear sky, flowers, birds singing, I hear again
sunshine and smiles, a dream I thought, I regain

it is a common beach crab that I now see in my mind
its golden legs moving up and down, moving it around
so amazing they move; for every step they take forward
swift they are, but they move three steps backward


As my next vacation is due, I won't be blogging or replying to comments for some time. I thank you once again, for the kindhearted welcome extended to me after my long absence.

Current music:- "Steering me round and round" by Kitara.
Though the song is English, the background and the music culture is mostly Indian. I like it very much.

Friday, March 07, 2008


I want to apologise for not responding to any of you for last 4 months.

Many of you have sent me mails, visited this blog, and commented showing their concern and were worried why I am not here.
My special thanks to Janice.

With out telling any reason, I deeply regret and apologise for my equivocal and impolite behaviour and for my indifference to which no body was responsible.
I have replied now to each and veryone who were good enough to write comments here on my last post.
Today I am completing 4 months of my total indifference to blogging. I still have not written anything for all this period except scribbling a few words.

I don’t know if I will be writing again but if I do, I will make sure that you all know about it.

This few words you see here is not actually a poem but a few musings I have written on 9th Nov 07 about to be posted on 10th Nov.

Somehow I didn’t want to post it at that time and left it in the draft. I see no meaning in leaving it there to get rotten.

Those flowers you see in the pic were fallen withered from the same tree that you saw in my previous post.

Though I can post songs from my music album online, I can’t hear or see the player in the blog due to my Company using a software to prevent music downloading.

It is an Indian song in Tamil language.
I liked it with out knowing the meaning but later when I knew the meaning, I thought that the lyrics too were beautiful.

I understand that the meaning is something like 'with love, to stay closer to the chest… forgetting all pains.'

May be the young and talented blogger Vidya could tell me if the meaning is right in general. I prefer to call her twinkle toes. She call her blog Live don't just exist. Check her out. will you ?

The name of the song is "Nenjodu"

I don't even know if you can hear the song...let me know.

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Fallen down the pathway withered
I took it, knowing it fallen
there were them, looking puzzled
asking, why picking a fallen
I said to them loud, fallen or withered
in my palm, a tinge of love given
this will turn as bright and golden
the smile, so happy, brawn gathered
stay warming my hand, as if born again

but all of a sudden, I saw them shriveled
as if my care and love was just a pun
I let them free, never was it tethered
I ponder… knowing not, if it was just a fun