Thursday, May 24, 2007


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Due to fiber optic cable damage in our main server system, my network is functioning like a wounded cockroach from yesterday.
For this reason neither could I write a reply to your comments, which I enjoy normally, nor visit your pages and write a comment.

Though I am able to open and publish a post after several attempts, it just refuses to open when I try to comment in your posts. Finally I am giving up and biting my nails instead.

I request you to bear with me until my net is normal to make a comment in your blog or in mine.
I do apologize for this, and assure you that I will reciprocate the visits once my net is back to normal.
I will try to post as normal if network be favourable to me.


Rose said...


Rose said...

Btw.. Happy nail-biting..



Janice Thomson said...

My god these are sooo beautiful it the same flower as the previous pic?

b o o said...

i LOVE purple and all of its shades. good luck with the shaky network :)

mystic rose said...


enjoy the respite. get a refill of nature.

u missed my birthday. when ur net is working, i will expect it. :P.

Anali said...

Sorry about the technical problems that you're having. But oh these wonderful, beautiful flowers you have left for us!! Thank you!

Geets said...

Aren't they also called May flowers?

Lovely May, lovely May
Ever fresh and gay!

Keshi said...

Lovely color WOW!


Raghu Ram Prasad said...

wonderful flowers,,,,,,,, your technical problem may slove immediately..................yesssssssssss

Jac said...



You wished for a nice nile biting and I have chewed up my right thumb.

Help! Kalyani.

Jac said...


Thanks for the compliment. :)

This is never published before.

Jac said...

I am not very sure about the network yet. After receiving it, I lost contact twice.

I am edgy, doing many things at the same time !

zzz-writer said...

with all my compliments for the lovely flowers.....yet....why the cockroach of all the creepy crawlys.... is it because it ultimately survives (they say even a nuclear explosion)
hmmmm ;))

Jac said...


...despite that, no time for a refill of nature.

Jac said...


Lets Say this is for my cousin. :)

You had one flame yellow for me before.


Jac said...


Is it called May flower too ?

Very sad that it stays very few hrs in bloom.
I don't understand why He made it that way for such a beautiful flower.

"Lovely May, lovely May
Ever fresh and gay!"

Such refreshing Rhyme !

Jac said...


Wow !

Jac said...

I got the net back ..a bit slower now.

Jac said...

I am not creepy about it.

Ninety percent of the woman I encountered is creepy about roches.
So how about me leaving one of those creepys inside you bedroom.

Let us see if you can project a dream about it and then master your mind.


missj said...

hey... nu visitor on ur blog
waiting for d update..
hope ur network is favourable to u soon.. tc!

ltlmomma said...

i came across this blog and HAD TO STOP LOVELY GOOD JOB,WOW

Jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul.

Refresh and you will see my post. Thanks.

Jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul.

Thanks for the compliments. Come again if you ahat you saw here.

Nea said...

What a lovely vine, looks like something that the hummingbirds would just love. i have had several vines that look similar, but both were pink. I just purchased a new vine a few days ago, that looks very similar to this, mine is called a Pandora Vine, and it says it get 6feet by 6feet, so I need to be careful where I plant it, huh. haha :) This picture is stunning.