Tuesday, March 27, 2007


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Sleep in me virtually tossing turning,

heap of burden lies, there in my
anguished memoir

a weary wolf decide to become a saint,
if sudden

shelter denied by all, deducing
his true self


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice - this photo is perfect for it!

Rai said...

Wow! There is some kind ominous gloom in this poem ...

BTW, Thanx for visiting my blog. I translated that particular ghazal on request (by a blogger friend). I am glad if you liked it ... and you can read my English writings here

Rose said...

Have I ever told you that I am a fan???



sophie said...

jac...u r an expert

alex said...


Sleep is the reliever of all pain. What if death was called 'eternal sleep'? Just a thought.

Hiding ones self. Hmmm.

Jac said...


I thought so too...

Jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul.

The gloom is something I am not born with.
The clouds in me here are carried over the years which makes my moods to swing with the utterence of a single word.

If you find my words readable, come again to share a thought with me, unlike some who are scared.

I have seen your blog in English.
Thanks, ray

Jac said...


Not that I know of.


Jac said...


Now you are kidding...

Walker said...

The shadows see more than they hide but is it a dawn of tomorrow or the end of today?

Great picture

Jac said...


Unlike many who are afraid of death, I am not afraid of death in general and my death in particular.

The death is not eternal sleep because the word sleep is:-

“A state of partial or full unconsciousness in people and animals during which voluntary functions are suspended and the body rests and restores itself or a period in this state"

Note those words 'suspended' and 'restores' which are not associated with death.

Why a sudden thought of death?

I will give you something to think :)

'We must all die. There's nothing terrible about death. But to live on after death, a soul, earthbound, a vampire...you don't wish any such fate for your beloved'

-Guy Endore-

Nan said...

Beautiful Jac.
I've posted a new picture on my blog. Wander over and have a look.

Kai C. said...


Jac said...

Here, I am the shadow buddy.

What you see is the end of day.
This is one of my best pictures.
I have taken it in manual mode with precise exposure and timing.

Jac said...


I been to your blog.

Jac said...

kai c

Really ???
Thak you very much kai

alex said...



I see that technically speaking death and sleep are different. But both are similar if few ways, aren't they?

Your lines made me think of it today.

My thoughts on death are here.

Janice Thomson said...

mmmm... sleep a time when the shadow is no longer the substance...
Awesome pic by the way.

Jac said...

Sleep and death still differs in many ways.

I think the term is more suitable & applicable to some animals in poles where they experience a term called the 'hibernation' which is scientifically and medically proven nearer to death.

I have just been to your mentioned post.

Jac said...


I am !!

...and thanks for the compliments.

alex said...


hmmm. ok.

But, why i relate both is because of our emotional state then. We are not conscious while sleeping. Are we??

I got the clue that you visited. :)

Jac said...


I am conscious as a matter of fact. Surprising ???

Anali said...

Amazing photo! It must have been really hot the next day. I've noticed that about deep red sunsets.

Keshi said...

wow very well-written!


Jac said...


It was and it still is.

I know the rains are so close now. I could hear the imaginery rumblings of the thunder inside me.

Jac said...




Seema said...

Beautifully worded emotions with a picture only that enhances the beauty !

A turning point...a change...so what if no one except yourself is there to welcome it !!! that's where that belief in oneself is reaffirmed !

Excellent one !

Jac said...


Well, I think somebody is bribing you to cheer me up and the fact is that you are succeeding.

Let us make a deal. We split your bribe 50/50 so that I become a partner in this conspiracy. In return, I promise you that I won't ask you the name of the person who bribe you.

Is it a deal ?

Seema said...

Jac - ahaaa so one thing is sure u suspect someone is interested in your cheerfulness and that person is bribing me too...so i can gauge the situation;))))

Well...let's turn around the promise now...i'll pass the bribe 100% to you...if you promise the cheer !!!

That's one and dont bother to find out the name of the person ;)

Is that another deal ????

Jac said...

You are too sweet, seema.

Lets throw the deal out, here is my cheer for a song...lock stock and barrell.

Thanks for cheering me.

alex said...



Jac said...



Seema said...

As you say Jac..the cheer is what matters at the end of the day !
Yr always welcome n keep the cheer live !

Jac said...