Thursday, November 01, 2007

Stuart the mouse

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The other day I dreamed, a funny scene in fact
I thought it silly

flashed my hand to brush off, my foolish act
now I know I am not so silly

in dream I am a mouse, small, sharp and fast
but in front was a cat

its paws large, the body, towering like a mast
for it, I am a game so neat

it plays lame with me, knowing I won’t last
says I am its treat

knowing I am helpless, choking me as I am beat
it knows I am its meat

then I woke up, with my clothes soaking wet
I felt, I am mouse Stuart

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Mizrepresent said...

lol, Jac, too cute..a mouse???

Geets said...

hey, that was nice, Jacky Mouse!!!

VIDYA said...

Jac chetta pooocha pooocha!!

:) :)

pria said...

Mouse are indeed smart and goofy at times.

Jac said...


Yes, a mouse !

Jac said...


Teasing me !!!
I will get you for this, geeta :)

Jac said...


You too follow your chechy ?

Jac said...


Nevertheless, they are afraid of the cats.

aurora said...

That's funny and frightening at the same time. Sending you some better dreams tonight.

Jac said...


You are considerate. Thanks.

Dotm said...

That sounds as bad as when I used to keep dreaming I was falling down this pitch dark hole. Exept I knew what was causing my scarry dream to appear over and over for years- I had fallen down an old outdoor well on an Uncles Farm when I was younger.
Your dream seems to have both strength and bravery along with fear of being caught by something lots larger, being captured and devoured by a power bigger than oneself. What a dream, hope it is never repeated.

Nea said...

I never try to interpret my dreams.....and maybe it is a good thing, huh, haha. This was great, although I doubt for the mouse it is all that fun.

Glad that you found my webpage, I had to make a new blog, mine got taken over by spammers. The new blog is

I also lost all of my links, so i am having to recover them one by one. I will add you back in......good to see you again jac

Janice Thomson said...

They say dreams are a mixture of past events, present events and a great imagination. Very few actually have any meaning at all because they are so jumbled up. But sometimes they can be downright scary - ask the man who has nightmares. Sure hope yours is better next time Jac.

shimmer said...

interesting dream! ;))

Jac said...

I never had this dream before and yesternight was a pleasent dreams at all.
May be some recent events initiated a dream of this sort.

If and when my friend Novy comes in to read this blog, I might get an explanation. But then I dunno if she would do a reading with out a charge being paid. I am not going to ask her to help me. Lets see what she says if she comes in.

Thanks for the feed back dot.

Jac said...

This is a pleasant surprise.

You are right, I thought I lost you.

I used to enter your blog an umpteen number of times to comment but I was always hijacked to some other site and I lost any hope of reading you, until I saw the guest book in your web page.

Good to see you here again as the old times.
I am adding your new blog here. Looking forward to reading all your archives if I have the time.

The last time I logged in to your site was, when you were going down flat on your butts on the steps to the room downstairs somewhere in your home. I don't know anything after that and I intend to find out. LOL

Keshi said...

LOL Jac very cute lil mouse there!


Jac said...


You are entirely right. It may be related some events that happened in the past or in recent times.

Any way I want to tell you that the cat that made me a captive was cotton-white in colour, and had exceptionally long whiskers. I don’t know if those features in a cat are called as beautiful not.

BTW: I didn't even get the time to note if it is he or she.LOL

Thanks for sharing your mind.

Jac said...

Isn't it ?

Do you by any chance read dreams, shimmer ?

Jac said...


But that lil mouse is scaredm, keshi !

Lyrically speaking said...

Wow...what a dream.

Walker said...

Are we not all mice living in this big block of cheese.

Oh wait, thats the moon.

All I ever dream about is nuns and Jalopino poppers

Youknow, the cat doesn't always win, most tiem the cat looses but he only has to win once ;)

Have a nice day buddy

Jac said...

@lyrically speaking
Welcome back after a long break.

Let me say that for a change, it gave me cold sweat !

Jac said...

Tom and Jerry cartoon series has given a moral boost to all jerrys, but a mouse is taught from childhood to be scared of cats.

Well, I am here with out any harm you know; like cat'O'nine tails.

A nice weekend to you too buddy.

david santos said...


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Jac said...

I have checked and I will do that david.

gazza27 said...

Dreams can be scarey and dont they seam so real when you just wake up?

Kai C. said...

cute poem.

MM said...

thats a real sweet one!
stuart mouse, of all beings!!

real sweet!

Jac said...

So was this too looked like...practically making me forget to notice many things about the cat. LOL

Jac said...

@kai c

Thanks for the appreciation !

Jac said...


Sweeter than my favorite bread pudding ???

mystic rose said...

little stuart. that was one cute mouse!

I do interpret dreams jac!! and this tells me a lot about hwat you are going through right now :)

Jac said...

Could I know what all that means if I let me know my mail ID ?

Can you interpret ?

mystic rose said...

sure. :)

Jac said...

In your mail.