Sunday, November 04, 2007

Paradise not lost...

While looking at this memorable blue of the ocean from the rear cliffs of Hotel Samudra, I thought how much unexpected was this journey at this time.
I recalled about the day before, when I had no idea I will travel and be here so soon
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The previous day I stopped the car and stepped out in the fresh air and looked around the building where my travel agent Maya had her office. The guard asked me which floor I am to and helped me to the lift.
The old gentleman who just came out of the lift smiled at me. His face was familiar to me, though I couldn’t quite recall where I have seen him.
The receptionist was a middle aged woman with glasses, got up to wish me. Crisp and courteous, she was all efficiency.
When I told her that I have phoned her the previous evening, she recalled even my name and whisked me to the inner office where Maya, my travel agent took control from her, to offer me the convenience of the sofa instead of the usual chair.
She sat near me and discussed with me the plans and number of days that I wish to spend in Kovalam.
She showed me the colourful brochures of the 5 star Leela Kempensky hotels and showed me the pictures too of that hotel overlooking the blue green ocean.

I smiled and told Maya that I would like to stay in a KTDC (Kerala Tourism) 3 star Hotel Samudra which I already have seen once. She went on line and did the booking and came back to where I sat to ask about the travel arrangements.

Maya is known to me for the last couple of years due to frequent visits I make in the state of Kerala in south India and she has a keen understanding of my travel needs and knows my habits as well.
She merrily asked me to if I would have a driver to drive my car as she knows my passion to drive on my own… stopping at wherever I liked.
This time she cautioned me about the roads that are in pretty bad shape due to abnormal rains that delayed the annual repairs. I thought for a moment and asked her if she can get me train tickets on an AC two tier compartment.
She was surprised but was on her mobile phone a few minutes and came back to say that if I have to travel by train I would have to opt for a immediate morning one instead of two days later and there will be some changes in the day of travel. She said I have to travel the next day and she gave the hotel booking voucher and assured me that the train tickets will be delivered at my home in the evening it self.

As my plans were rescheduled for the next day I went around my bank and looked at the locations of the ATM’s I may use nearby.
My train tickets too arrived promptly in the evening by a courier and I was all set to go the next morning.
My doctor friend assured me a lift in his car till the railway station.
The train left punctually but the climate was a bit windy with mild showers here and there. The train took almost 6 hours to reach Trivandrum and I was picked up by the courtesy car from the hotel.
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Hotel Samudra is a 3 star hotel, situated on a small but rocky cliff facing Arabian Sea.
The buildings were scattered in three locations making it look like three large houses rather than a hotel. I was given a room facing curved end with a beautiful view of the ocean. It was almost lunch time but I took a round and the sight was beautiful.

I plan to continue the travelogue in two or three episodes so that you all will not get bored of reading long stretches of my blah blahs and I am not going to serialise the episodes too.
I leave a few pictures of the place for you to watch.
Till then…
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Janice Thomson said...

Gosh what a beautiful spot Jac! I'm very envious because it looks so warm there. Looking forward to hearing more.

Anonymous said...

hi dear Jac,

wow...what a pleasant trip! It's great to go to places like there.

P.S. Thanks for your message. I was busy for a long time and hadn't time to visit blogger.

Best wishes.


shine said...

it sure is a beautiful place...the kind of place where most of us wanted to unwind and maybe rejuvenate? glad to know you had a wonderful vacation

priya said...


Nice pis and Kerala is always a paradise due to its weather and seashore.

Good u had a great vacation.

If its submitted twice, delete the second comment Jac.

Keshi said...

u live in PARADISE anyways!


DeLi said...

im so glad to pass by at this site!
what a lovely place it is!

VIDYA said...

:) tht s such a beautiful place!

aurora said...

This blog is the only one that I visit that consistently makes me dance! :)

Good to read about your travels and see these beautiful shots while listening to the music du jour.

You have a lovely site, Jac.

mystic rose said...

lovely place!!!

Princess Haiku said...

The ocean is so compelling; always wished I lived next to it.

Jac said...

Yes, it was warm and a bit sticky as the not-so-mild breeze was salty with carryover from sea.

Jac said...

Thanks for the comment.
Thought you tied a nupital knot and gone.LOL

Delighted to have you back.

Jac said...

Thank you shine.
Yeah, it is very nice place if you want to rejuvenate.
Sort of sitting and doing nothing. LOL

Jac said...

Kerala is a very nice place and it is not very expesive.

Are you from there or have you been there ?

Jac said...

My pleasure having you here.
Thanks for the comment.

Jac said...


I know, twinkle toes :):)

Jac said...

...And your's lyrically makes me do a lambada

You like the music ?
Thanks for the generous comment.

Jac said...

Thanks for the comment.

You come back from the grave yard soon ?
You came to pay me off the debts ?

Jac said...

Thanks for the feedback.
Wishing you a happy Deepawali ahead.

Jac said...

Thanks :)

Jac said...

What prevents you ?

Anali said...

I love this song and I'm looking forward to seeing more from your vacation. There is nothing like a water view. Well, that hotel looks pretty amazing too actually! ; )

Nea said...

That is the kind of trip that I like, one that comes together with efficiency. The place you are staying is beyond beautiful, so will be looking forward to more pictures. Don't worry about boring us, we read fast, haha. It is nice to read of someone's travels.

foam said...

popped in via luxie's site.
looks and sounds like a fabulous trip...really beautiful.
have fun!

Neha Nair said...

Kovalam is one of my faaaav beaches. And even I have been to samudra. wow.... the pics are fab ... about the autograph anytime :)

VIDYA said...

The roads in kerala seem to become realy bad, been hearing about it evrywhr. ohh u ve replied 2 my comment twice. :)

came back to this post, because 2day i saw a tv cookery show that was shot at samudra, kovalam.

Anonymous said...

It's almost 1 am here and I just read your comment. No..I am not stopping blogging..just merely taking a leave...I will be back after two or 3 weeks.

I am a corporate communications consultant. I have a team building project and a business writing seminar to conduct for a group of senoir anagers in a Japanese firm...This will take place for two weeks..I haven't slept fr 3 nights because my materials are due tomorrow ( in a few hours rather ..eeeeks!!) and I am NOT yet done hu! hu!hu!

I want to read here..but can'! hu!..there is a huge cat looking at me though...I now have t finish my manual..bys...sniff!..I need coffeeeee....


Anonymous said...

oh' dear gawd'..Senior Managers!!..What on earth did I write?..Good thing I checked back!

me again

Jac said...

I knew that you will like that song, as the lyrics are amazing. LOL

I liked the hotel too, it was nice and clean. I will write more about the place and my vacation in due course.

Jac said...

That was not the first time I was in kovalam, the previous one being as short as an evening spent at the beach and the ocean.

Well, I plan to write it not as continuation nea, instead I would be concentrating on sites and incidents around that area, which I strongly believe will be more appealing to the readers…not forgetting some pics too.

Jac said...

Welcome to the window to my soul. Thanks to luxie too, who is my all time friend.

Thank you so much for the comment and I hope that I will see you often here.

Jac said...

If you were there, then you know all about the beauty of the ocean and beach over there. I was in the fishing harbor Vizhinjam too witnessing some lovely fishing scenes.

Let’s see if you will recognize me when I plead with you for an autograph. LOL

Jac said...

Yes I replied twice twinkle.
After the first reply, I remembered about the 'Deepawali' article you wrote in your blog and looked in the calendar for the date.

You saw a TV show? Always there is some kind of shooting going on around there.
What was the dish, twinkle? (Kidding only)
Thanks for the additional visit.

Jac said...

From your good bye in your blog, I concluded that you are giving up blogging completely. Now delighted to know that it will be only for 3 weeks

That seminar, sure will keep you occupied and perhaps drain your energies too.

Well, don’t you worry about the cat as that cat is there only to scare me ...not you. LOL
All the best and come back soon.
You will be missed.

starry nights said...

Jac I just love that scenery. I will be visiting Kerala hopefully in december or January.would love to see this place.can you email me some more info.please.thanks.

Jac said...

I am sure that you, J and the kids will enjoy it.
I would send it with pleasure, Lali.

Um Naief said...

this place looks peaceful. i'd love to get away to someplace peaceful... and be able to stay for a while.

aaahhhh, to dream! :)

Dotm said...

What a pleasant place for a vacation. So peaceful and quiet looking. I could just see sitting and watching the waves come in.
And it looks like each section of the Hotel has it`s own porch to sit on , while watching those waves.
Must have been a wonderful vacation.

Walker said...

Thats a beautiful picture of the sea, so blue looks warm.
I need a vacation