Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The B's

Have you ever been to the real wilderness. I mean stark wilderness ?

Have you ever been in real desert. I mean real desert ?

Have you seen wild animals at close range ? Have you ever encountered a wild elephant ?
Seen wild boars fighting for male supremacy in presence of a female who just watches curiously ? Have you ?

Have you seen the large open mouth of an African black mamba snake?… the mouth opened wide only when it feels threatened.
Have you seen a crocodile lazing with its mouth fully open waiting for a suitable prey ?
Have you seen the live mating of two intimate cobras ? They are unpredictably dangerous at this time.

I have seen and encountered all the above and I am not afraid any of this animals,
I am not afraid of snakes!
I am not scared of crocodiles!
I am not afraid of any of this fierce creatures !!! I am sure that you won’t believe any of my blah blahs.

What if I tell you that I am also human and I too fear certain things ?
Its true, but as usual you won’t believe me !
‘cause I am all blah blah !

Well, for a change, let me tell you that I am afraid of squirrels, which started with my vain attempt to catch one alive, when I was seventeen years.
I lost almost a pint of blood and a bonus of bite marks all over my right hand, the scars lasting almost 5 years.
A squirrel was the only thing in my hit list until recently… to be precise until almost 7 months ago.
So here I go with my next blah blah.

It happened with my routine visits to my trainees in the main oil processing facilities where there are two huge storage tanks that can store almost 3000000 barrels of oil each.
The roof of the tank is called a floating roof as the roof is designed to move up and down in tune with the level of oil.
I wont go in to technicalities of it, as you will stop reading this right away.
My trainees had two specific doubts regarding the roof that floats, and about the water disposal from the roof during the severe rains that prevails in southern Sudan.
Free Image Hosting
Safety wise it needs a permit to climb over the tank and I got it by 10 AM and six Sudanese trainees and their hapless trainer (~Sigh~) was ready to climb the tank on a hot morning with safety helmets and harnesses.
Three of my agile trainees, took the lead and I was the fourth on the line with another three following me.
As I reached three quarter way up, my breathing has become faster as I put a fresh chewing gum in my mouth, lest what will my trainees think of me.
I heard some commotion up from the top of the ladder and swore “OMG” thinking that one of the trainee must have slipped the stairs and about to fall. But what I saw was a rush of my trainees coming down fast not caring about me or anyone. My trainee Abu Obeida came fast, pushing me sideways not caring about anything else.
Behind him was Yaser, like a rocket they flashed past me shouting something like ‘Nala’ which at that moment didn’t strike me as ‘Nahala’ (Bee in Arabic).
Ahmed who was a bit slow came panting down... behind him I heard something like the hum of an airplane.
Yea, it was exactly like a humming airplane coming so fast that I had no idea what it was until I got the first bite of the killer bee on my cheek.

Every one had helmets on and they were in full sleeved coveralls, yet they bit me at every exposed space in my body. I don’t know how I came down the steep stairs with out falling… all the time desperately trying to ward off the attacking bees.
They made me run for my life.

They were like a pack of dogs attacking with out mercy.
No one were spared, but Ahmed and I were badly bitten, till someone came with a spray or something.
Suddenly there was silence as they suddenly left me and I saw I was sitting on the ground.
There was burning sensation all over my exposed hand, neck and face. I touched my numb face with my swollen fingers and felt like touching a rock.
As I had my glasses on, my eyes were spared.

An ambulance came to pick us as I kept telling them that I don’t need an ambulance.
When I reached the clinic I casually looked at the mirror that was hanging on the wall. With face so much a swollen, even my Mom wouldn’t have recognized me.
The doc was my friend and he immediately checked the sting marks and took my blood pressure. I was surprised and asked the doc the reason for checking the BP, and he explained that these type of bees has a poison that affects the nervous system and seriousness of the poison directly affects the blood pressure.

He said I wont die with a smile and asked me if my rump is strong enough to take three shots , pointing to my butts. That was another pain in my ***
I had to stay put in the office for next three days and Ahmed was allowed to take rest at home for three days.
From here starts my fright of another creature called bees.
After the incident I think squirrels are much better.
So now you know what I am afraid of ! A brave African who is afraid of squirrels and bees.
Just out of my office, on the eastern balcony, beside the concrete pathway is a large tree, which always bear nice and beautiful yellow flowers. Unfortunately my web search for the name of the free failed get a correct one.
Free Image Hosting
Yellow, being my favorite colour for a flower, I never miss looking at the tree which gives me the immense pleasure at all seasons except in rain, when the yellow flowers just wither off all over there, making a lovely yellow pathway.
You are wondering if I have really become a bit crazy, speaking about different subjects here.
First the squirrel, then the bees and now yellow flowers.
I am not crazy.
But I became almost crazy one day !
What bowled my mind on that day was this a large colony of killer bees in my favorite tree, hardly 20 meters away from where I stood.
Free Image Hosting

Now you know what I did....
Free Image Hosting

I ran with out looking back.


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s^h^i^n^e said...

aww so scary bees experienced you have had...glad you're fine...umm
...maybe you're too t-w-e-e-t that's why bees follow you around? ;)):p

Gazza said...

The trainee's could have gave you a better chance to get away if they shouted "run Jac"glad your ok though,i'm lucky enough to have never been stung by a bee in my life,i also have miner bees in my back garden but i believe these dont sting and are good for the earth?

Othersideblue said...

Life is experiences all over and yours is apparently much more advantrous than mine.
I have never been left in stark wilderness alone. I have never seen a wild animal at close range.

I have never seen the large open mouth of an African black mamba snake OMG No!
and I have neither faced a crocodile alive lazing with its mouth fully open nor the cobra's intimate mating.. i can't even imagine how it all look!

We have to thank God that you are alive and Ok now after all :)

how long ago that happened?

Are there still that huge bees(kendoo) over there in the tree?!

Geets said...

hey jac, nice one!what's the name of the tree with yellow blossom?

pria said...

Oh boy!!! Hope you are doing ok now. You better mask yourself before u go out.

aurora said...

Wow, so glad you survived that, Jac! But you must take to not be stung again, because after an attack like that, you run the risk of having become allergic (and with each sting, the risk increases).

All that said, I must say: You tell the best stories. :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Oh you need to see my post today on my photo blog, ! :)

Saline County, Arkansas Photos said...


VIDYA said...


well its one of my worst fears that i ll be stung by bees!!!

there used 2 be a similar tree in my old house, just near the enterence, now i live in an apartment and miss it.

the bees look mean!

Jac said...

They are mean and I know it now in the hard way. Thanks for the concern.

You are right that I am too t-w-e-e-t because first came the flutterfly to lick me and now the bees to sting me.LOL


Jac said...

…which means that you don’t know how those bees attack, they cover your head mainly and bite you like a mad dog.
Every year there are a number of deaths around here due to bee stings.
There is a mandatory safety rule that we are not to use perfumes during duty for the same reason. The bees can follow scents easily

These are wild bees and they are quite different from the honey bees around us.

Jac said...


So you see why I am afraid of the bees ? I still have a small swelling from its sting in my neck. It remains there for 7 months now.

There are no more 'kendoo' there now.
Right after spotting it, we have reported it to the HSE(health, safety & Envir)
It took almost three days for them to prpare the repellent to ward off the bees. The third day before they were able to use the spray, it went off itself.

Jac said...

It is a tropical tree also growing well in India too.

The name is "Rusty Shield Bearer".
Their seeds are in a flat small beans.

I could have send you some more pics, if I had your mail ID.

Jac said...


You are hiding there to know if I am bitten head to toe ?

I am ok and that was 7 months before.

Yes, masks...that is how they use the repellent at them.

Jac said...

I am being careful, but we cant say when and where they come, and they come with the least provocation.

Thta was a real compliment. Thanks.

Jac said...

Seen the sqirrel there ! Thanks for sharing.

Jac said...

@Saline County, Arkansas Photos

Welcome to the window to my soul and thanks.

Jac said...

They are mean, so be aware.

That tree is plenty in India too. Sudan is also a tropical country. The name is "Rusty Shield Bearer"

SierraBella said...

Scary story, Jac! That's a huge hive.

Lyrically speaking said...

WOW! I also run away from bees even if it's one. Are you feeling better? hope took some amazing pics

Janice Thomson said...

Gosh Jac the size of that hive is indeed frightening and I'd be running fast too. I guess the tree is like a rose and its thorns - the bees being the thorns of such a beautiful tree. I love your posts Jac - what more can I say except glad you have survived everything that crossed your path!

Nea said...

There isn't much that I am afriad of either, not snakes or spiders, but I have learned to fear bees.

I am so glad for you that you didn't have a bad is no fun, of course neither is being covered in stings, is it?

Although I am still not so much afraid of them as leary of them. I have many in my yard, and for the most part they go about their business and do not bother me, but I made the mistake last year of accidently putting my hand on the railing and underneath was a wasp. it bit was the fifth bite in one year, I had two more that same year, and on the seventh I had a severe shock reaction, NOW, I am not to get bitten again because it could kill me. So I carry and Epi-Pen everywhere I go, and if a bee gets in the car, I would probably have a wreck.....

Squirrels, well, I love them, but then I haven't tried to catch one, haha.......

foam said...

years ago i had a friend who was jumped by a squirrel as he passed through a park. we have many squirrels around. luckily they seem to all like the woods around us.

i hear those killer bees are no joking matter. you do well to be wary of them.

ps: i'm afraid of moths.....well, perhaps i ought to say i'm creeped out by them.

Jac said...

It is pleasant surprise after such long gap; in fact it took a moment to believe it is you.

yes, the hive is big and mean, fortunately went away itself, the third day.

Jac said...

@lyrically speaking
Bees are normally harmless I know, but the wild one's are so unpredictable.

Some birds do stir the hive purposefully to loot their honey but anyone who passes anywhere near will get hurt.

Jac said...

So even nature lovers like us, do sometimes have to be cautious.

I wanted to tell the attacking bees that I love them, but then they won't let me speak...they even stung my lips.LOL

Jac said...

Though I have been bitten by wasps before, this was the first time that I was attacked by bees as a group.
The Doc too cautioned me about the effects of repeated stings and the aftermath...the shock factor.

If a bees goes near me now, I just stop walking and look at its flying pattern with my eys with out even batting my eyelid. LOL

Just try to catch one squirrel and you will know how sweet they are.

Jac said...

A bees attack is common in Africa as the colonies of wild bees are plenty in the wild.

May be my observation is wrong but could you show me one woman who is not afraid of moths ? LOL

starry nights said...

I would be afraid of bees also ,You are brave Jac.I am scared of all the above the yellow tree.I am afraid of snakes but killed one in the backyard a few years ago.I was very brave I am a wus.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

My goodness thank heavens you are okay!!! That nest of bees has me spooked!
Glad you ran when you saw it...
You don't want a repeat performance!
(The first blah blah part of your story is make me realize how little I have experienced in my life. Two mating cobraS? That is insane!)

Jac said...

I am not so brave, otherwise why I am not afraid of a sweet squirrel.LOL

You killed a snake ?
You are brave alright !

Jac said...

@indigo blue
Menacing isn't it ? They wont let me love them, what can I do ?LOL

That is not insane, some human too behaves like that, isn't it ?

MM said...

Thats a scary account for sure. I cant even imagine what the entire swarm cud have done!!

Jac said...

The point is that I am still alive.hehe
Thanks MM.

Gazza said...

Doesent a bee die when it stings you as its rear end comes off with the sting?

Lubna said...

I hope you and your team members are better now and back at work. I also hope you had a wonderful vacation in my home country.

VIDYA said...

hey am a woman, (girl) and am not afraid of moths. :)

ur pics alway leave us asking for more.... !!

DeLi said...

love the yellow blooms...
i never had that bee-encounter those i see some in their nests during nature walks. i hope that i wont have to encounter that trouble.


Um Naief said...

those bee hives look massive... no wonder you were afraid. i've been stung by a wasp once and it hurt so terribly bad. even tho, i'm not afraid of them.

you're not the first person that i've heard is afraid of squirrels. i personally love them. i used to feed them (wild ones) by hand back in texas. i just love them.

sorry you were scratched and bitten, but i've heard they're pretty fierce if you try to pick them up and such. but... even still, i hope you've given up your mission to kill them. he was only acting out of being afraid of you. probably thought you were going to hurt him, and that's why he did what he did.

anyway... i tagged you. not sure if you do tags, but i figured... what the hell. :)

mathew said...

man..u simply live a life which i cannot really imagine myself seem to live so close to seem to love em so much that you dont really mind the

really admire this trait of yours..

Sophie said...

i got goose pimples seeing the bees!!

November Rain said...

wow nice pictures I love the yellow flowered tree

I miss seeing you and reading your comments..

I have entered with one of my RPG characters this blog game

Now we are voting who is to get kicked off

unless friends vote for someone other than me (I am TX) then I will be thrown off lol (Hint hint hint)

if you want you can go and vote one of my competitors off ;)

Neha Nair said...

I havent seen wild elephants and wild boars fighting... but yes I have seen abundant insects and reptiles and that stupid mosquito which is responsible for my ugly face today.

Dotm said...

Jac, I once saw a large hive like that in my mother`s lilac bushes many years ago. My dad took a long long stick wrapped cloth on the end and dipped it in keroscene, lit it and set the hive on fire. You can bet he headed into the house mighty fast after dropping the stick into the large bucket of water he had waiting.
I think I would be hiding if I saw your wild animals near by. I did once freeze in place when a rattler stood up on end, tongue going in and out, making it`s hissing noise with the rattle making it`s noise. Garden snakes, ok, but biting ones, forget it!!!
Didn`t bother me so much with the swallon hands or arms, even though they did hurt, but on the bottom lip, it swelled so far out from my face, I looked hideous, and that one pained even worse and took about 5 days before the swelling started to lesson. Looked so bad I stayed home till the swelling was almost gone.
Glad you ended up ok. What I thought were honey bees by my apple tree ended up being a paper wasp nest over my side door. Looked like honey bees, but were actually paper wasp. Learned the difference when I discovered their paper nest.
A few years ago I used an outdoor water hose with a power sprayer on the end to knock down a nest from the eaves on the front of my house. I stood on the other side of the fence on the lot next door-- about 30 feet from the house -- and still got stung twice. The bees followed the stream of water all the way back to me. Hornets that time.
Bees didn`t used to bother me, but being stung so much this summer I am beginning to watch them more closely whenever they get too near to me.
Yes squirrels can get very mean if they get scared.

Dotm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dotm said...

Sorry Jac, I see it posted twice and I deleted one of them.

samrina said...

Hi Jac,

Lovely pics n an interesting post, by the way yellow color is flowers attracts me too :)

Hope you're well dear friend.

Thanks for your words at my page in my absence anyhow i m back now n do hope to see you around :)

Take care

mystic rose said...

That must have hurt like anything, no? and it can be so dangerous.. good thing you dont have any reactions to it, but after this you may need to be careful and carry epinephrine with you. usually after several stings the body starts reacting to further stings. talk to your doctor, please?

Blah Blah Blah said...

Bees don't scare me... but squirrels...NYC squirrels throw acorns.

That sure is alot of bees in that tree....I think I might have ahd to run closed at all times. LOL

CapCity said...

JAC!! please know that i've not been neglecting u! if u check my site, or Miz's or Anali's u'll find out ONE reason I've been reclusive lately.

I, too LOVE yellow flowers - it's my favorite color rose...and I agree with blah, blah, blah on these NYC squirrels...GRRRRRR
....but those images of the bees...the millions of bees....well that does make even "brave" me a bit wary w/ that many stingers in the area:-).

Kai C. said...

good post.
hope you are well!

kat said...

Oh! I don't think I would ever want to see another bee if that had happened to me.

Walker said...

wow I don;t blame you for being afraid of bees now.

I wouldn;t say I am afraid of some of the eartsh creatures and Ihave had my share of experiences like almost being eaten by a young lion in a parking lot and having to cut an aligator's head off to get my arm back.
But I am weary when one is around and tend to keep my eye on them until they are gone.

Have a nice weekend

LADY LUXIE said...


am so sorry to hear about the bad bees..tsk! tsk! I hope the swelling has left you already...tsk! tsk!..Me' hopes you don't get nightmares as well....

Goodness..I've always wanted to see a real live squirrel...Now I'm not soo sure that would be such a good idea...

By the way...I might possibly be conducting a bit of training in some place over here in a yard that has tanks like that as well...Familiar territory your pic is to me...Me' mostly deal with engineers...

Cinderella. said...

Wow....what an adventurous life..
And scary..!!!
I recently saw a man's head in a circus lion's mouth.The lion held on to his arm for about half an hour, while the guy's brother, whio was the lion tamer had clutched on to the lion's mane so he couldnt go anywhere. The lion after a lotta effort gets hold of hid prey at the the neck, and in a flash takes his whole head into his jaws and drags the man into the cage, the man just kying there without an iota of movement.
Just in time, the meds come in and shoot the lion with a tranquilizer and all is well...
God...that gave methe creeps, coz i have seen a lot of recurring dremas about lions and tigers a long time ago...though much less these days.
you must be careful.

Anali said...

I can't say that I'm afraid of squirrels unless they look rabid. Then I'll take off in the other direction and all bees scare me. But I still want to see Bee Movie! ; )

Dotm said...

Hey Jac, Are you ok? I see you haven`t posted in a while.

November Rain said...

Jac you must be really busy

I hope you are well friend... We miss you

VIDYA said...

wr r u? we miss u

Nan said...

We don't have killer bees here (yet). I've heard that they are indeed a real threat. Take care of yourself Jac. Glad that you are ok.

jarvenpa said...

Fascinating post, Jac. Your tree looks kind of like an acacia to my eyes, are the yellow flowers kind of like puffs, little clusters of puffs? Sometimes some of the kinds of acacia are called mimosa; they are sweet smelling.

As to the bees--oh my goodness. I love bees, but we're talking nice tame honeybees, not your sort of aggressive stingers. But I am allergic to their stings, even the gentle honeybee stings, which makes my love of gardening and hiking, spicy. I have survived quite well a number of decades though.

As to your first questions--you have seen many amazing things. In my forests in northern Calfornia I have seen many rattlesnakes, but never mating ones, and I have seen many bears and mountain lions.
And a number of very cute skunks, which scare many people more than the big animals.

priya said...


Wanna let u know, my urls are changed now.

Geets said...

hey, where r u? no updates?

Dotm said...

Hey Jac, Are you ok??????????

Princess Haiku said...

This tree is like a fragrant dream.

meetu said...


Neers said...

and am scared of lizards... those miniature dinos!! :)

how and where are you?

White Forest said...

looks like you ve become brave...nice pics :)

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Where are you?
Everything okay???
Hope so.

Dotm said...

Hope you are just away on your job. Waiting to hear you are ok?????

Geets said...

hope you are fine. are u very busy or something?

david santos said...

I wish you a good end of 2007 and a good year of 2008.

MM said...

....and ofcourse a very merry xmas and an extremely wonderful new year to u! do hv a blast!

Kai C. said...

merry xmas

Walker said...

I don;t know where yiuy are buddy but where ever it is I hope you enjoy the holidays :)

LADY LUXIE said...

eeeeey'..yuhuuuuu...hello there!!! Merry Christmas and a blissful happy New YEar to you!

Walker said...

Wow you havent been here since last year.

Happy New Year Jac

CapCity said...

Here's wishing u a great 2008 where ever u r, Jac;-)

MoodsAndColors said...

Hi Jac
Wish you a prosperous and a very Happy New Year 2008

Margie said...

Hi Jac
Hope all is well with you!
It's been some time since I've visted you!

Hope it's a wonderful year ahead for you Jac!
Many blessings to you!


Gaz said...

Hope your ok Jack youve been gone a while.

Margie said...

Hello Jac
Hoping you are ok!
Miss you, my friend!


Walker said...

It's been awhile Buddy, give us a nudge so we know everything is cool with you still

Dotm said...

Hey Jac, we miss your interesting posts and hope you are back soon.
Drop a line to let us know you are ok even if you don`t want to start posting yet.
nanni !!!
nandri !!!

Neers said...

heyyy? back yet??

Kai C. said...

happy valentine's day

VIDYA said...

hey!!! plz do posttt! hope u r good.

zzz-writer said...

where are you jac?
everybody is concerned

Rose said...

Jack.. Come back....


Jac said...

The bee does die sometimes, but not all bees die.
The bee when it bites normally drills its sting in through the different layers of skin. With the sort of pain we have, we can’t prevent warding it off fiercely with our free hands. In this process, bee’s sting break in two, leaving the hapless one to die in pain. The one that is bitten too have severe pain as the broken bee sting remains impeded in the skin making the bitten area swollen like a tennis ball.

Thank you for the umpteen number of visits you did here, gazza ! Apologise for not responding.

Jac said...


Yes, they all have completed their training and left me long ago to different parts of the country to take up positions, in Nationbuilding.

And me?
A wonderful vacation from blogging and work, in your country, may be it was far too long.

Jac said...


A male or female moth ???
Sorry, for the delay in replying to you.

Jac said...


That’s great !! I have one more on myside for yellow colour.

If you find one bunch of bees coming like missiles even if you are on your bath, then run for your life…cloths or no clothes. LOL

Jac said...


Its true the squirrel mangled me very bad out of sheer fright, I haven’t killed any, though I had ample chances. I am not a killer LOL

Thank you for remembering me in the tag, but then it is a long time and I doubt if I will write again, ever. So I would appreciate if you will exempt me this time. My sincere apologies for not responding so long

Jac said...


True. What ever; I don’t mind the pain.

Apologies for not visiting any blog for 4 long months, especially yours, which I normally don’t miss

Jac said...


Its 4 months !!! The goose pimples should be long gone by now !
Apologies for not responding so long.

Jac said...


Apologies for the delay.
By this time, you might have been bumped out of the game

Thanks for the comment and I regret for the delay in responding.

Jac said...


That stupid mosquito also has to make a living !!! (smile )

About the face issue, the prettiness or ugliness of a face depends on the person who looks at it.
For me, from the pic on the profile, you have a very graceful face.

Jac said...


Yes, if once you are bitten thoroughly like it happened to me; you will run for your life at the first sight of the hive. LOL

A thousand apologies for not responding which was not intentional.

Jac said...


It is long long time !!!
I have one more admirer of yellow now.LOL
Thanks for the compliment.

Jac said...


I am now fully briefed about the dangers of another bite and its reactions.
Thanks a lot for making me aware !

Jac said...

@blah blah

Of course, the squirrels throw nuts here also… but try catching one alive buddy !!!

Jac said...


Hey sista,
No worry about it, as I too have gone in thin air for 4 months now.

Gosh! Is yellow your colour too?

I don’t think that you know much about these bees. It is one of the top most alerts in our company bulletins
Apologise for the delay in replying.

Jac said...

@kai c

Thanks princess

Jac said...


You must be having lots of bees in your area ?

Jac said...


You are a master of everything buddy

Jac said...


Aha ! so you are capturing my territory too ?

You better insure yourself before planning an encounter with a squirrel.

Jac said...


You are scaring me, Cindy !

Wild animals are sometimes unpredictable due to various reasons.

Jac said...


If you can come with me for a day, I will show you a ‘live’ bee-movie in slow motion. LOL

Jac said...

@ dot

I am sorry that did not respond …

Jac said...


Sorry for being evasive.

Jac said...


Here I am :)

Jac said...


Thanks Nan+jr

Jac said...


Sorry for not responding as I was gone for 4 months.
I too have seen a few lovely skunks here.

Jac said...


I will check yours later.

Jac said...


It’s a pleasure to see you here after long time geet !!

Jac said...


Well, yes and no, but I am here now.

Jac said...

@princess haiku

Consider it a present from me to you.

Jac said...



Jac said...


I am here na !!

Jac said...

@white forest

I was brave !!!!

Jac said...


I am sorry for the delay in responding.
I am here now, so you know that I am ok.

Jac said...


I am here

Jac said...


Sorry for that complete disappearance.

Jac said...


Same to you but it is belated

Jac said...


Sorry I couldn’t wish you in time.

Jac said...

@ kai c

Belated, but same to you.

Jac said...


Soon I will be with you buddy. Sorry not giving any response.

Jac said...


Sorry that I couldn’t wish you back. I will be grateful if you will pardon me for not responding.

Jac said...


Belated though… but my wishes comes from my heart.

Jac said...


Sorry for not responding the wish.

My sincere belated wishes coming back to you

Jac said...


Thanks for the wishes. Sorry I couldn’t wish you back in time.

Jac said...

Thanks Margie, I missed you too.

Jac said...


Apologies for keeping you in dark.

The situation was such, that I couldn’t respond in time. Thank you for bearing with me.

Jac said...


Sorry again

Jac said...


am so sorry buddy for keeping you waiting.

Jac said...


I am so sorry I couldn’t let you know anything. Plz accept my Apologies.

nandri :))

Jac said...


Sorry for being so late.

Jac said...

@Kai c

Same to you, but a bit belated.

Jac said...


Thousand apologies…I counted the number of times you visited from my meter.
Sorry again !

Jac said...


So sorry for the utter indifference I showed. Apologies

Jac said...


I am back at least to give a reply.
Sorry for going off like that and thanks.

samrina said...

Hi Jac,

Glad to see you back, hope u'll not disappear like this again :)

Scary experienced haan..

Be safe dear friend :)

Take care

Jac said...


What has it done to you to make it scary ?