Saturday, October 27, 2007

A new room and a sleepless night

Yea I am back after my vacation.

A part of the vacation was sad, as what you feel when some one who was dear to you leaves suddenly… and I was no exception.

I actually arrived on yesterday in the field.
When I arrived I was informed that I can have a brand new room in the new block which just got completed.
Who wouldn’t want to live in a new, clean atmosphere?

I was elated no doubt, though shifting my nick knacks from the old room was cumbersome.
I used my new key on the lock and the door opened to a large room more spacious, with a nice looking and inviting bed and a table and chair near it.
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My smile widened as I saw two big wooden wardrobes and its ornamental handles. Then of course, the small table to fix my speakers and my tiny MP3 player and I can throw my keys and Ids carelessly there.
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I opened the bathroom and looked at the cubicle shower and disliked it instantly. It was too small and the toilets, though brand new, were not proportionately positioned.
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Well, I can’t have everything, I thought and chuckled myself.

I went in the bathroom to have my warm shower and opened the water mixer on low temperature and pressed the shower handles... closed my eyes and waited for the warm water to tickle me…
I was jolted numb, when ice cold water spurted from the shower. What the hell !!!
I closed the taps and checked again. No mistake this time. It didn’t make long for me to find out that the geyser is yet to be connected. So I had to be contended with a cold shower. The cubicle was so small that I had to be careful when I tried to soap myself, my hands hit the side walls. No space for my usual waltz when I shower.

The night crept in slowly, and I decided to turn in early in the new room. I sat on the bed and I felt uneasy as the cot was a bit taller than normal. I brushed my irritation off like a speck of dust.

I brushed my teeth rinsing with ice cold water which was extremely unpleasant.

Looking at the made up bed was enough for me to feel sleepy. I prayed a moment as usual and pulled up the sheets up to my neck and switched off lights.

Though I dozed of immediately for 10 minutes initially, the discomfort of the bed and an unusual strange feeling made me turn and toss in my bed, sleepless, until my alarm went off at four.

I switched on the lights and looked at the tiled floor. I saw a variety of small creeping beetles. The floor was clean just before I went to bed and the doors and windows were bolted, yet I still don’t know where they are coming from.
So here I am writing about my first sleepless night in my new room.

Seeya, until you are ready to hear another of my blah blahs.

***I have Coolio singing "CU when you are there" for the music lovers, not forgetting to remind you to use a headphone while you listen to it.


Gazza said...

Welcome back Jac,i hope you had a wonderful time,i think the new room looks great,i cant see a problem with the must have been spoiled in your old room,lol

Neers said...

welcome back! and heyy, do up the new place... it does look too clean! ;)

alex said...


Pleased to see you.


zzz-writer said...

it looks nice would know better

aurora said...

I hope those problems get rectified soon. Glad you're back. You were missed. :)

Anali said...

Welcome back Jac! I hope you get used to your new space soon! ; )

priya said...

Welcome back Jac and your place looks neat. Well any new place to get used to it, only takes time isn't it.

Janice Thomson said...

Ah wonderful to have you back with your witty style as usual.
Hope the bugs and shower get fixed soon - sometimes the old isn't so bad after all heh. Look forward to hearing about your holidays and any interesting photos you collected along the way.

Dotm said...

Welcome back Jac.
I don`t mind cold water in my washing machine or for brushing teeth, but cold showers.. That would wake up all my arthritis real fast.Haha. I hope they get the hot water working real soon. And bugs, where`s the spray??? I wouldn`t be able to sleep till they were completely gone. Not afraid of bugs, but wouldn`t want to live with them. Good luck with them.
While you were gone I spent the last 11 days killing bees in my kitchen.I thought they were honey bees since I first saw them around my apple tree, but a few days ago I discovered they only look exactly like honey bees, but are actually paper wasps. Spraying on the porch drove them up under the clapboards and on in to my kitchen. In 11 days time I have killed over 133 bees inside and who knows how many outside. Opened up the third can of Raid wasp and hornet killer spray. Only saw one flying in the kitchen today and none flying on my porch, so maybe I am finally winning the battle.

Waiting to hear about your vacation! Neat looking place.

Anonymous said...

...the new place looks neat and tidy...umm...getting used to something new takes time...soon you'll get the hang of it...welcome back from your long vacation ;;)

Geets said...

Welcome back, Jac...missed ur blah blahs!

starry nights said...

Welcome back glad to see you post again.have missed you.Your room is nice and cozy.Don't know what I would have done with the beetles.

VIDYA said...

:) its soooo nice 2 c a new post here.
the variety of small creeping beetles sound interesting ;-)

Kai C. said...

welcome back. the new room looks nice, but the bathroom kinda looks dirty.

CapCity said...

i came out of "hiding" to say good 2 have u back, jac. hope they take care of that beetle/creepy crawly issue... beautiful warddrobes:-)

kat said...

Hope you get some hot water soon.

Anonymous said...

Plants Jac..Plants will hide anything and soak in negative vibes... at least that's what I think.

In spite of the sorry state of the bathroom I don't think everything is lost..a good disinfecting scrubbing of everything then a swipe of paint over areas that need a coat...then plants..a nice painting of a zebra or a parrot..a nice bigger mirror adjacent to the sink...then light a vanilla candle or incense before taking bath..

I love decorating..I wish I could fy oer in my broom to help you there..

I'll be back here again..gotta' fix my laundry...welcome baaack!!

ps: your usual waltz?..he!he!


Princess Haiku said...

Hi again and welcome back.
Thank you for the view of your world. What nice big wardrobes.. Hope you are happy in your room and it becomes a WOW creative space for you.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I hope you finally got some rest! You are so good at describing things. Thanks. (wouldn't want a shower like that, either!)

magiceye said...

good to have you back!

''I can throw my keys and Ids carelessly there.'' says it all!!!

November Rain said...

sorry about your sleepless night--- I am glad you're back

Beetles .. shivers---

I would complain to the haus miester

well... waves and does a waltz for you

PS I didnt see a kitchen, do you share with another family?

Jac said...

Its a pleasure seeing you again.

You think my room needs only cleaning.
Yes, everything is now solved and the bathroom is sparkling.

Jac said...


It looks too clean to you ? You are not kidding I hope.
Thanks for the grand welcome.

Jac said...

Welcome to the window again.

Jac said...


How it looks to you, perhaps you can just tell me, na ?

Jac said...

I was about to tell you again that its mutual. You were missed.

Jac said...

Thank you dear and thanks for the welcome.

Jac said...


Thanks and I want to tell you that you are very wise.

Do come again priya !

Jac said...

Your words are so soothing.

All settled about the room and its sparkling now, not forgetting to ask you to be my guest one day.LOL

Jac said...

hi dot
Read your long comment.

Here I need to tell you that The small beetles are not harming me at least, so I wont be using a spray for the time being. Instead I am cleaning them out every day and watching where it comes from and why ?

I don't want to kill them dot !!

Jac said...

I think you have a valid point since by this time, things have changed and problems are sorted out. I feel much better in the room.
Thanks for the wisdom !

Jac said...


Welcome back again. So happy to see you back regular here. Are the fires very near ?

The beetles issue is better and the room problems are sorted out and sparkling !

Jac said...


Vidyalakshi ! :) I want to know why you are absent your self for long time.

Hmmm. Thanks for coming.

MM said...

that looks real kewl indeed!
great to hear that u r shifting to a new room thats much more spacious and warm!

forget the shower, u will spend very little time in there anywayz, hehehe...

;) :)

Jac said...

Welcome back after your long absence too.

The bathroom as you see is not dirty. It is new bur the floor looks dirty, because the workers have done a poor job with cement spilling allover the floor.

You know cement, during curing can stain tiles permenetly ?
I have done a good job now and its sparkling !LOL

Jac said...


Wecome back dear.

You have given me a very good method to decorate my room...the plants. I totally forgot that and I am trying to get two pots.
Its a hard job here to get a pot.

Any how the bathroom and rooms are clean and the water problem sorted out and only the decoration is left.

Why don't you fly in ? I could take you around too. LOL

Yes, its time now for my usual waltz.
Wana join :))))))haha

Jac said...

Thank you dear for coming again from your hiatus just for welcome me . Thank you so much, dear!

The beetles are not completly gone but they have subsided. I am not going to kill them.

Take care but come out here for me again.

Jac said...


Welcome kat.

Things have veen sorted out and the hot water is on, dear !

Jac said...


Thanks for the wisdom in your advise.

Yes, I am starting to like my room.

Jac said...

Yeah, everything is made ship-shap now. The room is now sparkling because I am in it. LOL

Jac said...

Why dont you come in and be my guest for a day ???


Jac said...


Everything is settled now and I am biginning to like the room.

Kitchen ???? Family ???

We have diners and kitchens for us and cooks to cook. Woman are taboo in the camp, perhaps because they are noisy. LOL
Thanks novy about the wave and waltz

Jac said...

You have a point there !
Thanks for sharing the view of my room.
Welome again MM

Jac said...

@geeeeeeeeeeeeets n!

I missed you the first round and had a feeling I missed a name.LOL

Come back for my, blah blah

Nea said...

By I time I found this post you have warm water once again, and I am glad to hear that. I had to take a cold shower not long ago, because the hot water heater was burnt out, and I did not think it was very fun. Believe me it was a very quick shower...brrrrrrrr. A small shower can be very confining, especially if you keep hitting your elbows, huh. You will eventually make peace with your new home, but getting used to anything new takes time. Although there is no getting used to an uncomfortable bed......

The little bugs sound familiar, we have those here in Georgia also, they love to come inside for many reasons.....water, food, friendship, although most of us don't act to friendly towards them,,,,do we. haha

Good to see you once again.

Jac said...

The water issue is settled and the bed now seems not so bad except that it creaks slightly when I turn around in the night.

The number of small beetles that used to crawl in has come down. I neither killed any nor used sprays to kill it.
Something that I never noticed in the biginning was the opens to the perimeter fence around, where I saw a lot of beautiful medium sized trees with beans that I call as dagger beans. It is dry now and the seeds inside the pods sings with the wind, LOL How can I explain :) you already know !!!