Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She knows how to...

The apologetic husband: 'When I get mad at you, you never fight back."
'I am amazed at your patience dear! How do you control your anger so easily?' the husband's words were all love and honey.

Wife: 'I clean the toilet ..'

The husband was perplexed: 'You must be kidding, how does that help?'

Wife: 'I use your toothbrush.'

Current music : Try to listen to this lady who says " nothing impress her much '

Saturday, October 27, 2007

A new room and a sleepless night

Yea I am back after my vacation.

A part of the vacation was sad, as what you feel when some one who was dear to you leaves suddenly… and I was no exception.

I actually arrived on yesterday in the field.
When I arrived I was informed that I can have a brand new room in the new block which just got completed.
Who wouldn’t want to live in a new, clean atmosphere?

I was elated no doubt, though shifting my nick knacks from the old room was cumbersome.
I used my new key on the lock and the door opened to a large room more spacious, with a nice looking and inviting bed and a table and chair near it.
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My smile widened as I saw two big wooden wardrobes and its ornamental handles. Then of course, the small table to fix my speakers and my tiny MP3 player and I can throw my keys and Ids carelessly there.
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I opened the bathroom and looked at the cubicle shower and disliked it instantly. It was too small and the toilets, though brand new, were not proportionately positioned.
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Well, I can’t have everything, I thought and chuckled myself.

I went in the bathroom to have my warm shower and opened the water mixer on low temperature and pressed the shower handles... closed my eyes and waited for the warm water to tickle me…
I was jolted numb, when ice cold water spurted from the shower. What the hell !!!
I closed the taps and checked again. No mistake this time. It didn’t make long for me to find out that the geyser is yet to be connected. So I had to be contended with a cold shower. The cubicle was so small that I had to be careful when I tried to soap myself, my hands hit the side walls. No space for my usual waltz when I shower.

The night crept in slowly, and I decided to turn in early in the new room. I sat on the bed and I felt uneasy as the cot was a bit taller than normal. I brushed my irritation off like a speck of dust.

I brushed my teeth rinsing with ice cold water which was extremely unpleasant.

Looking at the made up bed was enough for me to feel sleepy. I prayed a moment as usual and pulled up the sheets up to my neck and switched off lights.

Though I dozed of immediately for 10 minutes initially, the discomfort of the bed and an unusual strange feeling made me turn and toss in my bed, sleepless, until my alarm went off at four.

I switched on the lights and looked at the tiled floor. I saw a variety of small creeping beetles. The floor was clean just before I went to bed and the doors and windows were bolted, yet I still don’t know where they are coming from.
So here I am writing about my first sleepless night in my new room.

Seeya, until you are ready to hear another of my blah blahs.

***I have Coolio singing "CU when you are there" for the music lovers, not forgetting to remind you to use a headphone while you listen to it.