Thursday, August 30, 2007

tender !

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This picture was taken some time back.

Whenever I see this picture, I remember two different topics.

The first one is the name of the subject, which is “tender coconuts” and it brings me a real unique feeling of affection because of the word “tender” and eventually to tenderness.
It also takes me to the past…where a lot of faces passing through my mind, like a movie on slow motion…my child hood included.

If you have ever tasted a tender coconut, I need not say another word about it.
I would say that it tasted to me like a mom’s love.

The second topic that comes to me is that of a young blogger from Kerala in India with a blog name that resembles a coconut.
He is known as nariyal chutney which means chutney made with coconut. Nariyal is coconut in Hindi dialect.
Coconut chutney is a very famous south Indian delicacy.

Though I don’t know him in person, some how I like him. He was in my blog on August 15th after a long gap that made me remember this picture.

As keram means coconut in Keralite language, it is evident that the state of Kerala got the name Keralam or Kerala from its abundance in growing coconuts.
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In this second picture, I tried to stitch two different photos together that is of the coconut trees and a beach both from Purakkad, a fishing village in Kerala.

If you want to see another common variety of coconut, click here

I know what you are going to say now NC, but listen, both the coconut pictures are not taken from Kerala.


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mystic rose said...

tender is a word i like myself .. hearing it evokes that feeling definitely.

and i know.. nothiing like tender coconut. the first pic is vibrant! and the second one.. interstingly, looks good! the terrian matches so well, may as well have been two pics of the same place.

aurora said...

Beautiful photographs! And I enjoyed the discourse, as well as learned some new things.

LADY LUXIE said...

1) You are most welcome wit the award. You deserve it. It always gives me delight to read your quaint poems and read your insightful observances, as well as view your posted pictures.

2) It was a touching read about the foal down there.

3) Tender is a word I admittedly don't often think of. I can't pull back a memory from my childhood that evokes tenderness. Being a mother however, I want to think that my children would somehow think of me when and if ever they come intimately across the word "tenderness"..the way you did..

4) I adore coconuts...I mean I love eating coconuts...The one you described here would be called "macapuno" in my language...

5) lovely hungry now...

CapCity said...

maybe that's what my life is missing (among other things) is tender coconut - especially if it's like mother's love...i don't think i've tasted anything like that - unless it was made by the hand of my mother or grandmother. But to "pluck" some item from a tree & taste mother's love. wow. i LOVE the first photo. enjoyed the second also.

Tonight, I thought of u, Jac while I was out at a b'day party for a friend of a friend. I met a handsome Nigerian young man. I know the chances of him being related to/knowing you are slim - but still i couldn't help wondering....;-).
He was the first Nigerian I've met here in NYC. I've met several of your countrymen in DC before, but tonight was the first in 6 years.

Nariyal Chutney said...

:) , Wow Jac . Thanks . But I would say that anyday tender coconuts are better than nariyal chutney because of the tenderness . :). As long as the picture is of a coconut , I dont have any complaints :P. It doesnt matter whether the coconut is from Africa or Kerala :). Hope you had a nice time out here :)

Janice Thomson said...

Wow Jac...I had no idea coconuts looked like this too. What an intriguing picture. I always have coconuts stashed somewhere though I have yet to crack them open in a professional manner LOL
I like your creativity on the second's amazing what one can come up with when playing with ideas...

starry nights said...

I love tender coconut and it does resemble the tender love of a mother.I love the coconut trees scene in the first picture.I am hoping to visit Kerala next year.The second picture is interesting.I think you did a good job putting the two together.

Sreejith said...

that first picture reminds me of what is used in pookalams(not sure) for decorating.. mostly around Onam!!

Hira said...

thanx for sharin it with us...but i havent actually ever tasted one:(

samrina said...

Nice & informative post..

Thanks for sharing.

Hope you're well.

Take care

Jac said...


Tenderness is welcomed by every one...not just you, mystic.

Tenderness even can cure some chronic deceases as per a new study conducted by a research group in UK.

Jac said...

I am deligted to know that.

Thanks for the feed back.

Jac said...


Thanks again for the award and that adorable compliments.

All of us go back through the past like a flash when we think about tenderness. Yes, we get some and we miss some too, later.

I am elated to learn another word of your language in my vocabulary..."macapuno".

Does that mean tender coconut or just coconut?
If you have tasted a tender coconut, then I need not tell you anything about it.

Jac said...


There is another condition too that makes you feel lack of tenderness from... that is if you have people around you who are tender to you 24x7, you may not realise that you have it in abundance. LOL

Ha-ha, thanks for remembering me cap. In fact I am unbelievably flattered by your comment as I am neither handsome nor young (unless you consider my 77 as too young)

I am awfully jealous of that young man who made an impression on a charming woman like you.

I have a weakness cap…I am flattered easily. Thank you.

Jac said...



Jac said...


There are many kinds and colours and used for different uses. Next time when you see one, remember me.

Thanks for the compliments about the stitched picture. It was my first trial by the way, and I know that it is not up to the perfection I intended.

Jac said...


As you already know the taste, I need not tell you anything about its buttery soft pulp.

Yea, the palm trees are very nice and I hope that you have a nice time when you are there.

I know well that the stitched pic is not to perfection as it was my first trial. I plan to develop skill on it.

BTW, do you know that there are three pics actually there?

Thank you starry for the compliments.

Jac said...


I think coconut flowers are not used for 'pookkalam' as it would be wasting a lot of money.

Thanks for the feed back.

Jac said...


I can't explan the taste hira

Don't worry if you haven't tasted it.
Next time when I go there, I will let you can be my guest. LOL

Jac said...


Take care you too and thanks for the comment.

magiceye said...

very interesting post!

Mizrepresent said...


do you think i can find this "tender coconut" here in the states. If not, maybe you will share with me one day when i visit. Smile.

Gillian @ Indigo Blue said...

Not surprised you posted on it coconuts or what have you. You are a sensitive, intuitive, caring soul, and seems to me you are living life to the fullest. Glad we met!

Jac said...



Jac said...


Though I am not familiar with your terrain, I am more than sure that if you will open your eyes and look around...or if you use your PC's search capabilities, you will find it easily, mizz. LOL

Of course, if you find it or don't find it anywhere there, you are welcome to visit and share it with me. Be my guest !

Movie Mazaa said...

That first pic is real awesome. They look tender enuf to sink ones teeth into....


Jac said...

Gillian @ Indigo Blue

My immense thanks for that mountain of compliments and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

I too am glad to be associated with you.

Jac said...

Movie Mazaa

Welcome to the window to my soul.

Since you are from kerala, Why don't you do that exactly and feel the buttery pulp ? The vendors are not short there, as I found it myself.

Thanks for the visit and comment.

LADY LUXIE said...

tender coconut!..

makes me smile coz' just last week I ate this sweet concoction of tender coconuts with shaved ice and milk and beans topped with caramel pudding and ice cream...he! he!

Jac said...


You tricked me in to lusting for a potion of that mouth watering recipe !

In spite of eating ice cream, caramel pudding, cholostrol rich 'maccapuno' and creamed milk, I wonder how you manage your weight and figure, luxie ? Do you hold a secret formula for that too ??

Thanks for the answer on 'macapuno'

mathew said... i miss home seeing these pics...tender coconut water is the best thirst quencher!!

Bla said...

Very nice pics, Jac! :)

Jac said...


Dont stick there too much...or you will forget seeing a coconut, let alone eating a tender coconut.

Jac said...


Thank you buddy.

Most unfortunate that I can't read even a line of bulgarian language in your blog.

November Rain said...

HI Jac,

you know I didnt realize this was a new blog (so blonde sometimes)

thanks for coming by

Jac said...


On the other hand, this is the same blog with a little modification for uploading bigger pictures.

Thank you novy, I must say that you were missed here ! Welcome back.

Gazza said...

A friend of mine was telling me about his holl's in the Dominic Republic saying that when you told reception you were going the beach,a guy put a coconut on the desk,expertly choped a hole in it then put a spoonful of brown sugar in the hole and put a straw in it......the taste he told me was.......awful lol,not the answer i was expecting.....could have just been him though......

Jac said...

In some part of south America, they use very tender coconut butter with Rum.
A real tender coconut doesn't need any suger.

Thanks for the comment.

mystic rose said...

I wasnt talking about tenderness, I know everyone likes it.
I was talking about the word tender.. not everyone likes the same set of words in a language..

And liking a word surely does not imply htat one has sole exclusive rights to what it represents.

You should not be so quick to judge either jac.

hah. :)

Jac said...


You seem offended with my comment, mystic. In fact the mistake might be mine in jumping to conclusions.

Nevertheless, you can see that I have done it on that meaning itself as the word tender and tenderness has the same meaning.

...and no pun was intended there, mystic.

mystic rose said...

and i reiterate, Im talking about the sound of the word tender.. few words sound like what they mean..
soft, star, twinkle, crash, etc..

and tender is a word i happen to like .. just for the sound of it.

I dont quite think you understnad what im saying tho. :)
but never mind. deuce?
*a pleading smile from me.

Jac said...

I got it now...sorry

mystic rose said...

no, lets fight some more?

Jac said...

I dont normally fight, but if you don't let me.......

mystic rose said...

BOOO.. you are dared! :)

Dotm said...

Now that I figured out my commenting problem was the google pop up blocker, I can also leave a comment here.
I kept reading even when I couldn`t post, you just never knew without my leaving a comment.
When I first saw your picture of the coconuts I was surprised because I never knew they grew long lengths hanging from this type of tree. All I had ever seen was pictures of the round coconuts falling from the trees on TV. I remember seeing them falling in such programs as Gilligan`s Island and others with the beachs and the palm trees and all those round coconuts falling onto the ground off the trees. I have never even seen a live palm Tree. Things like that don`t grow this far north.