Monday, August 13, 2007

Saved !

I was supposed to publish some of these posts before my vacation. Some how I was not able to do that then. I am using my vacation to post those, to compansate it.
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I saw her on my left side almost fifty meters ahead of me, alone and aloof yet enjoying the strong drift of the muddy water. In fact I was seeing her almost three consecutive days…same place, almost same time.
I was on the look out for her today and I got lucky.

I cut my engine and eased the car silently on the bylane. She hesitated a moment and moved to the farther side.
These gray storks are very suspicious birds and I knew it well.

With out getting out of the car, I opened the side glass of my pick up and prepared my camera and checked my battery level because I didn’t want to miss this shot for any reason.

She stood still as I looked through the window with out batting an eyelid.

All off a sudden she relaxed and started to swim around. I breathed a sigh and looked through the view finder and clicked as she ignored me totally. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
As minutes passed, she became confident and moved closer, occasionally dipping her head under water. But the odd angle of my pick up prevented me from taking a shot of her fishing skill. I had to satisfy me with this closer shot.
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Aiming for a better shot, I opened the door slowly and eased out my leg towards the muddy bank. She looked up suddenly, probably due to the light reflected from my camera. She hesitated and moved to the shady side of the tree, among the green grass shoots rising above the muddy water.
She seemed to be trying to hide from me when I took this shot.
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Suddenly she froze, as I heard the unmistaken sound of the gunshot.
I thought she was hurt but in an instant she took off like a bullet with her beautiful wings flapping a zigzag path, as a precaution.

I thanked God for sparing her life as I saw the culprit...a stale smiling face of the Sergeant in a camouflaged army attire from the bushes with his smoking gun.

As a forigner here, I can’t get angry with this barbarian, I thought myself. He was still smiling like an ape at me.

“You are a damn good shot sergeant” I said, eying the flying bird far away. His smile froze with my mockery, as he trod away angrily to the nearby check post.
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Vickie said...

I am so glad he missed the bird---I hate to see things shot just for the sport--I believe if you shot and animal then it should be because you are using it for food but here that is not the case any more.

Beautiful photos---Thank you for sharing nature with us.

b o o said...

i'm glad she got away, she's smart. welcome back. nice and rested?

Anonymous said...

its always nice to witness a beautiful living saved and nicer that you are sharing what you saw through your eyes and the lovely photos.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love these pictures!

Geets said...


Princess Haiku said...

Thanks for sharing this tale of bird victory. May this bird fly free until the end of their days. The pictures are great. I have a few I took several years ago of a blue heron I saw at a Marina.

Srijith Unni said...

A wonderful experience so elegantly captured makes for great reading and some awesome viewing, thanks to your splendid photography.!

Looking forward to read more such posts, in this wonderful vacation of yours..!

With Best Regards,

LADY LUXIE said...

Now...seeing that birdie there in all its glory is a mighty spiritual experience...Would've been sooo just overwhelmed with the sight...

I might have said more than you did to that sergeant...course wouldn't have been good for me....Y

ou were so cool in handling that...I hope he doesn't go back for the kill...grrr....

Um Naief said...

glad to know he missed the bird. i really hate ppl who kill animals for sport...but i've had many hunters tell me that w/out them, there would be too many animals overpopulated..... FREAKS!

love the music, and i love the pictures more. she is such a beautiful bird... so elegant.

Janice Thomson said...

Wow the photos are awesome Jac! Such a delightful creature to capture a shot of.
No wonder they are suspicious of humans...

Gazza said...

Wondrful pics jac,doing this in the hotel lobby

aurora said...

Beautiful photographs, poignant tale.

Mizrepresent said...

I love your posts Jac! Truly!

Walker said...

Great pictures.
Maybe the stork goes there because he knows the sergent can shoot worth a lick

Keshi said...

u always have the best nature pics ever!


Rose said...

@$%^%^@!%^%@#!@##!$%$%%&@^ !!!!!!

FREAK !!!!!!



Jahooni said...

Finding your blog from my Big Sis, Um Naief...

Love the music. Love the pics.

Will visit soon. (again)

Is this George Michael???

mathew said...

oh..glad that he missed it...sadist pleasure they have!!!

samrina said...

Beautiful pics!!

Hope you are fine there.

Take care

starry nights said...

Beautiful pictures and I love the narrative. I am so glad he missed.How are you doing Jac?

Shahrzad said...

hi dear Jac,

This is a wonderful write. I'm glad you were there at that moment and could take some photos. I think everybody's glad that man lost his shot!
Wish you the best.

Nabeel said...

nice to see the closeup in the second picture.

Jac said...

I too was so happy that he missed this time, but I can’t make him miss every time.

Thank you too for visiting and sharing your feed back

Yes, she escaped this time :)
Thank you boo !!

My only regret is that I can’t save it for ever.
Thank you for sharing your feed back.

Thank you buddy.

Aha !

I too wish the same, princess.

Why don’t you post the pics of the blue heron?

OMG! That is a bucketful of compliments, sree ! Don’t know if I am worth that much.

Thanks for the compliments and your visis.

Yes, I too wanted to tell him more, but then I don’t want to enrage a man with a gun to the limits .LOL
I know that he will try again and I can’t help it.
Thank you Lady for the comments.

@um naief
Its not true that the bird population will increase if you don’t kill. There are of course natural controlling measures by the nature itself, like bird deceases that check the population automatically.
Can we assume that about the human population…killing people to control population? LOL

Yes, freaks!

Thank you Janice, you always give me more credit than anyone around.

Take care

Thank you, gaaza! You are incredible!!

Thank you so much.

Poignant like those beautiful poems you write ! Thanks.

Showering me with compliments ? You know that you are flattering me ?… the fact is that I am flattered easily.
Thanks mizz

Yes, buddy.
I think you have a very valid point. Thanks walker.

Thank you keshigirl

Jdskgffdnkljlbnjxbhdlbnkfxjbkl kalyani
Freak squired.

Welcome to the window, jahooni!

Anyone who is related to um naief is a VIP here. Thank you for coming in. Come again plz.

It sure is George Michael!

You said it buddy

Thank you samrina

Thanks for remembering…to let you know that you are truly missed.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Thank you nabeel.
Long time no see ?

CapCity said...

glad U didn't miss YOUR shots, jac;-). also glad that the gun-slinger didn't take any disappointment out on U! be careful teasing men w/ firearms, jac;-).