Thursday, August 23, 2007

It was so touchy !

First of all, I want to thank lady luxie for another award extended to me in her blog. Thank you, luxie !
You are Kareem ! ( generous in Arabic) Thank you again !

I was supposed to post this long back as it happened almost a month ago.
The accommodation camp for my trainees has been temporarily shifted after the big fire in the company camp, and it was mandatory that I have to sign a register in the rented accommodation premises every day after verifying the trainee’s presence in the camp. The area was just a few kilometres located in middle of a small village that has accommodation facilities for different contracting companies.

That day while returning from inspection, I saw that sad scene…a jennet (a female donkey) was knocked down by a passing truck and its young foal (baby donkey) was standing guard beside in the stark rain. It was sniffing around it's mom and licking as if asking her to get up and feed her.
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I was so sorry, as I saw that the foal was so very small and marks of tears were seen on both sides of its face.
I felt depressed at the sight, but I had to go on for my daily duties with out any further thinking that face.
I went through the same road the third day and the jennet and foal were still there.
The foal was in a pathetic condition being in the rain and it looked so week. The hair on its body was wet and dripping and the foal was shivering with cold. Its belly was seen empty and hollow, it was about to fall at any time and perish.
It was drizzling as I got down from my truck. I put on my coat and approached the small Sudanese shop owner nearby
“Salaam” I said politely.
He knew me from my frequent trips towards the area and he asked me what help I need. I asked him why he doesn’t ask the ‘Baladeeya’ (Municipality) the remove the carcass of the jennet and give the foal a shelter.

He said that no body care about a donkey and as usual, the body is for the Hawks and scavenger Eagles. He also explained that the foal refused water and food though he offered twice and added that it never left the body even for a second.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I explained that it is a health hazard but he doesn’t seem to understand.

So instead, I asked him where the Baladeeya office is and he showed me.
I took another look at the shivering foal and got in my truck to proceed to Baladeeya.
The man sitting behind the desk was reading something and he didn’t even sense my presence.
I cleared my throat and wished him “Salaam Alaikum”
He answered “Wa Alaikum Salaam” with out even caring to look up.

I cleared my throat again to make him look up... and this time he did look.

He looked at my official peacock blue uniform with the emblem my company and at my ID card hanging on my chest with the company embossed logo.

That was enough and he was on his feet asking excuse for not noticing me. His bored look gave way to courtesy and attention… Our company pays his salary. LOL

I explained about the donkey being dead for three days lying on the road and causing a health problem. He listened patiently but don’t see my point about the health hazard.
Finally he agreed that he will make arrangements to remove the carcass and called up a bunch of Khaki clad workers with crisp orders.
I thanked him and went next to the Rafiq’s provision store where I normally purchase my nick-knacks.
I had helped him once or twice when his children got sick that got them special attention from our company Doctors and another time when his son made an accident and I used my truck as an ambulance.

I asked him if he can take care of the foal for me as I knew that he owns a few donkeys that he uses for transporting his goods. At least the foal will be well fed.
He said that he will send his son immediately to fetch the foal and I knew he would take care.

Even after almost a month, I remember the face of the foal, standing guard to its mother expecting her to get up any time and fondly licking the baby.

Mom’s love has no match even if it is with animals.

When I started writing this journal, I had no idea what a female donkey or a baby donkey is called as…but now you see just a click in msn search and I had learned something I didn’t knew before.

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Geets said...

that was really touching, jac!!!

Janice Thomson said...

Gosh Jac how thoughtless and uncaring some humans are as your story demonstrates. One wonders about the same attitude towards their fellow man. Your compassion is a shining example to us. Not many would stop nor even care.

CapCity said...

as always your photos & stories touch deeply, jac. glad u had the authority to get something done. u r a blessing. thank you also for sharing the Elton John tune - i've never heard any of his music w/o lyrics...quite beautiful...

kat said...

It seems strange to read this story just now. My sister has just been telling me how she saved the life of a horse. It had been lying in a field with its leg trapped in the wheel of a cart. It was in a very poor condition and she had to get some expert help. Its owners have gone on holiday leaving it to fend for itself. The horse won't be there when they get back. It is being well looked after, elsewhere.

Bla said...


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

so sad!

Srijith Unni said...

Such experiences really make us human..! So sad and touching..!

With Best Regards,

Keshi said...

goshhh I nearly cried when I saw that! Some humans r heartless beasts!

Love the usual :)


samrina said...

Yeah it is truly a touchy post.

Hope you're fine there.

Take care

Rose said...

Do you know that you are very "Kareem" as well..?


sAP said...

Jac, sometimes people get a second shot at something they could have done differently the first time. Thats what came to my mind when I read this incident.

Remember when you were visiting us and we passed through an accident scene? Well, though there were lots of people to take care of the victims, I feel that what you did on the third day is a whole lot better than what I chose to do that day.


starry nights said...

Jac you really have a kind and good heart. I am so glad you saved the foal.But then I am not surprised because you always do such kind deeds.take care Jac.

Shahrzad said...

hi dear Jac,

A touching story. You're always very considerate.
Wish you the best.

Gazza said...

Nearly brought a tear to my eye that Jac,your a good man,take care.

Mizrepresent said...

Wow, what a sad and yet beautiful story and the testiment to a mother/child's relationship. You are a good man Jac for seeing that the foal was taken care of.

SJ said...

Thats a touching story and I am impressed that you took care of the situation.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the Iraqis'streets with death bodies scattered around and children weeping at their sides, the difference is that they are human and i wonder if anyone cares about it just the same.

Jac said...


Thanks for your presence again.

Jac said...


We are now living in a world of robotic actions, janice ...the touch humanity has given way to business mentality.


Jac said...


Thank you for that ardent compliment, though I don't do these things for getting appreciated by others. Even if my body some times resist the logic...I have a soft mind.

Happy to know that you like the music.

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

sad to see this, however, interestig post.
Have a nice weekend.

CapCity said...

jac - the REAL beauty of kindness shines when it's done from the heart w/o need for the attention that is so often sought in our "See me?" society:-).

I've included u in a list on my blog - whether u like it or not:-)check it out when u can.

Vidya said...

Pictures speak louder than words. I first looked at the picture and thought "Oh my, this must be a casualty remnant of some war on terror business". Everybody is waging a war these days, right? :D

However, after reading the post, I could not do anything for a while. I laud the fact that you were able to help the foal. God bless you for your kind heart.

I am reminded of the time when I saw a kid( goat's little one) run over by a scooter in India. This was a long time ago. I remember just standing there, transfixed. I was a little girl then and did not know what to do. After a while, I started walking away from the scene of the accident. After reading your post, I wonder if I could have done something differently!


Jac said...


What a nice deed you sister has done. She is a role model with a golden heart to save that poor horse
Thank you kat for sharing the tale.

Jac said...

Welcome to the window and thanks for the visit.

Jac said...


Yes, indeed.

Jac said...

srijith unni

Thank you for sharing the tale, unni !

Jac said...


Humanity is inborn keshi.

You like that music from Elton John ? It is titled the 'circle of life'

Jac said...

Thank you for sharing your feed back by way of this comment.

Jac said...


That I consider a compliment !!!

Thank you but I want you to know that I don't narrate this for any publicity. I want all to be a bit 'kareem'in real life.

Thank you, kalyany !

Jac said...


Jac said...


My only aim in sharing these incidents are to help people see life in a different prespective.

If I could make one to be kinder...I am delighted.

Jac said...


Thank you for sharing your mind.

Jac said...


You too, is as good as me buddy ! Thank you.

Jac said...


Thank you, your words are well appreciated.

I would be delighted if everyone could spread a pleat of kindness with everything around us.

Jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul and thank you for commenting here.

Come back again please.

Jac said...


Thank you ginger.
Wishing you a nicer week end.

Jac said...


I too understand what you mean by that...but we don't have to travel as far as Iraq to see death and distruction of innocent people, you just need to open your eyes and look around.

Yes, there are people who care and there are people who pretend to care.

Thanks for you sharing your concern.
May be you are trying to remind me something ??
I would like you to know you that I am not a stranger to that country.

Jac said...


Thank you again for the wisdom in your words.

Thank you for including me in the list. Now you are being 'kareem'again. LOL

Jac said...


What a nice and humble way you that you have said something about it.

Thank you for sharing the story.

Nan said...

Oh Jac this made me cry. I'm an animal lover and I hate to see things like this. Thank you so much for making sure the baby donkey was taken care of.

alex said...



I too didn't know what a baby donkey was called.

Somehow, humans have a 'social ladder' for animals too.

b o o said...

aww :(

mathew said...

that photo is hauntingly sad..almost a reflection of human diregard for life...and even death...

but neways great of you to help out the foal!

mathew said...

that photo is hauntingly sad..almost a reflection of human diregard for life...and even death...

but neways great of you to help out the foal!

freddie said...

thanks you so much, thanks for you heart!
freddie from Rome

Hira said...


Um Naief said...

this makes me so sad. i hate to see such sights, especially when you have young babies wanting their mother. terrible terrible.

i remember when we lived on this farm. there was an open pasture behind us w/ cattle. when the females would give birth, after so long, they would come and take the babies from the mothers. for days the mothers would call out to their babies... it was a horrible sound... so so sad. and no one seemed to care.

i hope that the little donkey lived...

there's such cruelty in the world. they treat donkeys so badly here. animals in general really.

Dotm said...

Such a sad accident to have witnessed the result of and so sad that noone seemed to care. Was it one that was running wild, or did it origionally have an owner who also just didn`t care? Here it would have been removed from the road by the Town and the foal would have ended up removed to a healthier area where it could be cared for.

What we see a lot of on our roads are squirrels that were hit with cars and trucks. It sometimes is a while before it is cleared off the roads.
Before the leach law went into effect it used to be someones pet dog killed when the dog would run out into the main road and the cars couldn`t stop in time. We lost one dog from a garbage truck hitting it right in front of our house where it was playing with the kids. The garbage truck never even stopped- he just left the dying dog there with the kids to watch it die. Wonder if he would have stopped if it had been one of the kids he had hit? Might have understood it if the dog was the type to chase cars, or it was on a road with fast traffic, but our road only allows 30 miles per hour so he should have easily been able to stop. Actually he wasn`t driving that fast as he had to stop just 2 houses down from us. The kids were just a few inches from where the dog was hit, so he could just as easily have hit one of them as they were on the side of the road with the dog-- not in the road, on the side of the road.

November Rain said...

wow this brought a tear to my eye
several in fact

Anali said...

Those pictures are so sad. I'm glad that you were able to help the situation and it makes me feel better to know that there are people like you in the world.

Cindrella said...

oh..such a sad accident and the photos are just adding to the feeling,giving example of human harshness to animals.
But thanks to u ,u saved poor foal's life. Aapne us baat ko "tavajjo" diya jise sabhi ne nazarandaaz kar diya.
God bless u.

Jac said...


That I think is your mother instint. LOL


Jac said...


Me too !!

Personally, I believe that humans have a 'social ladder' to every living thing.

Jac said...


Did I booooooooooooo you ?

Jac said...


Thank you for the solidarity, buddy.

Jac said...


grazie per venire qui e commentare.

Jac said...

Um naief

You have a kind soul and tender mind. I know very well how they treat animals in your area, specially the donkeys.

As of yesterday the foal is in fine shape.

I came back just three days ago from my vacation and I had the chance to visit Rafiq ysterday. He was beaming at me when he showed me a healthy foal.

Jac said...


You too have a tender heart.

Yes, people just don't care anymore as life goes on.

As you said, what it would be if it was one of his kids? Probably doesn't make a bit of difference to him!!

Jac said...

Welcome back !!

I wouldn't have posted it if I knew that it would make you tearful. Sorry for that...

Missed you here.

Jac said...


Again, I have not done it to be praised.

Though I was very busy, I couldn't just leave the place after seeing the ruffled and shivering foal.


Jac said...

Welcome to the window to my soul.

Thank you so much for the first part of the comment but about the second part...I am not very good in Hindi though I can mange with simple words.

Neverthless, I could make a guess of what is written. Thanks for the solidarity.