Wednesday, July 25, 2007

That is not my muscle power !!

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This is not my show off muscle that you see here !!

I am surprised and out of speach about capcity who has graced me with an award of schmooze... which I understand means, an ability to make connections.

First of all let me thank capcity for choosing me as one among the five awarded. I am flattered with this ardent unexpected attention and kindness.

Though I don't know her very well, I find this sista' a woman of immense inner strength and I would say that she is a born leader.

Thank you, Cap !

The rule also says that I have to pass the award to five others which is a very testing job for me.
In fact, I don't want to do it, but then, I have to do it one way or other.

Now the difficult part of crowning another five individuals very very difficult.

So I am doing the easiest thing possible for me...choose five popular blogers that comes to my mind.

  1. samuru, for her poem a day blog, which became a grand success, though is taking a temporary break at the moment.

  2. janice with her communicating ability in any kind of writing, be it prose, verse or even through her own audio/video reproductions.

  3. mindinside for her simple but evokingly expressive poems and her ability to be on top form to her readers if she wants.

  4. velu for his ability to mermerise and tickle a large number of readers with his unique, little snippets coming through his popular blog.

  5. mathew with his humourous way of writing in his blog has earned him a considerable(sigh) number of female readers. He has also manged to hypnotize and charm a large number of fans including me, with his gigantic moustache (meesa in his language)

Please check them out with out fail and you will see that they deserve it.


Anonymous said...

...indeed a mucle showing! gonna like...umm...the next arnold schwarzenegger? post! ;))

CapCity said...

u r so humble - which i think is yr great appeal...u deserve far more than i can reward u with jac, my friend:-)

soul&body said...

do u have that muscle too :P

Mizrepresent said...

Congratulations...with love!

Nan said...

Thanks for checking in on me. Take care and I'll be back in a week.

Srijith Unni said...

Hey great Jac..! Congrats..!

You sure have that schmooze power(read lots of interesting experiences to blog about, and such amazing energy), buddy..!

With Best Regards,

mathew said...

thanks a lot flattered!!!

now since you have told that the Meesha has become very instrumental in my blog profile..I have to thank that guy in Ooty who was selling moustaches for 10 bucks and me being weird enough to buy that!! ;-P

Janice Thomson said...

Congratulations certainly deserve such an award! You treat your guests with humor, and care and concern in a way few others do.

Thank you for your kind words about my blog. I am humbled you think so highly of it. I won't be taking this tag up , or any others, as I don't do that type of post on the blog - I did one as a return favor and received 5 more in my email LOL . I sure do thank you for thinking of me though.

EMALMADA said...

Thanks for your visit.
We have The Babel Fish installed
just upper the Hit Counter.

Thank tou
Have a nice day

mystic rose said...

yes. everything passes. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah you deserve the award ..

Thank you jac for the compliment

Velu Nair said...

To say that I am honoured Jac, would be an understatement.

Thankyou so much. Thats probably the bestest ever compliment I hv received regarding my blog.

Pal, u made my day!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Congratulations Jac!!

Keshi said...

so I dun come to ur mind? BAAAAAAAWAAAAAAAAAAAH!

lol k kidding!


Jac said...

You do think that as my muscle power ?

I am sure that you also know that muscles tend to diminish with age and vanish altogether.
Schwarzenegger is now a giant with sagging muscles. LOL
Welcome back after the around the world vacation and thanks for the visit.


You make me smile and I am flattered beyond limits.

But I am sure that you are aware that there are many out there, who write far better and are really crowded by fans like, keshi girl.
Thank you so much again for the trust and care.

@soul and body

I do have. lol

Thank you for the visit of another soul.

Thanks to you, with love returned with a bonus. LOL


So nice to see you here again
Eagerly waiting…you know for what ???

It is pleasure seeing you here again. It has been ages since I saw your face. Thanks for remembering me.
I am coming around to check on you right away.
Thank you so much for coming.

I hope that you got my mail regarding the ooty story.
Consider that I know your face like my face.
Thanks for the feed back on your meesha.


…But I wrote only the truth about you and all others, as I consider that my selection is apt. Every one of you deserves it more than me.
Thanks for your presence every day

Thanks emalmada. I would be around to read it again.

Come back again and be my guest.

Jac said...


Yes, that is one of the greatest inventions of God.

He gave us a magic eraser that can erase anything from our mind.


I do ???

So you do too, more than me.

Thank you for the compliment.

You deserve it buddy, more than any.

Keep it up and all the best.
Thanks for the visit.


Thanks from my heart.


You were the first name that came in to my mind but cap beat me there.

You deserve it keshi, and I mean it.

Go girl !!

Um Naief said...

i really enjoy finding new and interesting blogs. can't wait to check these out, especially when it comes to poetry.

Um Naief said...

and i forgot...

CONGRATS on the great award... muscles and all. :)