Friday, June 01, 2007

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The pic that you see was taken from Malayasia.
I tried to look for the pic of a live butterfly for kai but couldn't locate one good enough to be shared, as I know that she is great admirer of butterflies and poems.

Normally I dont take tags.
I was tagged by my young friend Princess Kai. I am unable to refuse her request. So here I am.

Rules are:

* each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

* People who are tagged need to write posts in their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

* At the end of your post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

  1. I love to write; but I really know how good or how bad I am.

  2. Once on a flight in a business class cabin, I surprised a famous film star who was my co passenger, just by pretending ignorance about his identity. He was offended very much that he asked the air hostess for another seat.

  3. Unlike many males, I am very emotional. I cry when I feel bad, but so far only less than three persons have seen me crying. I don’t do it in public however sad I am.

  4. When I am alone and doing something with utmost concentration, I do talk to myself.

  5. I am not afraid of death, devil, snake or crocs but I am afraid of wild bees. I was attacked and bitten by them once.

  6. I fight injustice irrespective of the country caste or creed or religion. My country is the most corrupt country in the world.

  7. I was slapped once in my life and was shocked and numb for 3 days. Don't ask me why ?

  8. I am not particular about where I write. I think the best place to write is in an aircraft. Many of my verse have originated in flights on unused vomit bags, as I couldn’t find any other paper to write. I loose many of them by misplacing it elsewhere.

*I do not tag any.

The song "that girl " is for you kai.


Kai C. said...

thank you for accepting my tag. i like it very much
& nice pic too.


Jac said...

kai c
That post is all for you and the song too.
I don't have Akon, so I took my own pick for you "that girl"

Janice Thomson said...

I would love to see that many parrots all in one spot Jac.
You sound like a unique individual and a 'Jac of all trades' :)

Geets said...

Next time carry a small notebook while flying.... we can't afford to lose the amazing poems you write at an altitude of 36000 feet or so.....high up in the clouds

VIDYA said...

:-) its really surprising how well you can know people when you read blogs. really nice post.

first time vistor here, will defnitely bookmark this blog . :-)

alex said...


Im scared of crocs, snakes and bees. :)

:) Good to know you. (more)

This just struck me. The bird kai and the fish koi- i think have some relation. Their colours. What do you say??

starry nights said...

nice tag and got to know more about that pic the birds are so colorful.I am scared of bees too.

aurora said...

That is a gorgeous shot, and it was nice of you to do this tag for Kai.

Glad you stopped by my blog. I hope to see more of your work in the future. :)

Jac said...


Yes, a jac of all trades in a good sense only .LOL

Thanks for the compliments.

Jac said...

Yes, that was something I tried too, carrying a small book in the pocket every time I travel.

It worked initaially but I had to give up the idea when I lost the third book.

You are the first person to say those are amzing !!

Thank you geets for the encouragement.

Jac said...

Welcome to the window to my soul.
It is true that a you get to know the blogger little by little from memes like that.
Thank you for bookmarking me. I hope to see you more and more here.

Jac said...


May be there is a connection.

Thanks alex.

Jac said...


Birds are my weeknesses too and all living creatures who can't speak and let us know about their miseries.

You too afraid of bees ?

Jac said...

Welcome to the window to my soul.

I am honoured with your visit.

Thank you.

shimmer said...

nice...have a great day!

Jac said...



Nabeel said...

wow, so many parrots in one place .. i need to get a parrot too, exotic one to fly around in my house.

Walker said...

Here let me answer for you, you are very good at writing :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love your list - really interesting.
By the way, I talk to myself all the time, too -- I thought it was just me. :)

Jac said...

Take your pick from the lot. Its all yours.

Welcome to the window to my soul and thank you for visiting.

Jac said...


Oh come on, Walker !

Thank you buddy.

Jac said...

So we have some thing in common !!

Thank you andrew.

Um Naief said...

you know... i think the emotional side of you is because you're an artist/writer. i think for a man to show that emotional side is very brave and open. a lot of men can't or won't do it. it's a shame really... altho, i think i would be put aback if i saw a man just breaking down... unless it was in the right situation.

i also talk to myself... usually when i'm alone. i work things out aloud and go over the day's events and such. and i find writing while traveling to be a wonderful way to pass the time. it has always allowed me open up and go into a certain state of emotional writing... not sure why, but i've also written some of my poems when traveling.

Jac said...

um naief
I am surprised when you say that the emotional side of crying is nothing to be ashamed of.
Well, it is welcome news for me on a general point of view, with out being said that crying among crowd is still shameful as it is, unless the situation is so grave.

I know now, that many people talk to themselves while doing things.

I am glad that you agree about writing while you travel, when your co-passengers find pleasure in the deep sleep.

Thank you for sharing your mind and I will definitely sieve your archives to take look at your poems when ever I have time.
I would remind you that I am not a poet, and I don’t consider what I write as poetry.
My pleasure to have you here, um naief !

mathew said...

sorry for droppin by late..was enjoyin my vacation back home a wee too much..

btw awesome snaps..and a nice list that very well gives a clue about you..

Jac said...

I was sort of worried why it was taking you more than a month not knowing you were enjoying a vacation.
Welcome back !

Thanks for the compliments,

The list ?
I am thankful that it was just eight, or else I would be streaking around with shame after the revealations.
Ok come on buddy, get to work now and give us some wet sparks, so that we can read something.

CapCity said...

enjoyed reading your list & you're willingness to break rules:-).

i also talk to myself, most of the time i'm alone, but i'm not always aware if i am alone:-)...
is blogging a form of talking to ones' self? hmmmm

Dotm said...

WOW, so many pretty birds to photo in the same place. Pretty colors on them.
Injustice can be found on every continet and in every country. If only we had the powers to improve on them all. It often bothers me when I see something that causes needless pain for others.