Monday, June 04, 2007


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In deep slumber it came, a picture, crystal clear
array of colours so vivid, I felt her so near

eyes closed, I sensed, the image was you
holding hands, leaning... a cozy feeling anew

I felt your long fingers, touching my nose
moments, breath intense, moving so close

then, the shrill of beeps I heard from far, I felt
eyes wide, I saw my clock shrieking atop my quilt


Anonymous said...

congratulations! wish you both happy life

One said...

Verrrrry nice!

better turn off the alarm just in case it happens again :)

Geets said...


Srijith Unni said...

Beautiful rhymes to go with such a pleasant picture..

Nice one..

With best Regards,

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I've had so many mornings like that! :)

Keshi said...

Passionfruit flower is one rare beauty!


Keshi said...

r ya really 76?


Um Naief said...

what a beautiful poem.

thanks for coming by my blog. hope to see you again.

LADY LUXIE said...

awww'....been some time since I've had a dream like this...of course sans long fingers..hee! hee! wouldn't want any long fingers near any part of me....

but..I do distinctly remember having a dream that was so magical and real...yet unreal at the same time...the wind felt real on my face...the touch felt real on my skin...

which reminds me..hmm' doesn't seem like I've been dreaming enough lately...

as always'...sweet lemon poetry from you...truly enjoyable...:>

mystic rose said...

lovely words about what was a very vivid dream. I hate it when the clock beeps.. but hey, they say, early morning dreams do come true.

and lovely song too.

does magic have logic? :) It just is. exists as long as you dont probe too deep.

VIDYA said...

:-) :-) awesum poem! the pic is beautiful... wat flower is it ??

Janice Thomson said...

What a beautiful passionflower Jac. Loved your words...such a passionate dream... interrupted by the darn alarm clock :))

hellbunny said...

Its a lovely poem.Shame when you have to wake from beautiful dream.Lovely song as well.

Margie said...

Just beautiful Jac.
Beautiful flower, beautiful song, beautiful poem.

Jac, thank you for your visit and's greatly appreciated.
I am to work now, so I'll email you back tonight.

Take care my friend.


goatman said...

Nice photography. I was particularly impressed with a photo a few posts back where you were able to adjust the depth of field between near and far to capture the flower. I am still trying to perfect that particular skill.
Thanks for the visit.

Mizrepresent said...

wonderful image, beautiful words!

Jay said...

Oh yes, sometimes you just want to stay in your dreams forever.

starry nights said...

A beautiful picture and an awesome poem.Keep it coming Jac.

Jac said...


:-O :-O :-O
:-/ :-/

Jac said...

That is one more time, who ever you are.

That is what I plan to do next time.
Is that what you do too...switch off the alarm. ?

Jac said...

Thank you so much for the ardent compliment.
Thanks for being here everyday.

Jac said...

Thank you, Sree !

Jac said...

I thought that I am an odd creature, but now when you say that…I am relieved.

Jac said...

I know that Passion flower is included in one of the best 15 flowers in the world.

Yes, 76.9 years to be precise.

Jac said...

um naief
Welcome to my window to the soul.

If you like what you see and read here, do come back.

Thank you for the compliment. Sure, I will be there to read you too.

Jac said...

You made me smile with that comment about San.

You are right. Some times dreams are as good as real.
Thank you for the feed back.

Jac said...

I know that you write lovely poetry from imagination. So you must like it.

About the clock, mine is already in the workshop for repair. Poor fella !
Thank you.

Jac said...

It is pic of a full bloomed passion flower, which transforms to the famous passion fruit.

Jac said...

The darn clock !!!

Jac said...

Thank you, june !

Have you a problem with blogger log in ?

Jac said...


Welcome back.

So nice of you to visit me…missed you here and the long absence made me worried too.
Thanks again for the compliment.

Jac said...


Your visit and compliments are well appreciated,
Thank you so much.

Jac said...

So many thanks.

Jac said...


Means that you know it really.
Thanks, jay !

CapCity said...

i echo everyone else:

Love your photo, your words and I LOVE the delicious taste of PASSION-Fruit (of all kinds;-)

Nea said...

Very lovely picture, I could grow passion flower in Garden Grove, but it freezes here, so they don't do very well, I have one, but it must start over every year, and it never gets very big. But it did have one flower last year.

I love your poem, it gave me a nice chucle.....I have had moments like that, things were just getting good, and I would wake up, darn....and then I would go back to sleep and that dream was long gone.....darn.

Jac said...

hi cap

Thanks for the compliments.
I am laughing when I am reading you comment. LOL

I know you would.

Sophie said...


Jac said...


You allowing your passion plant it to creep or not?

I have just one tree that grows all over my back yard, some times even preventing other plant's growth too, but it gives me plenty of fruits with out any fertilizer.
I give them just water and they seem to me very happy and contended.
During flowering season, it is total bloom with thousands of those incredible flowers that brightens me.
I have pics of its fruits too.

Yes, the poem...the darn clock beeps, just when we don't want it. You have said it precisely... darn the clock. LOL

Jac said...

Yes, passion flower !!
You see how people respond to it ?

MoodsAndColors said...

He Jac
Why does the clock have to strike at such a moment or why does the dream have to break at such a point...ever pondering...

Jac said...

Welcome back !!

This is what I call untimely, like looking for a policeman when you have an energancy and not finding any...or finding them everywhere when you don't want any policeman any where near !

Well, I will call it little wickedness of the almighty.LOL