Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A full bloom of Taleh

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Last month while I was going to unity state through the forest short cut, I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I saw yellow every where.

For the first time in my life I saw the Taleh trees in bloom.

The spring has been favorable to this tree it seems.
Last year, I saw a bloom here there, but not in these dimensions.
Every nook and corner where the Taleh forest is visible was covered with small yellow flowers.

This is incredibly beautiful !!

This tree is a wonder tree for the people over here.
My old readers already know what it is. If they remember... Do I see a lewd smile on their faces?
Those readers who are new here and not heard about the tree, please take a look here.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

sure thing...this taleh tree is
l-o-v-e-l-y! ;;)

Srijith Unni said...

Ha.. Haa.! Read both posts, Jac.. It`s so nice to know another beautiful gift nature gives us, both in terms of existence, beauty and in terms of usage.!

And you always have an eye for these things.. Enjoy reading your posts..!

Have Fun,Take Care and God Bless!

With Best Regards,

Ekta said...

never seen this tree but looks lovely!

Geets said...

wow! its like a "vishu konna" back home in Kerala

Sophie said...

wow...its awesome...
i m seeing it for the first time

LADY LUXIE said...

ello'..ello'..those blooms are indeed enchanting!...ahhhh...I would love to walk underneath such glory me'self....saw a lot of flowers too last weekend...

oh' and before I forget..goodness gracious Mr. Jac..hee hee!..Iz' not your fault I disappeared lol!...I was rewriting the post and then I was unexpectedly called away in the process...didn't occur to me that I had drafted the original too :>>

Your always always welcome to me' bloggy'....I sense a good presence in you...I have a few good men reading me for years now and they're practically family already......A new member would be a thrill!..

So no someof this panini.woth pesto inside..and a cup of mint tea...lovely :>

me'needs' to sleep now...good day :>

LADY LUXIE said...

ps: sorry bout' this ps but I forgot to thank you soooo...thank you Jac for your warm words in my boggy' home :)

Hellbunny said...

They look very beautiful and are very useful as well

Anali said...

This is beautiful! I've never heard of a taleh tree until now. Quite lovely! ; )

Ele ^_^ said...

Wondeful shot.. Congratulation for the photos ^_^ see you..

Janice Thomson said...

As usual you never fail to pique one's interest...I read both posts.
Such an interesting ritual to be sure.
What a gorgeous tree this Taleh! obviously it must need certain conditions to be just right or it doesn't bloom.
Interestingly enough the other name for Aries is Taleh...hmmm

Nea said...

Quite lovely, it reminds me of the fall here when the trees change colors.....but never this much yellow, it is a mixture of colors here.

I would love to smell what the bark smells like when smoking. I know that certain woods have a lovely smell. We use pecan wood in Lousiana to smoke meat for cooking. It gives it a wonderful taste. I would imagine the aroma would stay with you a long time if you sat in the smoke and let it absorb through the skin. I know when I sit to close to the campfire I smell rather like barbecue......

CapCity said...

WOWW!!! Beautiful photo - as always:-). But even more intriguing story of the smoking bodies! I need a couple of those wood chunks your selling, Jac;-). I had read that East Indian women stand over incense allowing it to fill their loose dresses for the heady scents, but the extra bonus feature is new to me!

I love travelling with you, Jac!

Jac said...



Jac said...

Thank you for the compliments.

Jac said...

Welcome to the window to my soul.

True, that you will not see it as the tree grow only here as far as I know. I too haven't seen it anywhere before.

Jac said...

Ya, almost... but the structure of the flower differs.

The flower is like minature merrygolds.

Jac said...


Yes, I too haven't seen it anywhere else.

Jac said...

When I saw your new post disappered, I thought I am the culprit, because I put in a compliment there.

The panini addition I saw later, with the reapperance of your post.
Thank you for the panini as well as your compliments..

Jac said...


I think you have read this before.

Anyhow thank you for the compliments. It sure is useful.LOL

Jac said...

Thank you my cousin.

Jac said...

ele ^_^

Welcome to the window to my soul. My pleasure welcoming you from Italy.

Thank you for the compliments.

Jac said...

Thank you.
Yes, it seems that it will bloom only in certain conditions.


Jac said...

Thanks, but it never loveliar than your Garden.

They say they body smells good after the smoking. I wouldn't know for sure.LOL
Thank you again.

Jac said...

Thank you so much.

Why not, I could escort you anywhere if you manage to reach here one day.

Thank you cap.

Dotm said...

Loved seeing the pretty flower and the taleh tree with it`s yellow flowers in bloom. And looking at the boat just had me wishing I was on it seeing the many places along the route and experiencing what it`s like in your country.
Took me a while to settle down after the wedding and now I am trying to catch up on some of what I missed the past week or so.
Your pictures seem to tell a story all by themself.

Mizrepresent said...

What a lovely story...i'm learning so much from you.

Walker said...

A sea of gold waving in the wind

Neers said...


Takkus said...

Jacuuuuu, Sorry being late. Nice nice very nice....