Monday, June 23, 2008

Astounding !

Saturday was a fine sunny day until the early noon hours.

Then the clouds all of a sudden started to roll on like a crazy spinning wheel. They came from all over sky to join this exodus of a virtual vortex in the sky, darkening and covering the whole area like a black canopy
I reached before the rain and stood watching the clouds before entering by office with out putting down my back pack. As usual, where ever I go I carry my backpack.
It is a bit heavy, considering the not so small laptop and the camera I carry daily.

Haven’t you seen it here before? I have posted the picture some time ago.
Oh, come on! It is ridiculous if you say u can’t remember it. Well, not every one is smarter than me. LOL

If you haven’t seen it before, you can see it here.

Let me continue now.
I was standing in the balcony with this special second skin of mine… my one and only back- pack, the hard & cool voice of my friend and my laundryman Hamza, jolted me

“Hi jac” the large smiling man with lot off sparkling white teeth, beamed at me.
“Hi hamza” I answered shaking his hand but not averting my eyes from the sky.

“Tell me Jac, what is in your damn bag” he tried to frisk and patter my bag.

“I haven’t seen you with out it” he was now taking a dig at me “are you keeping all your savings here… may be in diamonds in this ? hahahahaha” he continued in his gruff voice.
“I am sure that you sleep with it too man!” he is now laughing loud.

I smiled looking at the clouds but not bothering to answer.
“Or else tell me really what you have in this” he was not going to leave me alone to watch the clouds.
So I thought I will answer him and get rid of him.

Before turning around and facing him, I tried to remember what was inside the bag.

My laptop, my camera and its lenses, my mobile charger and then I stopped….I didn’t know what else was there.

I thought it as ridiculous that I can’t remember what was in my own bag.
I turned around to tell him that I don’t know what is inside, and saw him walking away saying “Jac is day dreaming, Jac is day dreaming”

“Day dreaming… my foot” I swore at him under my breath.

I forgot all about the incident since I was busy correcting my trainee’s filled up task answer papers at my desk.
Back in my room at 7 PM, while I was placing the bag on top of the fridge, I remembered Hamza’s question about the contents of the bag.

With out changing my coverall, I cleaned my computer table that I normally use doing something with my laptop and empted my bag taking out all, one by one.

Take a look!
Gosh! I didn’t know that I carry so many things every day on my shoulder.
1 HP Pavilion 17'' lap top.
2 My camera.
3 Two lenses for the camera.
4 Two mobile phones, one with ear phone .
5 An mp3 player with earphones.
6 A mouse for the laptop, in case if I needed one.
7 My wallet .
8 My travel pouch with next vacation ticket, work permit and residence permit.
9 My 2 passports.
10 Pair of spare batteries for the camera.
11 A can of lens cleaner.
12 My leather key case.
13 My chap stick for my lips if it gets dry.
14 A tube of glue.
15 A roll of toilet tissue. (See I am Mr Clean ) .
16 A flash memory stick.
17 A Bluetooth adapter .
18 Half rapper polo mint.
19 Half used pack of Wrigley’s chewing gum.
20 17 office clips.
21 3 pens.
22 Half strip of pain killers.
23 One mobile phone charger .
24 My laptop charger.
25 An external hard disk of 160 Giga.
26 A brush to clean dust from laptop key board.
27 A comb (I don't know why I keep it, I am bald :D)
28 My sunglasses.
29 A mini tube of hand lotion.
30 A set of ear plugs.
31 My driving license.
32 A mobile tooth brush( I don’t know how it came in my bag)

If you carry a bag like mine or a hand bag or even a ladies bag, then check it out and see what an amazing array of small arms you are carrying !!!!

You think I am joking?

You do it now and see for yourself.

Come on lets do it now!!!!


For the past 2-3 months our company server has been experimenting with softwares that prevents people from misusing official internet for downloading and listening music. It has affected my uploading of music in the site and to play. But I have ways to tunnel in dicreetly. But I can't hear any music playing in my blog. I get the feed back only from you.

Inserted music is Elton John singing "Dont let the sun go down on me"


Janice Thomson said...

The music is great Jac!
I laughed at the extra things you carry - like a comb??? LOL
Women's purses are like this too only worse - we seem to carry everything but the kitchen cupboard.
Actually yours was pretty good - not too much junk just the necessary things. Great post!

Dotm said...

As Janice said, we carry everything but the kitchen sink ( as Walt used to say- we`d carry that too if it would fit- HaHaa), including nail clippers, nail file, hair brush, kleenex, lipstick, cell phone, phone numbers, etc,. Without your laptop, probably weight just as much, especially if the purse is made of real leather. I do empty a lot of it out when going to special doings such as Weddings.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

good music!
(I love the writing, but I can't see the photo!! :( )

Li said...

i always carry a big bag whether its backpag or a more womanly bag :-) it always has notebooks and pens, lots of pens and my lil camera :) - DeLi

Srijith Unni said...

Hmm.. it`s so nice to carry all these things, no wonder you are able to give us so much of a good insight into your life.

Have Fun, Take Care and God Bless!

With Best Regards,

Mahi said...

oh my god! u actually carry 32 things in ur bag?!! nice song, by the way!

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

That's quite a lot of luggage to carry always!I carry not even half the number of things.

Nice music!

ani said...

The music is really good jac..
hehe that was a long list that you were carrying.. and must agree with janice and dotm.. we do actually carry a lot of stuff and don't even realise it..

one of these days i might clear up my bag just to see what luggage i'm carrying.. hehe most of it might be junk so lets see how it goes.. :)

finally did you manage to watch the clouds??

Walker said...

Thats a full bag Jac.
I know when I used to need one it was also filled with things half of which I didn't need.

Kai C. said...

sounds like you're busy.....

Keshi said...


btw I love love this song!


Geets said...

awesome list! but no book?

Jac said...

Evereything but the kitchen cupboard ???? LOL


Jac said...

A kitchen sink it self ??

Jac said...

Now you can see the pic, I trust?

I made the link in photobucket just before your comments came.


Jac said...

...And when it is not heavy in the shoulder, you feel as if you forgot something ??


Jac said...

Thank you unni.

Jac said...

Actually I omitted two things.LOL

Thank you mahi.

Jac said...

True, it is too much, but it is accumulated very slowly... used like an easiest palce to stash everything.

Jac said...

Yes, I have a pic of it. Do you want it ?

Jac said...

As the time goes, my fourth week here, the bag will be full.


Jac said...

And you too dear !!

ani said...

hi hac.. yup that would be great.. thank u

Jac said...

Really you love that song ???

Jac said...

I dont carry books in the field because I prefer to drive myself... and at the desk, the only book I see is the text books and task books that belongs to my trainees.

But I carry a book when ever I travel outside. The current one that I am with is "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramhansa Yogananda.

Not logical !
alle ???

but then I have full versions of Holy Koran and Holy Bible side by side, in the calmness of my room.

Gazza said...

I take a backpack with me to work and reading this i had to go and look what i carry around with me,a money box,can of deoderant,sat nav,camera,mp4 player,phone and rechargable shaver and with my packed lunch it can be quite heavy.

Mizrepresent said...

I'm just wondering what the paintbrush was for? lol!

meetu said...

jac hand over that bag to me .......NOW!!!!

VIDYA said...

WOEEY jac tht s a lot of things in ur bag! even i carry a big bag these days with loadsa stuff in it (ohh in spring summer 2008 big bright bags are in). my college bag is mostly stuffed with loads of makeup, other stuff like books and water, chocolates, mint, (even a change of clothes sometimes, i get bored of wearing the same clothes for more than 4-5 hours) there are some similarities in the things in ur bag and mine, like mobiles, pens, polo, painkiller, shades, camera etc. :) but unlike u i remember every single thing in my bag, and change my bag evry sunday.

i saw a paint brush in the picture :-0

and btw ... TWO PASSPORTS?????!

Jac said...

Sure, why not....anytime.

Jac said...

So your bag can be heavier than me ? LOL

Midsummerprism said...

tube of glue??? I never thought of that..then again, I suppose it would come i handy' he!he!.

My bags are usually heavy with about two notebooks inside and an assortment of lipstick, brushes, makeup and a gazzillion receipts I collect from here and there in order to help cut down on taxes..he!he!

Thanks for dropping by my blog Jac. I've been thinking of you and your lovely poetry...sometimes you go missing for a long time and I still think of your writing wishing you'd be back..if you'd like to get in touch I can be reached at

Jac said...

The brush ? What did you think... To paint the town red ? LOL

It is for cleaning the dust out of the crevices of the laptop keyboard.
Our area in summer with dust is something unimaginable to you.


Jac said...

If you are asking me this with a gun...then you will see another jac.

If not, its yours for free with my compliments.


Jac said...

So there is lot of similarities ?

Clothes....? Do you change your clothes every 5 hrs ? Entammo !!!!

I know that unlike my bag, yours will be feminine and more colourful.LOL

The paint brush is to clean the laplop key board easily...not for painting on ice cubes('ice kattayil paintadi' - sreenivasan style)

Yes, I have two.

Jac said...

LOL, you dont know when you will need a tube of glue, so I keep one handy.

My missing is normally on my holidays when I have internet access problems. It also involves time which I don't have for writing.

Thank you for the mail link. I will try to be in touch.

Thanks for the visit. I was about to post now, when I saw your comment.

Nea said...

Somethings are more important than toilet paper......haha

If I had a backpack, it would also have a paint brush.......:) You just never know when you might want to paint something, brush something, clean something, baste something....lots of uses for a brush.....

VIDYA said...

two passports.. .of two different countrieS???

Jac said...


A bulls eye ! Always !

Jac said...



adi said...

yes the comb was the best :)
but the 17 office clips were a laugh riot in their detail :)
i do clean my bag every weekend
but still there r some items even i don't know what they r doing there :)