Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What is the point ?

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A friend of mine forwarded this to me.
I found the picture and the heading "what is the point ?" extremely funny.
Sharing it with you as my first post after my vacation.
Now I ask you the same.
What is the point ?


Anonymous said...

welcome back to blogsphere
...yeah...i say too "what's the point?" ;))

kat said...

Oh dear. :-)


Anonymous said...

The point is you are back I see

Welcome back jac

Keshi said...

LOL I have seen that one b4. I agree....what is the point?? A photo is for memories of a face or an event or a place. Since few ppl r standing here, I believe this photo is abt faces. But I cant indetify anyone here!!!! Neither will I be able to after 10yrs or so!


Sophie said...

yeah i too got this fwd a yr back or so...its crazy!!

Neers said...


b o o said...

it's in the eyes i guess. welcome back HUGS, missed u too.

gosh, bollywood music is HOT.

david santos said...

Please, it puts fhoto of Madeleine in your Bloggue

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Madeleine, MeCann was abduted from Praia da Luz, Portugal on 03/03/07.

If you have any information, please contact Crimestoppers on
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Monicaatje said...

Hm... so someone can forward it via mail and we can all ask ourselves what's the point?? :P


Dotm said...

Shouldn`t they be wearing name tags to prove they were there? HaaHaa.
Hope your vacation was enjoyable and restful.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I actually laughed out loud at midnight. :)

Jac said...


Funny , is it not ??

Jac said...

Oh dear ! dear ! Isn't it ?

Sha : said...

Yes, what he is trying to capture

Jac said...

The point is well taken.

Thanks for the welcome.

Jac said...

Exactly !!! That is the point.

Jac said...


Ya, its been out for some time.

Happy to see you here.

Jac said...



Jac said...


The eyes ???

Thanks for the welcome.

Bollywood music is hot in singapore too...I know.

Jac said...


I got a copy of the pic from your blog.

I will, circulate it around.

Jac said...

...And wonder what exactly is the point !!!
Thanks for the greetings.

Jac said...

The first time, me too.

Jac said...


jeez ! I dunno.

alex said...


Happy to see you back. :)

Probably the one who took this photograph had another photo taken of him/her along with these people. Then what would the point be? ;)

Janice Thomson said...

Too good Jac!...and so good to have you back!

Jac said...

The point is that, the point is well taken :))

Happy to see you here.

Walker said...

I just wonder how many people end up with the wrong wife LMAO!!!!

Welcome back

Jac said...


Delighted !!

Jac said...

I am sure that it never happen. Relax plz about it.

Happy to see you here.

mystic rose said...

yay! you are back!( from your vacation? wehre did u go?)

Im sure he can tell who is who jac, for his own memories,
but yea.. funny!!

Jac said...


Yep, I am back. Nice to see the red rose again.

I know that he knows, but what is the point ???

Thanks mystic.

Jac said...


Name tags ??? That is a very practical solution.

I hope that some one will notice this noval suggestion.

alex said...



Jac said...


hope and love said...

somehow i cant agree with you.. the pix may have a lot of significance to each woman. there is a diffrent universe of love dreams hope tears in each woman. external appearance need not matter

Mizrepresent said...

Very funny...thanks for visiting my blog! I like it here.

Jac said...

hope and love

I think that you have mistaken the picture.

It is actually not the picture that is the point, but the purpose that relates to the caption. The picture is not malicious to woman at all. If you felt offended as a woman I do apologize.

Being very familiar with the culture for a very long time, I don’t think anyone would say that I disrespect them... on the contrary I like the appearance personally.

Thanks for the feed back. Everyone is entitled for an opinion and I respect your words.
Come again please, to give me more feed backs.

Jac said...


Oh yes, then if you like it here, I am adding you in my fav list.

Mizrepresent said...

Thanks so much Jac! I will be adding you as well!

Jac said...



The Obsever said...

For a better understanding of the point,let us consider the situation in which ur beloved is present in another room in the same apartment.Even without any direct contact with the person, the knowledge of the presence itself gives u some pleasent feeling.
If such is the case,covering the face with purdah hardly makes any difference
And that is the point
The Observer

Jac said...

Of course, you had your point. This is a public blog and Every one is entitled for one.
Thanks for visiting and giving me the feed back.

come again.