Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My flame yellow.

This tropical wild beauty is seen in any nook and corner of Madagascar, African continent, Philippines, India , Bangladesh and Pakistan and may be a lot of other places.
Needing no fertilizer and with minimum water, it thrives in any territory except the deserts and it gives you flowers in an array of colors and mixed colors.

See this yellow beauty taken at twilight.

The sodium vapor lamp overhead fifty meters off the target gave me enough light to proceed without the flash and in a manual delayed exposure.

I don’t know if it is perfect.
See for yourself.
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Srijith Unni said...

Hi Jac,

A wonderful picture there.. Flowers are always beautifull, aren`t they..?

Me dropping in after a long time..

With Best Regards,

Rose said...


Iv seen this flower in many diff colours.. I used to see them virtually everywhere when I lived in UAE..



Walker said...

Thats a great picture and a beautiful flower.
I can;t say that I have ever seen one before but I am sure the world is filled with art work like this for you to grab a picture for us.

Have a nice day

mystic rose said...


good shot, jac.

starry nights said...

Beautiful shot of the flower.I love the color.I love the song you are of my favs.

Janice Thomson said...

These are lovely there a fragrance to these as well? Such exotic flowers you have there. It's perfect Jac.

Mindinside said...

your song here ilovet!

thnQ for sharing

Jac said...

Welcome back buddy !

Seems that your site is not updated, if I am not mistaken.

I will keep checking and thanks.

Jac said...

I didn't know you were ever in the Gulf...sigh !!

Yes, the flower is grown in the cute bush gardens of the Sheik's too.
Are you by any chance related to the them ? :))

Jac said...

Yes, very true walker buddy.

Here I am grabbing those sights and giving you a chance to see them and enjoy.

Have a great week end.

Jac said...


...And mystic, isn't it ?

Thanks for the compliment.

Jac said...

welcome back !

Wow ! What is that you don't love in my blog.
Tell me that ???? I need to know.

Jac said...

Of course there is a fragrance too...but not like a jasmine or rose.

Merci, m`moiselle!

Jac said...

I too like is 'n.sync'