Sunday, May 20, 2007


In that moment, while sitting on the cold stone pillar painted with black, with the pale brightness of the moonlight, with no one around me, I should have felt alone and aloof.

But the fragrance caught me unaware!!
The delicate and titillating smell that was unmistakably of jasmine was coming from somewhere near.
I never noticed a jasmine around here recently.

I thought of taking the flashlight with me but the moon was clear and bright.
I peered once through the fence and traced the smell, like doggy just out of a leash.

As I passed the pathway paved with large pebbles, I stood still as the smell was strong here.
I looked around near the periwinkle beds that were decorated with white and pink flowers.

Off left to the pathway, I saw the lone bush jasmine that stood like a stranger, unsure of its position and I saw the blooming white flowers that were spreading the fragrance.

But what caught my eyes were not the flowers but a small bunch of buds just about to bloom, which stood, shy like a young girl in a crowd.

I went in and brought my camera to take a bright picture of this. But at the last moment I decided to have a go with out a flash…with only the natural moon light.

I don’t know if you could see what I saw here, but do you sense an exotic fragrance??

Take a look!

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Mindinside said...

are thee leaves realy that green or u painted them so :-P

I suggest you take more pictures like this using no flashes has a natural sense with it ya .

will ya share with us a pic of the same flower when its full bloom under the moonlight?

Vickie said...

When I read the word jasmine my sense of smell took over and I forgot the beauty I was looking at---sorry.

It is beautiful and I can just imagine---Wow

Geets said...

What an amazing pic!!!! I can almost smell blooming jasmines on a summer night breeze....
As kids, we used to pick them in the evenings and make garlands to adorn our hair. And if the jasmine buds dried up quickly, it meant that you would get a bad mom-in-law!
Those lost days came rushing into my mind when I saw your pic!

Jac said...


ya, I painted it in my mind :)

Point well recieved about pics with out flash.

The same bud ? No, because the bloom is over. Let me try with a sister of that bloom.

Jac said...


Thanks with out reservations.

Jac said...


You are more imaginative than me, but thanks anyhow for the compliment.

And did you get a bad Mom-in-law ?? LOL

Janice Thomson said...

Jac how utterly beautiful. I love jasmine and the exotic images the scent conjures.

Celestine Wee said...

you really drew me in with what you wrote and the photo of the bud looking so full of potential life! :)

Jac said...


Wow ! thats is a lot of compliments.

It is exotic and the smell is an image builder.


Jac said...

Welcome to the window to my soul. If you like what you see and read here, come again like a member in here.

The bud was so lovely in the moonlight...much too much beautiful than the full bloomed jasmine nearby...about to get the harsh wind and the sun, about to get a taste of realities.


mystic rose said...

oh wow!!
they look so luminous too inthe moonlight.
am glad you didnt use the flash, but you must have a powerful camera, jac!

mystic rose said...

jasmine's certainly one of the headist fragrances.. :)

Kai C. said...

very lovely

Mizrepresent said...

Beautiful! I love Jasmine, Gardenia's and Honeysuckle!

shimmer said...

jasmine flowers are p-r-e-t-t-y! they have this lovely scents that are used in at least 85% of all women's pefume. ;;)

Jac said...

On the contrary, I have a very cheap normal digital camera which is giving me more than it is worth.

Jasmine sure is has exotic fragrance and as a woman you know that better than me.

Thank you, mystic !

Jac said...

kai c
Thank you dear !

Jac said...


Understandably are on to aroma's !!!

Come again, will ya ?

Jac said...


Yes, the essence of the fragrance is used in most of the perfumes available, be it French or Swiss.

BTW, what perfume do you use ?


alex said...


The photo is beautiful and poignant.

Sapna Anu B.George said...

exotic capture for an equally exotic flower.