Saturday, May 19, 2007

I am 77

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See how attentive they are !!!!

I tell them a-joke-a-day. Well, I don't know if you like to hear a joke.

I am not short of listeners.

But if you want to listen, here is a short one for you too.

An elderly man in Queensland had owned a large property for several years.

He had a dam in one of the lower paddocks where he had planted mango and avocado trees and they yielded well, giving him good returns.

The dam had been fixed up for swimming when it was built and he also had some picnic tables placed there in the shade of the fruit trees.

One evening the old farmer decided to go down to the dam to look it over, as he hadn't been there for a while.

He grabbed a ten litre bucket to bring back some fruit.

As he neared the dam, he heard voices shouting and laughing with glee.

As he came closer he saw that it was a bunch of young women skinny-dipping in his dam.

He made the women aware of his presence and they all went to the deep end.

One of the women shouted to him, "We're not coming out until you leave!"

The old man frowned, "I didn't come down here to watch you ladies swim naked or make you get out of the dam naked."

He paused a moment and cleared his throat with deep sympathy and glanced over the faces of the young women.

Holding the bucket up he said, "I'm here to feed the crocodiles."

Moral: Old men may walk slow, but they can still think fast.


J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Anonymous said...

U made my first morning laughter ..
a loud one uncontrolably.. hahaha ..
very funny

Jac said...


Jac said...

The knowledge that it made a reader laugh is all that is needed for me.
You made my day by letting me know that with out a delay.

alex said...



Was it you in the old man's place?? ;)

Jac said...

Sure I am.
Do you doubt me ?

Sha : said...

Very nice Man

Jac said...


Kai C. said...

ur back

Jac said...

ya, I am.
Deligted with your presence.

Janice Thomson said...

Too good Jac!...and awesome pic.

Mizrepresent said...

That was so cute.

mystic rose said...

haha. that is one mischievous old man!

Jac said...


Jac said...

Welcome to the window to my soul.

Thanks for the comment.
Come again.

Jac said...


After all, he is 77.

Dotm said...

Hey Jac, Isn`t the girlfriend you sent me the picture of going to be jealous if you kid around telling jokes to these new ladies?? LOL
Sorry, I just couldn`t resist picking on you. I know some in the picture might be male, but the pink neck sure would look better on a girl. :)

Anonymous said...

very interesting joke! hehehe
...well...well...maybe the young women were just pulling his leg! i bet he'll die if they did come out! ;)):p

whoa lionel richie in the house! B-)

Vickie said...

Jac---Thanks for the laughter you sent my way today. It was very much needed and appreciated.

Take care. :)

Jac said...

Which reiterates the fact that woman can't keep any secrets.

When I gave you such sensitive information, I never thought you will disclose those in public.

See, what you have done...the pink necked one is no more speaking to me after seeing your comment and the other dames are staying a pole away from me as if I am lion crouched for the kill.

The pink one is in fact a dame.

Jac said...

True, It is possible.

But he might use another of his tricks then...who knows ?

hehehe !

Jac said...


I am delighted to hear that,
Take care you too and thanks for the visit.

mystic rose said...

thats a lovely song!

Jac said...

which one ?
The Lionel Richie love song ???

sAP said...

The best bit for me was the moral of the story. Yeah, no substitute for experience I say. Old men rule! lol