Sunday, May 27, 2007


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Cotton candy or snow
how tempting my heart, you know ?

a moment my vision
flew out and had a total submission


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I can see for miles in this one. Perfect.

Geets said...

Snowflakes or cottonwool?
or is it old man Santa's beard?

Jac said...

That too greener to the end !!!

Thanks for the compliment.

Jac said...

when a talented person gives me a clue, I can't refuse.

Take a look, I made a change!

At 77 do I need a santa ? instead I can say that, it is my beard.

Thanks for the clue.

Janice Thomson said...

Divine sky Jac...know that feeling in the last lines of your words.

Shahrzad said...

hi there,

A nice piece on a nice image.
Wish you the best.


Kai C. said...


Keshi said...

candy floss :) Beautiful!


Geets said...

Jac, your pic is bringing out the poet in me....

Here's the latest...

Snowflakes or candy floss
Sailing across the sky,
Or is it the angels' laundry
Hanging out to dry?

Jac, when we were kids, whenever the sky wore this look, we used to say that God is tilling the soil in heaven to plant new stars!

Jac said...

I am sure you know that.
Thanks janice.

Jac said...


Thank you shah...or can I call you that for ease ?

Jac said...

kai c
Thank you.

Jac said...

It is pure delight to hear that I am responsible in some way, to bring out the poetry from you.
Hmm…that was a really cute line about angel's laundry.

You forgot that I was also a kid !!!

"truth it is, if you look
glitter of stars in every nook"

I think that there is more to come from you. Thanks for the enthusiasm.

Jac said...


Right you are !! I missed you name the forst round. sorry.


CapCity said...

love sky views! thanx!

Jac said...

Welcome to the window.