Monday, April 09, 2007

Twins ?

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Not twins, but just look alike.

Both female.

I have just 3 days more for my vacation.

My company is trying to block all private uploading through their server. So I don't know how long I will be able to post here.

Today though the block was partially effectve, I have managed to sneak through it with my lap top wizard. That is why the post was delayed.

See you tomorrow if I can pass through the gateaway.


sophie said...

me first!!!
they look wow
if ur office people are gonna ban have alwys the tunnels isnt it?

Jac said...



They probanly would and I too know that there are tunnels to go through. I used one today but they can seal the leaks one by one.

But in a monkey's hand, flowers are just stones to throw.LOL

I dont have much expertise in tunnels.
Can you help ?

Seema said...

Jac....that was a lovely pic of the look alikes...they're look so peaceful !

Jac...that skull literally scared the hand with a feather has a peacful look !!! Great change :)

Jac nooooooo...u need to by pass the barriers...dont ask me how...but u gotto get going with the daily dose !

Rose said...

Personal mails have been blocked at my work place.. I can view them thru a proxy, but I cant reply to them.. Thats the reason I havnt replied to ur mail yet..

What u presumed in NOT correct at aaaaaaaaaalll... I feel like pinching your ear hard for thinking that!!!! Chekuthaan.. Korangan.. :D Will reply soon..

P.S:- The pics r amazing as usual.. I always liked the pic on ur profile.. Somehow the rotating mask was a little eerie.. I can stl see it at the header..

Take Care..



Janice Thomson said...

Wow! were that up close and personal with a pair of lionesses?? What magnificent animals!
Would really miss your postings Jac...hope that gets resolved somehow...take care.

Jac said...


OMG ! I don't know for sure if they are twins. I can't ask lionesses if they are. Could I ?

I thought of asking them politely about it, but then changed my mind when they started lookeing at me.

It was not a scull there but just a spinning mask. Anyway I am back to the old status now.

I have to look for a tunnel now to cross barriers.

Thanks for sharing the views.

Jac said...

So there is a censoring in your office too ?
I was wondering about the response.

As I am a kappiri who can’t read your language doesn’t mean that I can’t speak and understand.

Most of my readers have grasped a little of your language from my comment column and they already know that 'chekuthan' is a saint and that 'korangachan' means handsome…which they already are aware of.

The hand and mask will stay for while helping each other and protecting me from chattambi kalyanees.

Jac said...


I would have preferred a bit more closer shot of them but they were constantly eying me... made me think and act wiser.

I am trying to find a way to pass through the firewall.

Thanks janice.

b o o said...

good luck with the servers, don't stop posting :)

Jac said...


Thanks...I may need it a lot.

hellbunny said...

Hope they dont stop you blogging

laurenbove said...

Um...hey jac. I've missed a lot during surgery and recovery but one things the still have a hell of a fan club! Hope all's well in your part of the globe

Stay cool and stay safe my cousin.


MoodsAndColors said...

Hi Jac
Its really difficult to open your comments section these days...but finally I am able to get through...the twosome are quite frightening...wonder how you could come so close and click them.
I hope you will be able to overcome the problems and post regularly. All the best.

Jac said...


I hope so.

Jac said...


My cousin !!!!
How nice to see you here on theese nice festival time.

Sorry, I was not around your blog to know about your surgery. I hope everything is back to normal.

Cool ? as if I am hot !!!lol

Yes, I have some friends here as usual like the old days.

Delighted with your visit.

mathew said...

wow..simply wow!!i envy u man!!

Jac said...

I wonder what is the problem with my comment section.

If there was a problem, some one would have send a mail.
Have you an old blogger account or new ?

How I can go close to the lionesses ????
Don't you know that I am cannibal african. They will know from our smell.

Jac said...

I envy myself !!

Thanks, matt !

Kai C. said...


Keshi said...



Anonymous said...

and being on vocation means no posting?
i will miss it so much if so.

jac, be safe wherever you are

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Don't you hate it when your job gets in your way? Blogspot is blocked at my work, so I can't see anything during the day. :(

Jac said...

kai c
I liked the song, I was able to play in yours.

Jac said...


As if you will go near !!! Thanks.

Jac said...

Unfortunately yes I won't be posting during my vacation. But there are many other people who write far substantive than me in the blogs.

You can make it up until I am back and you can keep people absorbed by writing in your blog with that musings of yours…in a style of you own.

I am looking forward to reading it even during my vacation probably with out commenting as I will read it in a mobile phone.

Thank you so much for the compliment.

Jac said...

Yes, I don't hate my job when it is in my way because I like to teach and also I need to eat.

Some day when I become famous like you, I will think of throwing the job out

Thanks andrew !