Thursday, April 05, 2007

Too Hot !!

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Relaxing at chest deep coolant in a hot summer.
This is also from Malayasia.


mystic rose said...

cute! reminds me of baloo in jungle book..:)

Jac said...

Exactly !

When I took the pic, I had a feeling that this will look something like a childrens jungle book.

Thanks, mystic.

Anonymous said...

a good way to calm down the temper?;)

Jac said...

Does he look tempermental ??

For me looks a saint !!!

Seema said...

So much of peace in the serene waters...
Being bathed in peaceful waters it is !

sophie said...

ohhhh ...i m scared!!
and i m breathing...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jac
This is so cool...wish I was a bhaloo too.
Delhi is really getting hot ( hot=as in weather :) )

Walker said...

Looks like the life.
Chest deep in cool water being photograph3ed buy people walking by.
Maybe a human will fall in and they can play Marco polo LOL

Have a nice day Bud

kat said...

I think it is Baloo too. I feel a song coming on.

Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
Old Mother Nature's recipes
That brings the bare necessities of life

Janice Thomson said...

Delightful Jac!...and come July I will be right there with him - at a respectable distance of course :D

mathew said... close.. ;-P

Jac said...


Immobile !
Watch the waves, no movement.

Didn't even cared to look at me when I sat down for the shot.

mathew said...

easter greetings to you..Jac!! :-)

Jac said...


You are breathing!... then I am scared now.LOL


Jac said...

Did you face the problem of login again or did you forget the password ?? LOL

You can be baloo if you visit me once with Dove. I have the blue lagoon cleaned recently.

Thanks for the visit.

Jac said...


The other day I saw a baby croc crossing the road if front of my pick up...very slowly like a mejestic king.
I was immobilised in the car with the hairs at the nape rising like daggers.

The fella ignored me and my vehicle.LOL

Thank God he didn't ask me for a lift, I would have fainted pronto.

Happy Easter, Walker !

Jac said...


That was an apt song, never had the impression that you remember songs...I know that you don't digest poetry. LOL

...and thanks for sharing those lines.

Jac said...


Thank you.

You are planning a trip ? Make sure that it is not the rainy season there.

Jac said...

...or I can't get you an eyefull.


Jac said...

Came back to return the Easter wish. I did n't see the second comment.

A very happy Easter to you, matt.

Kai C. said...

very nice

Jac said...

kai c

Hi Princess kai !!

Thanks for the visit.

Princess Haiku said...

This bear knows how to chill out. :)

Jac said...


It sure knows !!!

Dotm said...

Now, thats what I call cooling off and the bear looks so peaceful like nothing was on it`s mind and it didn`t have a care in the world.

Jac said...

That is what it did, never even glanced at me when I went so close.