Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Love or lust ?

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It was my first day in my uncle's home.
I was sitting in the varenda sipping a tea. Crosslegged and sleepy, I looked at his funny behaviour.
I was watching him for some time. He was having a very hard time there, trying to woo too many, but in vein.

Then I saw her, coming from far in a hurry towards him.
She was beautiful and well fed. She looked at him with out a care and jumped up to the parapet.

Unlike others, she looked timid facing him with out batting an eyelid.
He stood still as if he lost his gender.

I thought that some thing is going to happen as both of them faced each other readying for a fight from the look of the situation.

It appeared that the fella was shot and defeated, with his own gun.

I lost all my interest in him as he was about to turn around like a shy girl.

I looked around to see if any one was watching me...I am being a peeping tom ???
Thats all the story !

You all are annoyed and want to ask me what kind of post.

You have a lewd grin on your face now. For what ??
You thought there is going to be some sexy scenes here ?

No way !
I am a very decent man.
You wana know what happened then ??? hahahahaha

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Seema said...

Jac that's a lovely turn to yr posts...grins n smiles n laughter...keep going !!!

He stood still as if he lost his gender - iam imagining this look as to how it could be !!!

U mean they just crossed paths...a clandestine affair...or may be they realized u were peeking in!

Srijith Unni said...

Hi Jac..

It`s been such a long long time.. Sorry about that.. read all the posts.. all the pictures and stories.. I`m amazed.. how you`ve travelled and learnt..

Have been a bit busy for a while.. :)

Keep Blogging..!

With Best Regards,

alex said...


Kalla kappiri decent. hmmmm. ;)

PS: Come online less in comparison with before.

Jac said...

You are always cheering me up so I should do justice to you.

Just close you eyes and you will see the scene, like a balloon loosing the air suddenly.

I leave it to your imagination now.

Jac said...

First, my thanks for the compliment.

Been to your blog twice and couldn't see any new posts.
It meant only that you were really busy.

I have yet 2 more days left for my vacation...a break you can say.

Thanks unni for reading my posts.

Neers said...

kewl!!! :) ooo.. the romance!

Jac said...

You know it now ?

PS. Oh ! Did you check ?

Rose said...

Mayb it was lust at first sight.. ;D ;)))))))))

And abt you being a decent guy.. Ahem!!!! Ahem!!!! YIKESSS!!!!! I think im having a sudden pain in the chest!!!! Ugghhhhhh!!!! Im having a heart attack!!!

~a final cry of pain and I drop dead~ ;)))))))))))

Ooo pinne..... Entha poothi.. Valiya punnialan ananna vicharam?????



Janice Thomson said...

Once again Jac you manage to keep us in stitches! Shall miss you when you're gone but look forward to your great posts when you return.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey
That was one "Decent" story....
Right behind the curtain of green leaves...
Lovely pics...
Yes Jac now I know...the problem is not at your end...it's at my end...

Chaotic Serenity said...

LOL Great story Jac, so well written!
"He stood still as if he lost his gender." I loved that line!

Jac said...


Ya, very very kewl indeed.

Jac said...



Before you said that, I knew very well that I am a kalla punialan.

Today, a few hours before, I asked this to my self...am I really a kalla punialan ?

Jac said...



Jac said...


Thanks !

Jac said...



Kai C. said...


magiceye said...

cock a doodle do...
any hen will do..???!!!!

Keshi said...

some tasty chicken lust there :)


Jac said...

kai c

Jac said...



Jac said...


Rose said...

And what was the answer that u got???


alex said...


I did check. LOL. Curious. ;)

Jac said...


Jac said...



Dotm said...

Brought back many memories. When I was young my parents had chickens after my oldest brother brought home white hens and later the younger brother brought home a red rooster like that one, an Aunt next door raised them and one Easter my Husband came home with 4 baby chicks for the kids (well one chick turneed out to be a rooster). I had written a bit about the Easter chicks and mean rooster in my blog.