Monday, April 02, 2007


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Some days I am a fierce cracking flame
other days, I know, I am just jac, a mere name

true, I stumble often, seldom finding my way
I realise the plain fact, I am lost far away

all the while I did was to preach
while it is me, that I should teach

I wish, He stops this vicious games with any
to me, it denies peaceful nights too many

when I shut off thoughts like fins too teeny
they seek me out, know not if reasons any


Mindinside said...

WOW .. how awsome the flwers are

Isnt life a combination of sweet and bitter moments?

Jac said...

They are grown in clay pots, you may notice.

The essence of life is feeling the sweetness in the bitter moments.
Thanks for the feed back.

Rose said...

I dont know why your poems make me feel so sad..



Janice Thomson said...

Africa has so many uniquely beautiful flowers and plants Jac...I am enjoying your photos tremendously.

I love the honesty of your words and the deep sincerity with which you write them.

Jac said...


Thanks for the sincere feed back you gave me, about the poem.

I am thinking what to do about it. I have some options.
I will let you know.

Thanks again.

Jac said...


Thanks for the feed back.

I don’t think that a writer would justify him, if he is not honest when he is writing about himself.

Thanks again for being fair.

magiceye said...

this eventful journey that is life!

Jac said...

Indeed it is !

Lyrically speaking said...

the vibrancy of such delicate flowers really is impressive and the poem is beautiful

Jac said...


Thanks for the two comments in my archived blog.

When wild flowers are domesticated, it is more exquisite.

The poem was about yesterday, thanks.

moodsandcolors said...

Hi Jac
We think therefore we are. As long as we are alive we will be searching...though at times wondering what are we in search of...
These lovely see...might give us a be be in peace with ourselves.
And are definitely more than just a name...let's have some more of these beautiful pics. So long...till tomorrow.

Jac said...


With that remark on the comment, you made my day.

The search continues, come the storm, come the cyclone.

I will bring more of those flowers specially for you, for being my guest everyday.


shimmer said...

nicely written poetry...that goes with a very t-w-e-e-t bryan adams song! hehehe...umm...i didn't know jac is a little hopeless romantic? that a begonia flower? ;))

Jay said...

Great combination, very thoughtful and thought-provoking.

Mindinside said...

So you think He is being vicious?

Then Who saved you from the perilous deaths and dangers many times in your life?

Jac said...


I dont believe in hopes anymore, but romantic...yes I am.

It is not Begonia.
It seems to have a desert orgi, as it stays bloomed for long time.

Thanks for the visit.

Jac said...


I just blurted out what I felt at that time.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Jac said...

I haven't lost my faith in Him.

I read that He test his favourite ones… may be He is testing me… may be I am one of His favourites.

Mindinside said...

yeah thats true:)

BTW, the song .. let it play for a few more days please

Jac said...



I was going to apologise for continuing the song for a few days as I have to sort out a problem with my music uploader.

You will have it there for a couple of days.