Friday, April 06, 2007

Lone fisherman

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This year, the summer seems to be very severe here.

The brackish streams that were a joy to the cattle, birds and fish has suddenly starting to dry up.

There is really no spring here. At the time of the spring in other places, it is severe rain here.

I know that the rains are not far away from the hurry-burry of the birds. They forsee the rain and make preperations to be safe in rain.

I see the cloudes geting darker in the evenings day by day, hence the heat in the day time become a torture.

When all who relished on the streams are unhappy...

the cat fish who thrive in the water is ready to die or prepare to go hybernating deep in the mud ...

the fishermen who used to relish on them is starting to drift away...

the shepherds and the cattle moving farther because they dont have enough green grass and water...

...this lone grey stork stand still in this water happily, as he is able to scan the shallow water and catch his small fishes with out anyone disturbing it.

I don’t know much about poetry, so for the same reason I don’t know much about tanka or haiga which I know as poetic forms.
I know that they are poetic words expressed in crisp, short and in an orderly form. The websites for this form of poetry has all that one would want to know about it.

I visit some of the blogs daily with tanka and haiga, some of them are immensely popular and one of them particularly has influenced me so much.

This picture is inspired by a pic I saw in pursuance of truth.
Janice is fine writer and her daily posts make me ponder a second. I suggest that you take a look at her blog.


Princess Haiku said...

I just found the comment you left on my space about a blue passion flower and wanted to thank you. The stork post is interesting and I am worried too about the drought. I saw a blue heron at the Berkeley Marina that was amazing. The bird stayed for a season and then vanished into end of summer fog.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I didn't know that you have catfich there. I guess you learn every day. :)

Janice Thomson said...

Aw bring tears to my eyes. When I first saw your post I chuckled and thought hey we are on the same page today...then I read your post. I don't know what to say- except thank you- thank you for your visits and wonderful comments and for your kind words here. I feel honored and humbled you would do this.
I love birds and in particular those of the bittern group which include herons, egrets, cranes and storks.
The photograph is awesome. It seems Mother Nature is on a payback scheme right now as the weather has drastically changed everywhere...perhaps one day man will learn to give her the utmost respect.

Jac said...

princess haiku
welcome to the window to my soul.

I was surfing the blogosphere and found that passion flower and liked the blue colour of it. I have to say that you are a fine artist.

Sad to note that nature itself is being raped by us.

Jac said...


Oh yes, they have very large Cat fish here

Jac said...



pink ginger 珂琳 said...

very nice Jac, the picture, the music and your post.

enjoy your summer, Jac.

Jac said...


...and thanks.
Another seven days and I will have to leave them all for a month, hoping for the best for them during my absence.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jac
This is a lovely pic.
Thanks for the rare pic you sent me. Dove was elated to see the ostriches. For us its a bird found only in the zoo.
Still not able to comment with my blogger ID...Anjali

Jac said...


I am sorry about the weird behavior of the blogger.
Can't you give consent to change it to the new blogger that should solve your misery. Let me know if I can help.

Dotm said...

I heard parts of Australia is also having a water shortage while we got another 3 inches of snow a couple days ago and now waiting for it to warm up enough to melt it away.
it terrible how some regions have way to much water and others have such a scarcity of it.
Sorry it took me so long to catch up with all your recent posts. I do enjoy reading them.

Mindinside said...

You write very well and have a great taste for music and... shall i say more?

Jac said...

So much truth in what you wrote.
I was in Soudia Arabia for some time long ago.
The fuel for my car was cheaper than the mineral water. At that time I used to fill up the tank with just 13 Soudi Riyals whereas two litres of mineral water was selling at 2 Riyals.

Jac said...


Do I write well ??

That is all I wanted to know.
Thank you so much.