Wednesday, April 11, 2007


It is silent here today.

Silence itself has a language.

The language itself is silent !

So we can't hear it...nor can we see it.

The damn music is disturbing me today. So I am putting it is my A/C, my scanner and printer.

Now it is pin drop silence. No whirrrrrrrrring to break the silence.

This is not what I wanted to write and this not what I wanted to post.

Today I don't feel myself in the best of my spirits.

Actually from yesterday, I think I was uneasy.

Well, it is said the the climatic changes can influence the mood of humans and animals.

This is to say that it is raining.
The first rain of the reason.
I have the smell of raw earth around here. I don't feel like taking a pic or I would have shown it to you.

Well, I should not be wasting your time.

I am so sorry that I cant write anything else today. I apologise.

Seeya tomorrow, if my moods doesn't play games with me.

Words been playing a trick on my soul
from deeds of mine foolish as a whole

my mind playing a game of roulette wheel
my soul in a crazy rollercoaster, I feel


shimmer said...

you don't need to post today...we all can wait a day or 2? take care

Seema said...

Jac...hopefully its just the rains...silence speaking to the soul n am sure the rains will wash away the gloom and ring in fresh blossoms n greens !!!

Take care...

Let music ring in once again...let there be smiles and cheer all around...

Janice Thomson said...

Take care Jack

MoodsAndColors said...

Hey Jac
The invasion of the blues! All too familiar...but it shall pass. Take care.

Jac said...

I have already posted it and that doesn't feel good to remove it. I am sure you will understand that.

But now, when I write this reply I feel better.

I have a new post. Read it.

Thanks so much for the concern.

Jac said...

Thanks for cheering me up.

I have apost and music is back.

Thanks so much seema .

Jac said...


Thanks so much.

Jac said...


Thanks so much, I am ok.

Dotm said...

Jac, your mood sounds like how I felt yesterday (Wednesday). I felt so uneasy for no real reason. The day went like all others, exceopt we were expecting more snow. It did snow overnight and this morning. Seems to have stopped for now at least. So, I figured the dampness in the air must have caused the empty weird feeling.
Today things seem more back to normal even with that snow waiting to be shoveled again. Guess we should feel lucky that these moods don`t last forever. :):)

alex said...



starry nights said...

Hi Jac, sometimes silence is good.It helps you think and reflect upon.I love the smell of the earth after it rains.My sister is doing better.thank you for your prayers.

mathew said...

i say nothing beats the sound of rain back home..and smell that emanates from the dry earth..just absolutely love it..

mystic rose said...

glad you posted that cos i can identify with those feelings.

ive come to treasure those moments as well.. life is full of colors, hills nad valleys..

sophie said...

whrz u?....blogs blocked in office here....