Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rage !!

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I saw them sitting together cooing each other for almost 30 minutes through my bedroom window. I wanted to have a pic taken before it was dark so opened the door with out a sound and stepped out in the balcony.
They were very cool and calm until I felt the click of my camera. I don't know what made the female to fly off suddenly.
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In a second, the male bird became so furious; it jumped down to the lower branch to show me how serious he is.
Look at the threat in his eyes.
How can I tell him that I am a harmless creature myself ?
I know when to be a coward!
I stepped in and closed the door

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Jac said...


Kai C. said...
those pics are cool

17 March, 2007 12:14

Dotm said...
Boy, they sure blend in with their surroundings. I often have the same effect when I go out to fill all the bird feeders. As soon as the back door opens, the birds all scatter, but I noticed they don`t go far- just to the Lilac bushes or the tree that is near the back porch. As soon as I finish filling the feeders on the porch and come inside, the birds are back eating at the feeders. I can hear them singing all the tiome I am filling. Wouldn`t it be nice to know what they are saying to each other while they are the ones doing the watching? I still enjoy whistling back to them and love hearing them keep responding to me.

17 March, 2007 13:55

Janice Thomson said...
What kind of birds are these Jac?
The male certainly does look upset...perhaps he was in the middle of wooing and the camera distracted him. Also that is a gorgeous vine in the upper left...last question LOL: what is the tree the birds are sitting its branches.

17 March, 2007 15:59

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17 March, 2007 20:06

Mindinside said...
The care he shows for the mate altogether with the beauty captured in the camera ..I am spellbound

17 March, 2007 20:08

J. Andrew Lockhart said...
I'm sure he had "other plans" and you ruined them. :)

17 March, 2007 22:40

Jac said...
kai c
Nice to see you again.
Thank you.

18 March, 2007 02:21

Jac said...
I know that you are not moving around blogs nowadays, so thank you very much for the grace in coming here.

That was what I did for the whole 30 mts from my bedroom windows, watching them whistling, singing and shreiking !!!
Normally they don't care when I watch them from the balcony too.

Seems my action was unltimely. LOL

18 March, 2007 02:27

Rose said...


18 March, 2007 03:38

Jac said...
Those birds are Jungle Babblers that makes a lot of noise when in pairs. The males are excellent seducers. LOL
It seems that I have disturbed that fella beyond his patience.

As my knowledge on botany is limited, though not sure , to me the flowering wine is a creeper, in the group of black eyed Susan... given the chance, it will climb in any tree with lot of branches and it blooms well.

To your last question, the birds are sitting on the branches of my guava tree, to which now is a fruiting season. The wood or stem is very smooth and the wood very strong. In the bottom pic, you can also see the leaves from my lone papaya adjacent to it.

18 March, 2007 05:15

Jac said...

Ha! he is a male and that is his job, to take care.LOL

Thanks for the compliment on the pic.

18 March, 2007 05:17

Jac said...

Indeed I spoiled his intentions whatever, but it was not intentional.

18 March, 2007 05:19

Jac said...
may be, but the best...


I have a right to take pics of anything inside my compound... in return I allow them free access on the trees.

18 March, 2007 05:24

alex said...

But sometimes, we intrude into the privacy of such birds with nothing but 'love' for them. :)

Debatable though.

I still ponder on the biological issue for attraction. :)

18 March, 2007 07:27

Jac said...
Or you won't be seeing that pics. Yes I love them.

I am not debating it !

You will learn the biology later in life :))

18 March, 2007 09:08

Anali said...
I'm sure he was upset! He was trying to get his game on! : )

18 March, 2007 09:17

Rose said...
WOW!!! You ANGEL!!!!

:P :P :P


18 March, 2007 09:46

Jac said...

Well, I didn't tell him to to discontinue with his game.

May be, she wanted just an excuse to escape from him... possibilities!!!

18 March, 2007 10:25

alex said...

I know. I have no debates too. :)

Yeah. Hoping to learn.

18 March, 2007 10:31

Jac said...

When I sleep...

...and if I sleep

18 March, 2007 11:31

Jac said...

18 March, 2007 11:34

Margie said...
What gorgeous pictures Jac!
I am enjoying the birds in my backyard today...
Hope all is well with you!
I've been very busy with our newest family member....puppy Jake!

18 March, 2007 12:00

Jac said...
Welcome back to the soul again. I know about jake and the poem you wrote.

Been reading about jake


18 March, 2007 13:19

breathless said...
weeeeee c-o-o-l music "jt" in the house! =D>;))

18 March, 2007 17:11

Keshi said...
awww :) well RAGE is what i experienced on Fri hehe.

btw ur a good photographer Jac!


18 March, 2007 18:22

Jac said...
You once commented that I am not playing peppy music.

Do you like it ?
I too think that it rocks !!!


18 March, 2007 19:04

Jac said...

Rage on friday there ?? :)) Perhaps the mood of the season ?

The compliment from you about my pictures, flatter me.

Thanks, keshigirl !

18 March, 2007 19:07

Mystic Rose said...
jac!! that is just soo cute!!!

u prob disturbed them when he was courting the female bird, hope he found her again! :))

20 March, 2007 06:28

Jac said...
Ofcourse, they were there the next day unconcerned of the previous day.

20 March, 2007 11:24