Monday, March 19, 2007

Plight of Africa

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A victim of the sad war.
An orphan in hand, another lost the year before.


alex said...


What is the thing hanging from the child's neck?

Jac said...

Hahaha !!
You noticed it ?
It is pure superstition.

alex said...


Both their eyes fall on the lens.

I do not know if i am right. But a lot of misery is seen on the face of the mother which the child is thinking innocently.

Thinking innocently is another thing i enjoy doing. Being the child of the universe. :)

Anali said...

They are beautiful!

Jac said...

I am wicked ! :))
So I can't think innocently.

Jac said...

Indeed !!

alex said...



Innocent wickedness! ;)

Jac said...

Sort of...

Jac said...


. Andrew Lockhart said...
It's amazing, what man will do to another man. Sad --- not much else I can say....
19 March, 2007 20:22

Jac said...
It amazes me too, knowing that all mankind is supposed to be from one father and mother and the fact that tribes, religions, languages and culture came after that… yet humanity is lost day by day.
19 March, 2007 20:53

Seema said...
I have no words for these...gets tears to me when innocent lives have to bear the brunt for nothing at all!
19 March, 2007 22:09

Rose said...
Why?.. Why?.. WHYYYY????????
19 March, 2007 23:06

Jac said...
Tears can't help them. What can she do with tears ?

In a male dominated world, no body offer an ear to listen to this poor soul. She goes asking for food and work from house to house.

To her in-laws, she turnes out to be be a parasite.
19 March, 2007 23:53

Jac said...
I have to ask who ??

The story of the steps of a poor ladder.
The first step in the ladder can ask the step below it , the second can ask the third and it passes on until the last step in the bottom of the ladder.

I am the last step and I can't find a step below me to ask your question.
Thanks for the concern and awareness.
20 March, 2007 00:03

Seema said...
Well i was talking about the sad state of affairs getting tears to sure my tears cant help em a bit or for that matter neone doubts abt it!!

I do my bit as best as possible at this end...associated with a organization called ASEEMA that caters to educating street children!
20 March, 2007 00:24

Jac said...
By being part of ASEEMA you have more than done your part.

I feel that my comment might have offended you. The reply was not meant as a sarcastic remark. Do I owe you an apology ?

20 March, 2007 00:55

Neers said...
*sad* very sad
20 March, 2007 04:01

Kai C. said...
those sad eyes are breaking my heart.
20 March, 2007 06:03

Mystic Rose said...
whats happening in africa today is heart breakingly sad..and that the rest of the world is not able to help enough.
20 March, 2007 06:33

gautami tripathy said...
These photographs speak out. It is sad world indeed. Survival becomes the sole purpose of life.

My how/why/who never gets answered.

I work for abused children. Those girls some of whom who are raped by their relatives including their on fathers. No words to describe how I really feel....
20 March, 2007 06:45

Jac said...
'Sad' is the least vocabulary that can be used.

Thanks for the solidarity.
20 March, 2007 07:07

Jac said...
kai c
Mine too !
20 March, 2007 07:08

Janice Thomson said...
Such deep and haunting sorrow in the eyes...and in a child thoughts and prayers have always been focussed on freedom for the African people.
20 March, 2007 07:10

Chaotic Serenity said...
I've attempted to write a comment five times now and each time my comment just didn't seem to relay what I was really feeling. I just can't put it into words. It's so sad and she must be an incrediably strong woman to go through what she has.
20 March, 2007 07:55

Jac said...
I don't think that it is solely the fault of the outside word. We Africans are also equally guilty.
Some of us still believe that we are slaves and some others find it easier to squeeze the poor and the exchequer, to enlarge their vaults. There is enough for all in Africa in terms of resources but what is the use if some prefer to keep all the wealth it with them.
Corruption is threatening the daily lives too. The losers are the woman who are dangled from one end to the other

A Nigerian cook who was with me for some time back, tried to call me a master. I had to give him a piece of my mind to let him know that he is a master himself and not a slave.
20 March, 2007 08:17

starry nights said...
Just sad Jac.Nobody realizes what the war does on innocent civilians like this.
20 March, 2007 08:18

Sreejith Kumar said...
It is a window to all souls..... Keep up the good work Jac!
20 March, 2007 09:36

mathew said...
really really is intelligent..but mad most of the time..
20 March, 2007 09:52

Jac said...
Welcome to the window to my soul.

I appreciate very much about the good work you carry out among the abused children. My heart is always with those who are downtrodden and it had put me in many-a-difficult situations among my own peoples.
There are so many questions to be answered and none are willing to do that.
There are people like you and Seema and many more that I don’t know of, who does tremendous voluntary works with out any personnel gains.
For me, I keep on bringing issues to the attention of the public to make awareness and do what ever from the other side of the globe.
Keep on doing your best, Goutami !
20 March, 2007 10:44

Jac said...
I appteciate... I really appreciate and I can see a tender and kind soul there.
20 March, 2007 10:46

Jac said...
You don't have to write a single word to let us know your feelings as I can guess and feel the aching of your heart.

She is not the only one that goes thrugh these hardships as I have brought out pics and issues before, if you were following by blogs.

As for that woman, she is now in safe hands and they are being taken care of.
20 March, 2007 10:54

Jac said...
You have said the exact point that I wanted to mention. Nobody cares about these poor creatures who haven't seen a gun nor smelt gun powder.
This world is for people who take guns and they are the warriors who are remembered.
20 March, 2007 11:01

Jac said...
That was one of the richest compliments I ever had.

20 March, 2007 11:17

Jac said...
You have to add...knowingly. Being mad knowingly is a crime.
20 March, 2007 11:19

gautami tripathy said...
Jac, this picture of your yours inspired a poem in me. If I do complete it, can I use this picture on my blog? I will give you due credit.

You CAN refuse.
20 March, 2007 11:38

Jac said...
By all means, if it is for the cause. Yes, with or without credits.
20 March, 2007 12:01

Mindinside said...
this is the outcome of politic decided around the tables, how crule and how merciless....

"eyes have they, but they see not. They have ears, but they hear not."
20 March, 2007 18:52

Jac said...

Cruel and barbaric I may add !!

"eyes have they, but they see not. They have ears, but they hear not."

This quote is absolutely apt and timely. Thanks.
20 March, 2007 19:16

Seema said...
Jac - No offences at all...Absolutely calls for apologies either :)
20 March, 2007 21:51

Jac said...

Thank you dear.
20 March, 2007 22:53

Dotm said...
Terrible how some have more than they will ever need while others are seen going thru garbage for any scrap to eat. Some places have bad floods while others have a great scarcity for any water to drink or cook with. You can find people living on the streets, sleeping wherever they can, even glad to find an empty box large enough to crawl into from the storms. They exist in every country, but so much worse in some. Children so skinny you can see their ribs sticking out, others so sick and a lack of meds for them. All this brings out much saddness in those who do care, while most of the rich just think about how they can get richer. All so sad to see, even if just in picture.
21 March, 2007 15:42