Saturday, March 24, 2007

Paradise not lost.

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This is Vypeen, in Kochi from Kerala, India.

You could sit out in the balcony and watch this beautiful scenery like I did on my vacation, while fishing trawlers move hither-wither, the sea gulls roaming above keeping their eyes zeroed on the fishnets down below the deck of the fishing boats.

The salty wind blowing on the chinese fishing nets making it flutter like skirts of girls in the wind...the occasional speedboats of the tourists with European women in colourful skirts sitting on the deckchairs of the boats.
The coconut palms swaying in the breeze making a whistling sound like the sound of the ancient wind wheels.
Away, in the front, I could see Panambukadu as they call it locally, a virtual island now with only coconut palms.
Once it was thickly populated only with Bamboo, hence the name Panambukadu. Panambu is Bamboo in the local tongue.

I had an eyeful...and another...and another...


magiceye said...

gods's own country!!!!

Jac said...


Exactly !!!!

Mindinside said...

Dreamlike view..
could I spend there one day
to sew the eyes over the bay

no one bothering
disconnect the damn phone ring.

gautami tripathy said...

I am yet to visit Kerala...Beautiful place..

Jac said...

To spend a day...
To spend a single day, you want the phone disconnected ?

You are always welcome when I am there.

Jac said...

Make a plan to visit Kerala, you will not regret it.

Kerla is not very far from Delhi.

Kai C. said...

thats cool.

Jac said...

kai c

Indeed !

kat said...

Beautiful! Wish I was there.

Jac said...

What prevents you ???

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Oh, I wish I was there! Beautiful!!

Jac said...

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Janice Thomson said...

So beautiful Jac! make it so enticing...I have a friend in Mumbai and I hope someday soon to visit her to see some of the wonders of India.

Jac said...

Thanks for the compliments.

I have been all around India on and off several times.

I feel that if you go there, your vision won't be complete with out visiting Kerala...the "Gods own country" as they call it.
The BBC too said that recently and I saw it too.

Kai C. said...

hi jac,

i hope u are well!

Jac said...

kai c
hi princes

Have a nice week end !

Anali said...

Beautiful! Now that is a vacation!

Jac said...

Indeed it was !!

Dotm said...

Reminds me of the Hammocks we used to hang from trees to lay in, but I wouldn`t feel safe laying so high over the water. What are they actually called- the net effects or what are they made of. Looks like bamboo tied to support it. Just trying to understand more about Kerala customs..
Interesting place to learn about.
Nice view to look at.

Jac said...

Those are called the Chinese fishing nets. They are actually broad but compact fishing nets suspended from bamboo poles projected towards water.

Specially prepared food is spread on the nets to attract and lure the fish to the net when it is underwater. The net is pushed down in the water easily by the suspended counter weights.

Unaware of the net, the fishes come inside the net attrcted by the bait. While they relish on the food, the net is pulled easily up above the water by a single person.

The costal area is rich with fish so it is a very attractive, cost effective fishing method.

In the night they use ancient hurricane lamps for light, to lure the fish to the net.

Seema said...

That land..that soil..that breeze...a blissful feeling to be there...always a welcome, even if it is the just the thought of being is lovely to know that we belong to that Paradise !

Jac said...

So you have to thank me, as I had made you think about your place and ruminate the sweetness.

...and it is beautiful !!!

Dotm said...

Thanks Jac. I thought it had to do with catching fish, but wasn`t sure how it was dropped into and out of the water to catch the fish. Very clear to me now. Quite a clever idea. Thanks again.

Jac said...

My pleasure !!!

alex said...


Nammude nadu is beautiful.

Jac said...

But I am a kappiri ! my Grandma used to call me..."eee kappiri chekkan" long long ago.


alex said...


Jac said...