Tuesday, March 11, 2008


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times recent, there are these voices, I hear
could well be in my sleep, I fear
they are here and they sound so familiar
I know it is from far, yet I hear it so clear

reminds me, telling me about reality
takes me back years a few, to infinity
sound of music and sweet melodious intimacy
then the crash to the pit, to that negative ecstasy

clear sky, flowers, birds singing, I hear again
sunshine and smiles, a dream I thought, I regain

it is a common beach crab that I now see in my mind
its golden legs moving up and down, moving it around
so amazing they move; for every step they take forward
swift they are, but they move three steps backward


As my next vacation is due, I won't be blogging or replying to comments for some time. I thank you once again, for the kindhearted welcome extended to me after my long absence.

Current music:- "Steering me round and round" by Kitara.
Though the song is English, the background and the music culture is mostly Indian. I like it very much.


Anonymous said...

Nice music...

And wow' I just got here and you're leaving already?

Take care ok..


VIDYA said...

ohh the crab look diff!

alex said...



One animal i admired and loved for some reason is the Hermit Crab.

Have fun. Enjoy vacations and blog about it (not the whole thing) after you are back!

I did miss you.

Anali said...

Have a great vacation Jac! Nice song too, especially the music.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I ;ove the music -- come back soon!

Anonymous said...

Love this...hope you enjoy your vacation.

Walker said...

Jac, your life is a vacation buddy.
Just leave us some crumbs once in awhile to know you are out there

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the music. :)

I promise to send you well wishes for a wonderful vacation (and hope that you bring us back lots of pictures) instead of being bitter that YOU always seem to get so many nice vacations while some of us hardly get one a year. (sob) Just kidding. :) Well, about the bitter part, not about hoping for lots of pictures! :) Be well, Jac.

Anonymous said...

well, hello and good bye again..:)
enjoy your vacation.
i love the song, btw

Nea said...

Ah, I just found your blog again, (because of your visit to me), and now you are off on vacation. Well when you get back, I will still be here, (I hope),. haha. I haven't been very active lately with blogging, but I won't ever close mine again, because you completely lose it, found that out. haha I guess I thought you could always reclaim it....not so.

Where are you off to this vacation?

I will come back and read the posts that I have missed, but I have to eat right now....tummy is complaining.

I love your music...

Gaz said...

Jac,i'm looking forward to being your age so i can have as many vacations(holidays in England)have a good time anyway you deserve it.....(its blowing a gale here,were getting the arse end of a hurricane)

Janice Thomson said...

Aha! So you did post one more LOL.
Love Kitara's music Jac - and your poem.
Look forward to your return...

Queenie said...

Or even sideways!!!
Thank you for your visit, and your compliments have been passed on to my mother. Enjoy your vacation, look forward to hearing from you on your return. BTW, superb music.

Kai C. said...

you'll be missed!

magiceye said...

enjoy! and dont be crabby!!

Dotm said...

Jac, Have a wonderful vacation.
Sorry to see you leaving so soon again and will be looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you are back from the vacation. Have fun and I hope you meet some very nice people while you are gone. We can never have too many nice friends.

Geets said...

Off again? Have a great vacation
Do you know the story of the Kerala crabs?

samrina said...

I loved this song...

Beautiful poetry..

Thanks for sharing Jac:)

Take care

zzz-writer said...

okay now i can not stop myself this time from saying "again"? wow!! have fun but don't just vanish, does blogging stress you? anyways, i guess every one feels happy to have you back whenever you do.
good luck jac
take care

Seema said...

The music is lovely:) hope you have a fabulous vacation !

Neers said...

you vacationing pundit, you! :)

have fun! and yess kitara is good!

LADY LUXIE said...


I hope everything is well with you.

I went back here to read your poems again...they are just so lovely. This most recent one speaks so much of me.

Wherever you are I hope you are still writing these poems in your mind...and someday..share it once again with us.

All my love,

Luxie doo'

Nea said...

Just checking in to see how your vacation is going.....thinking of you. Have a great time, see you when you return......

Keshi said...

hows u Jac?


kat said...

Enjoy your vacation! Take some photographs.

Dotm said...

Just stopped by to see how your vacation is going. Have a fun time.

CapCity said...

Welcome back AND Bon Voyage:-). I've been busy me-self so i understand (slightly) the indiff to blogging:-).

Dotm said...

Just another note to wish you well and a fun vacation.

Anonymous said...

You're back, you're back! :)

Anonymous said...

Just dropped in to say "hi" and dance to the music on your blog. :)

Lyrically speaking said...

I came to your page and instantly felt this calmness, the song is beautiful...thanks for sharing

solo said...

found you on vidya's blog.
and i am happy i bothered to check.

mystic rose said...

*sigh. Gone again!
what an exasperating person you are :)

yes i like the music too. it flows well.

..clear sky, flowers, birds singing, I hear again
sunshine and smiles, a dream I thought

... beautiful!!!

സപ്ന അനു ബി. ജോര്‍ജ്ജ് said...

A footstep so smooth,
the words so candid,yet strong
the mind so full of empathy
came stright up to my heart,
koock knock knock, are we there?
are we still stranagers too?

the long pile of stories of life,
unfolded, into thy lap,with tears,
some horrid,some slymy,yet so true.
solutions came,step to be taken for
koock knock knock, are we there?
are we still stranagers too?

moments of silence with tears
emotions with high voltage
darkness so deep and fathemless
yet with keyboad and word of wisper
you broght a ray of hope and light
life has habbits of sprouting,
if given the right kind of light,
the right kind of manure,which,
oozed out from words of wisdom.
koock knock knock, are we there?
are we still stranagers too?

Ray of light sprouted,so also life,
from with in me,and my words,
has wings of fire,which pasted
right into paper,poems and news.
the thrill didn't last much
black venoums of fire of saten
swirled around me,eating me up.
koock knock knock, are we there?
are we still stranagers too?

the silence,depicted as 'ignore'
lag and other chitchats of words
argument,words of war and SILENCE.
life went off action,serch,serch
no sound no light no life.
koock knock knock, are we there?
are we still stranagers too?


Jac said...

I am back. It always happens that you enter when I am ready to leave. Thanks for the comment.

Not all crabs look like, na ? Does it scare you ?

So you like it?? I see a friend in you alex.
Missed you too

Thanks Anali

Yes buddy I am

Thank you for the well wishes.
Shhhhh… Don’t let God hear that I am taking so many vacations plz

Thanks for the comment. See you after I return.

You are right about loosing a blog, once you loose it…not so easy to reclaim.
I wanted to go to Nepal but there is election unrest there so I spend it here and there.
I will let you know when I am back.
Thank you nea !

I hope the climate is better now in England buddy.
Thanks for the wishes.

Thanks for the feed back.

Welcome to the window to my soul.
I am looking forward to reading you.

I am here now.

So nice of you to comment buddy.
I won’t.

Thanks dot
I will be reading you soon to know whats going on at the other end of the globe
Thanks dot.

Would u please send me the story to my mail ??

Thanks samrina.

Thank you so much for the feed back and appreciation.


@neers 
I am I am !

I am delighted with your comment. I am just back and will be reading you soon.
I am fine and thank you again for the charming compliment

I am back and thanks for the concern.

Sure I will, but I am not a perfectionist in photography like you dear !!

Welcome back. I fully understand the about you the busy bee. LOL
Thanks cap

Welcome again aurora. I didn’t know that you dance so well. LOL

Thanks you too for coming.

Welcome to my window. I will sure come to read you in a couple of days.
Thanks and come again.

Many many thanks for the compliments.

Silence is wisdom when all become null
Silence is language that speak truth in full
Don’t knock a door when it is open in full.

Rose said...

"sweet melodious intimacy.....
then the crash to the pit....."