Tuesday, March 20, 2007


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I won't daresay a word again, dear
as Cactus just don't grow in watery ground

whatever I do, my caresses too, I fear
a pity, it turns out as swords in a second

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Jac said...


sophie said...
wow....i love it

20 March, 2007 21:16

Janice Thomson said...
What a beautiful beautiful photo Jac!
And so appropriate with your words...love the metaphor!

20 March, 2007 21:19

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

20 March, 2007 21:27

Seema said...
That's an amazing capture on lens !!!
BEautiful colour ! Brilliant one !

cant still give up on the caresses even though one fears pity...you still wanna go on rite?? Turning out into swords can neither put a stop !

Your words are awesome...

20 March, 2007 21:59

Rose said...
How incredible the power of valour
That in the battle field of a lonely arid desert
Could strive a Cactus adorning its prickly cover

But how astounding the power of the heart
That from the malignant thorns of pain
Could blossom a Rose as beautiful as art


20 March, 2007 23:34

Jac said...

21 March, 2007 01:25

Jac said...
That is too much a compliment.
I Was wondering if the metaphor is apt.

21 March, 2007 01:28

Jac said...


21 March, 2007 01:30

Jac said...
I use a cheap camera that many of you use daily, with out an additional lens.

Flattered !!

I am a warrior who don't give up.

21 March, 2007 01:39

Jac said...
evocative elucidation !!!
I am beaten.

21 March, 2007 01:48

magiceye said...
fear....powerfully evocative

21 March, 2007 01:58

Jac said...
Fear...is the key.

21 March, 2007 06:46

gautami tripathy said...
It seems you are describing what sometimes words to do to us. They look innocuous but tear at out guts.

Just my feeling...

21 March, 2007 07:06

Jac said...
Isn't word is all about... for expression ?

21 March, 2007 09:04

Kai C. said...

21 March, 2007 11:11

Jac said...
kai c

21 March, 2007 13:14

Nan said...
Jac, you take such great pictures all the time.

21 March, 2007 14:53

Dotm said...
Very pretty colored cactus blooms. Wouldn`t that color look nice sitting along beside my yellow blooms when they are open. I have a few cactus plants, but only one has blossomed with beautiful yellow blooms. Hope it blossoms again this year when summer arrives. I am hoping my christmas cactus will someday also blossom. Not sure how old it has to be before it will start to blossom. One of these days I will look it up on the net to find out.

21 March, 2007 15:51

Jac said...
Thank you so much, nan

21 March, 2007 18:33

Jac said...
If I had two wings, I would be planting it at your door step in the middle of the night so that you have a beautiful surprise in the morning, dot !

21 March, 2007 18:35