Saturday, March 31, 2007


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Would you believe me, if I tell you that this is my favourite flower?

People normally laugh at me when I tell them this.

I had an affinity to this flower from my childhood. In my garden I keep several colours of this beautiful flower.

Botany says that this is not a flower but its leaves.


Out of all the colours, some how I like this twin colour.

Hey! Don’t mock at me please!!!

Friday, March 30, 2007

A dual

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Over wine or woman ?

Oh ! No. They don't drink wine.


Over food or women ?

Thursday, March 29, 2007


The phone rang a number of times and I did not take it.
It was Tuesday and it was reports day. All reports should be sent to head office before the meeting time on Wednesday morning.

Meetings are about people discussing about something they don’t know. Some of them never visited us. But they know everything because my reports in figures and percentages are on their table. They are well prepared to present as if all work is done by them.
I don’t mind it or else I won’t be working here. I get my salary and a laugh too because if there is any doubt in the figures, they come running for my help.

So you see, I allowed the phone to ring for a few minutes and it stopped.
Now I smiled. Somebody got tired of calling me.

The phone started to ring again; I allowed it to ring twice and I took it this time and listened, to get an idea of the caller
I kept silent so that I can hear from the other end.

"Hello", An elderly voice. Suddenly I knew who it is. Abed, the old man from the far away station. I call him the weather man.
I felt a tinge of guilt seeping in me. I knew that he was about to retire in a few months as his extension is about to expire.

"Hi Abed" I replied

"hi teacher, you hiding ? Why cant to pick up the phone, he is the only one who refuse to accept that I am a trainer and calls me a teacher"
He always says that it is all same to him. It is theoritically right too.

I explained to Abed the reason for not taking the phone telling him about the reports and he was not fully convinced.
"Teacher I called you two or three times the previous s day but none picked up the phone."

"I was in field training, Abed "

"I have something to show you teacher "

"OMG ! "I said aloud.

I thought, not now… with all the reports pending!!

"You want to see something or not" he was aggressive now.
"Or have you lost your love for nature so easily in one year" he quipped.

I can’t let this man feel disappointed, I thought myself.

“When” I asked him

"Tomorrow morning" he said smiling broadly

"Time?" I asked

"You want to see something; you come to Abed at seven " I wanted to wring his neck .

"Hey ! I have the meetings and briefings for the trainees" my appeal.

"Oh ! come on teacher, they don’t die if you don’t brief them for one day"

"Ok Abed" I accepted and I put down the phone

I finished my report and told my trainees to be inside the class room for a special briefing. There was wonder in their eyes about the evening briefing.
I explained that I will not be here in the morning for briefing and assigned their training tasks, a day early.

Late in the evening I wondered what Abed wanted to show me. But I had no clue whatever.

In the morning I checked the pickup to make sure that I will not be stranded in the road.

Abed was ready in the door and he gave me directions to go east, we went through the narrow road in the slush area where only the dry grass was visible.
He told me to turn right from the creek and I saw a lone tree among the dry fields like a statue.
I thought first that the tree was covered with snow.
But that was impossible!!
We don’t have snow ever here.

He told me to stop the pickup five hundred metres away from the tree.
We got out and I still thought that the tree was covered in snow.

Now going closer, I found that it was not snow that was on the tree but hundreds and hundreds of birds in white and a few blacks too. The marshy cranes were roosting in the tree. There was no other tree anywhere near by.
I was mesmerised by the sight …a tree fully covered with marshy African cranes.

I motioned to Abed that I wanted to picture the sight.
He stopped me and told that they may fly away, if I pointed the camera.
He asked me to enjoy the sight and we can go with out taking a picture. I agreed and I watched the sight for about half hour.

I was disappointed that I can’t picture it, and it showed in my face while we were about to return to the car. He looked at my face and abruptly said

"Teacher, do you want to take a pic " I know now that I have won.

"Yes" I said with hope

"Ok try to do it slowly with not giving them any alarm. If they are alarmed most of them will fly away but you will find some of them still there" he advised

I opened the camera case and slowly raised the camera and prayed "Holy Mary Mother of God...
I did not finish the prayer but shockingly I heard the flap flap… up them go…
They got scared and flew away…hundreds of black & white cranes, flying in unison.

But I waited and looked through the few finder and saw that quite a number of them were still sitting there refusing to fly away.

And I clicked this picture.

I am sorry my readers. This is all I can share today.

When I turned to Abed with a big grin, I saw that he was grinning from ear to ear with an “I told you in the beginning” face.
Those of my readers who don't recall Abed and for new readers this is Abed here.
He is unique in all he does.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007


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Recently I was stranded in Sultanate of Oman for a day due a flight cancellation.
I was not very happy with Gulf Air for that delay.
They hushed me up by accomodating me in a good hotel in the city itself.

On my way to the airport in the morning for my onward flight, though misty and hazy... I saw this beautful Mosque above and clear, as an architectural beauty surrounded by lush greenery and white flowers.

The Sultan Qaboos Mosque in Muscut, Sultanate of Oman.
Thought it worth sharing with all of you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


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Sleep in me virtually tossing turning,

heap of burden lies, there in my
anguished memoir

a weary wolf decide to become a saint,
if sudden

shelter denied by all, deducing
his true self

Monday, March 26, 2007

Tele Garden !!

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What do you do when you have no more space in your back yard ?

What if, the only vacant place left with out any vegetation is my bald and shiny head.

Take my cue. Plant it inside your television.

See these blooming flowers, coming out to seduce you.

I call this my Tele-Garden !!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Paradise not lost.

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This is Vypeen, in Kochi from Kerala, India.

You could sit out in the balcony and watch this beautiful scenery like I did on my vacation, while fishing trawlers move hither-wither, the sea gulls roaming above keeping their eyes zeroed on the fishnets down below the deck of the fishing boats.

The salty wind blowing on the chinese fishing nets making it flutter like skirts of girls in the wind...the occasional speedboats of the tourists with European women in colourful skirts sitting on the deckchairs of the boats.
The coconut palms swaying in the breeze making a whistling sound like the sound of the ancient wind wheels.
Away, in the front, I could see Panambukadu as they call it locally, a virtual island now with only coconut palms.
Once it was thickly populated only with Bamboo, hence the name Panambukadu. Panambu is Bamboo in the local tongue.

I had an eyeful...and another...and another...

Friday, March 23, 2007

On his knees !!

Image Hosted by When he accpted his fault and knelt down to apologise this way, I had no other alternative.

I excused him.

What would you do if you were in my position ?
Am I being too kind with him ?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Affection !!!

I am going back to my old template with modifications. Though I planned to change my blog totally, I realize that I prefer this template more. Your comments on the previous post is on my other blog here, which I plan to scrap later.
With thanks to shine for the help in setting this up, to my requirements. Apologies to readers for the inconvenience on the comments on previous posts.
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To be in the place of that 7 days old darling, who is nourishing his Mom's love, I would exchange my freedom for life, and accept this cage as my home.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


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I won't daresay a word again, dear
as Cactus just don't grow in watery ground

whatever I do, my caresses too, I fear
a pity, it turns out as swords in a second

Monday, March 19, 2007

Plight of Africa

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A victim of the sad war.
An orphan in hand, another lost the year before.

Sunday, March 18, 2007


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While passing the tent beside the road and the pool, I felt the stench and I saw some waving hands. I knew that a group of fisherman has camped there and the stench is from the fish being drying in the sun.
I had no time to stop to check if they are known to me as I had a mission.

While returning after two hours, I parked the car in the stark sun as there was no shade. A boy came running to welcome me and I held his hand. I took my camera and followed him to the shack.
The stench was now severe.
Fish being hanging everywhere in the wooden makeshift dryers.
There was nobody that I know from before. But their smile was welcome and I went around and gave them the two mineral water bottles.
The woman were also busily cleaning and skinning the fish for drying in the sun but they wished me.
I asked permission for a pic and both the men murmured something in between and one of them came forward with a smile.
“Fi filoos” he asked me, in Arabic a virtual demand for money for taking pictures.
“La “ that was a no and I was stern.
I started to close the camera because the demanded money from a fellow African.
He hesitated and asked me again.
“Abad ?” which means ‘nothing’ ??? Or was it their last resort ?

I closed the camera and turned around with a red face and walked to my car.
I heard their loud request to comeback but I did not turn around to look.
I heard footsteps behind me and then I felt the small hands of the boy holding my cloth and legs practically pleading with his eyes. I stopped and he motioned me to come back for the picture. Now the two men came running and smiling, pleading me to take pics of them.

Their smiles evaporated my anger.
“Fi filoos” it was my turn to ask them with a smile.
“La” the answer came instantly from both with surprise all over them.
“Abad?” I asked with smile.
“La” an instant reply as they understood and smiled wide at my mockery.

It was now my pleasure to take this picture.
They have live fish allover their hands as they were skinning them.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Rage !!

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I saw them sitting together cooing each other for almost 30 minutes through my bedroom window. I wanted to have a pic taken before it was dark so opened the door with out a sound and stepped out in the balcony.
They were very cool and calm until I felt the click of my camera. I don't know what made the female to fly off suddenly.
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In a second, the male bird became so furious; it jumped down to the lower branch to show me how serious he is.
Look at the threat in his eyes.
How can I tell him that I am a harmless creature myself ?
I know when to be a coward!
I stepped in and closed the door

Friday, March 16, 2007


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I never liked yellow dresses be it on a woman or man, but I have an unblmishable relation with yellow flowers.

It charms me. It makes me smile with out any prevocation.

It gives me immense pleasure to take pictures like this. This is right from outside my front door.

From Reader's Digest quotes...

'If you keep silence to please someone, then it means only two things. You are either harming them rather than loving, or else you are selfish and you won't accept that fact ever'

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Sept 11

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While going through the photo archives, my eyes locked a moment at the date the pic was taken.

Memories of a disaterous day, while on that day, this poor fella sits without a care and eats up all the greens !!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Furious !!

I wept in my dream, seeing your silent, furious eye
helpless, I prayed all night, till sunlight come by

when I call you my love; I realize, you made me breath again
with every day that pass, here, that breath feeble remain

go dear; I said crying, as you looked at me a last time
I breathed my last, as you turned and called his name