Saturday, February 03, 2007

December '06 (4)

I have to conclude the 'incident' business with this post, as all of you have now got bored and have a ‘to hell with it’ look on your faces.

Let me cap it with this “episode” with this last one, which happened on the 17th Dec, just before I went out of my vacation last time.

This was inside the living quarters, where most of my trainees were accommodated in three blocks. At least five rooms of the each block were occupied by trainees in general. In the day time, the rooms were all empty and all the staff went out to work and they seldom come inside their rooms other than in the lunch break.

It is hot in the day in this season and mildly cold in early mornings.

A week before that day, a passing room boy reported of a spark from the walls of one of the blocks. Electricity was immediately cut off and it was found to be a short circuit from the electrical junction box in the building.

We immediately visited the block as it concerns trainees generally. We forwarded a request for a through inspection of the electrical system and a transfer of accommodation for the trainees. The request was discussed in the safety meetings and an enquiry was ordered.

On 15th afternoon hours, in the adjacent block, one of the rooms suddenly caught fire from a short circuit of the electrical system. The fire brigade arrived quickly and it was extinguished. An immediate inspection was ordered for 18th December. The block was evacuated.

Some how, our dear friend fire, as if smelled the news about conducting an enquiry on the next day, decided to launch an attack on one of the blocks one day early, on 17th December.
See him in action with the fire trucks and safety having a futile attempt to quench it. The block was gutted in 45 minutes flat.
As it was late evening time when no one has returned from work, other than some property damage, none were hurt.

See what is left of the block in foc’z
On 18th the whole 3 blocks of accommodation were dismantled completely (which should have been done before a week) and trainees were given rooms elsewhere.

Thank for being patient with my blah blah.
I am tying this bundle of incidents for the year 2006 and... throwing it away.


starry nights said...

Me First again. You had a really exciting December I must say, but with all the things that went on I am glad you are safe.I think you should pack December 16 and throw it into the sea.(except for the vacations)

jac said...

@@@@ starry @@@@
I take your advice...done pronto.

...and thanks for being the first here to scribble, always.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that nobody was hurt! Fire is such a horrable thing.
Take care of yourself!!

Anonymous said...

Nice sharing.
I'm glad you were safed and nobody was hurt.

jac said...

@@@@ Andrew @@@@

jac said...

@@@@ pink ginger @@@@

Anali said...

Well, Jac with all that you have been through in 2006, and all in December no less, you shall have all good things come to you in 2007! I proclaim it! : )

Keshi said...

a blazing Dec and boy Im glad ur safe!


Dotm said...

Shorts in electrical systems have caused many people to lose their homes. Thats something I often think of now that my home is getting older. Noone ever knows if wiring might be getting worn with sheetrock or wall board covering it. We built our home in 1956, so it is already 49 years old.
Glad noone was hurt in the fire or in the airplane.

Jac said...

@@@@ anali @@@@
I hope that with all the frightening incidents year, as you said my cousin, I can only have good things this year.

Delighted to know about the proclamation and I am immensely thankful to you, anali!


Jac said...

@@@@ keshi @@@@
Ya, it was really blazing !!

Thank you keshi for the ardent comment.

Jac said...

@@@ dot @@@
It is true what you said. The electrical short-circuits and subsequent fires are something unpredictable.
Now-a-days I switch off all eqipments in my room when I go out of it, though the block I live is new.

Mindinside said...

Hope there be no more dangerous incident around you.
I read them all here and I see you have had a great deal.
Lucky you who are alive now

BTW, thanks for your sweet comment

Seema said...

Jac - So December'06 it was...horrendous, adventurous n action packed !!!
But Jac you had good luck on you and the grace of God with you that you were safe inspite of all of this that happened around you...dont you think that's something lovely n great...Good things happend to Good people..its just a question of time !
N am glad all of that is behind you...a new year n a new beginning indeed !

Srijith Unni said...

Oh.. my god, Jac..!
You`ve seem to have been in trouble a lot..! I just read all the posts.. It`s seriously nice to know that you`re still kicking alive..! :)

I`m sorry i couldn`t comment as frequently as I want to, cos, my access and time is limited these days..

Keep Writing, I`ll surely catch up..!

Jac said...

@@@@ mind @@@@
I hope !!

Thanks and thanks!

Jac said...

@@@@ anonymous @@@@
Fire is something unpredictable !!


Jac said...

@@@@ seema @@@@
Thanks for the concern and wishes and many thanks for always cheering me up .

I await joyous things in the coming days

Jac said...

@@@@ anonymous @@@@
That is what blogging is for and that is what I do.

So why don't you.

Jac said...

@@@@ unni @@@@
I know that you are busy.

But with out weekends and a straight 28 days multiplied by twelve hours of work, I still find a wee bit of time.

Thanks, buddy !

Jay said...

That's really scary, glad you guys were safe.

Colleen said...

jac, thanks for the comment on my blog. You were so right. :)

sending you hugs!

breathless said...

hope your year 2007 is off to a good start...keep blogging! ;))

Jac said...

@@@@ jay @@@@
Somehow I did not feel frightened at that time.
Later on I realised that it was so close.

Jac said...

@@@@ colleen @@@@
I knew that everything be okay.

(((((hugs))))) back to you, colleen.

Jac said...

@@@@ breathless @@@@
I had a breathless time last year.

Now, as I am in 2007 I am sure everything will be okay.

hellbunny said...

At least no one was injured which is the main thing and they were found alternative accomodation.

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

it's not too late to share and we do enjoy reading your interesting blog.
glad to know everyone were fine.