Thursday, February 01, 2007

December '06 (3)

Sorry, I am late in posting again due to my personnel problems.

As I told you, the month of December was scary for more reasons.

The next incident happened on 10th of December if my memory is correct, and I was not directly involved with it.
The airport belongs to our company and there are no one traveling by air except the field staff and army personnel for security. It is so close to our living quarters and so it is close to our training center too.
If a plane crashed any where near, it is a safety risk to all in the camp.
The crew transfer is done in a "Fokker" plane that carries about 50 people and sometimes on a busy crew change day there are two flights and one or two cargo planes for bringing in the machineries and the spares for us.

We normally wait at the main gate of the camp during the morning flight landing, awaiting official papers that are couriered from our head office in Khartoum with prir information by phone. As I know a little more about these small aircrafts, I can pick up any abnormal landing from the gate as did on that day.
On 10th while the plane was landing, the pilot seems to have lost his judgment at touch down point.
I saw that the plane touched down beyond the place it was supposed to have and the jerk and shake were quite visible as the pilot also must have realized his mistake.... a bit late.

Though many people were witnessing the landing of the aircraft from the main gate, I was the only one who was tense, as I know that the pilot had to be careful when he reach the end of the runway due to the nasty touch down. I saw it reach the end of the runway as I noticed the deceleration of the aircraft before it reaches the end of the runway and I was about to have a sigh of relief, but then, I saw the plane hesitate for a moment and slanted to one side, one of the wheels going out of the runway to a lower level.
I said aloud, as people started to look towards the aircraft with horror. The plane, normally in these cases faces a partial twisting action, which results in break up of one side wing and a subsequent rollover.
A rollover with half full fuel tank and the sparks from the wings would have been enough to make an inferno of bodies.
Instead the plane made a full U turn out of the tar mark, the lower side of the left engine getting stuck in the dry mud which prevented a roll over, and it stopped right there with a thud.

You can guess the rest. There were exactly 5 + 49 passengers, crew included.
None were seriously injured.
See the plane still there for you. Take a look at the two pics.
Beyond the aircraft, you can see part of the runway.

I have one last incident too in the list on 17th January


starry nights said...

Me First..that was a really close call.You were right there would have been a lot of people hurt or died.I am so glad nobody was hurt.

Anonymous said...

OMG Jac Im soo glad nobody was hurt!


jac said...

@@@@ starry @@@@
Yes it was, but now the system is revamped to minimise the risks.

jac said...

@@@@ keshi @@@@
Long time no see ?

And thanks !!!

Anonymous said...

...glad to know there were no fatalities of that said plane crash! ...take care ;;)

Anonymous said...

hi jac, i owrte a comment on the previous post but it disappeared.

its amazing how many times we get saved by something unforeseen making us change our plans.

no when life takes an unexpected turn or i end up somewhere i shouldnt, i assume, it is all for the best, for my own good. at the very least, that kind of thinking allows us to make the best of wherever we are at.

jac said...

@@@@ breathless @@@@

jac said...

@@@@ mystic @@@@
Any way I got that comment through mail.

Ya ! you really are opti-mystic. Is that why you named yourself as mystic rose ?

Thanks for cheering me up.

hellbunny said...

I'd of been holding my breath if i was in the plane.