Thursday, May 17, 2007


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In life we strongly believe in many things.
As time goes by, one day it happens that you have to correct some of them.

Reality conquers your mind and it quenches the mild revolts that forms… mutinies are dealt and defeated by loyal soldiers of the soul.
My soul is no exception.
I had to bury many of my wishes just because it can’t be achieved with out shedding a drop of blood or a painful drop of tear.
Both I can’t stand if I see it.

Life is not what you wish it to be, but is about wishing only what life offers you.
The quest to explore diminishes every day.
Like a squeeze of lemon in salads… like a pinch of salt in the soup…a dash of gleam in my eyes remain, just to remind me of the glint I preserved there for so long.

This picture is taken from my balcony at the back of my office, from where I have taken hundreds of pics of sunsets with out a shadow obscuring my view.
But you see, this one will be the last that I will have with out something marring the beautiful sight.

Already you can see that construction equipment that had set in the background and a long fence separates me now from the buildings, as if someone is trying to keep me away from nature by force.

In place of the basketball court that we had cherished, are now six white, neatly built housing blocks where most of my trainees will stay after their training, when they will be absorbed as regular staff.

We never know what tomorrow brings to all of us, so with out any delay I share it with you.

I may not get another chance to shoot a sunset from the same place.


Walker said...

Great post Jac

Life is what it is, not what you wish it to be.

Have a nice day

mystic rose said...

lovely picture. and a great post. do i see a kind of letting go?

...Life is not what you wish it to be, but is about wishing only what life offers you...
but still what would life be like without reaching for that elusive thing sometimes?

Jac said...


Yep, that is what it is, not what I thought it was.

Jac said...


May be it is contentment.

As time goes by, you become tired and you become wiser too.

Thanks for the feed back.

Keshi said...

Beautiful shot Jac!

Life is what u make of it.


Jac said...


Thank you keshi.

I suppose you are right.

Mindinside said...

life is life ..
Either we make use of it or we spoil it

and how gloomy sunsets are for me

Anali said...

Beautiful picture! Such a shame that the view will be gone, but I'm sure you will find more beautiful places.

Jac said...


I am learning the harsh technic of 'take it or leave it'

Sunsets may have a relation.

Jac said...


Thanks !
Yes, I may have to find another place.

Rose said...

Its incredible..!!! Esp when you know it may not last forever...


Jac said...


Thats what every one said before we landed in moon.

Rose said...

I like the name you chose for this write-up....


Jac said...


Janice Thomson said...

Ah Jac...change is always inevitable.
We learn eventually to just accept whatever comes our way for what is here today may very well be gone tomorrow.
The picture is spectacular...I can see why you would miss it.

goatman said...

I think of your country often. All that oil and so many living poorly. The recent elections seem to have been a farce. How did that turn out anyway?
Perhaps one day a leader with compassion can become a historic example of a true peaceful man.
Maybe a morning shot of the sunrise would be as beautiful.

Jac said...

I do agree.

But is being silly, a symptom of getting old, janice ?

Nice to see you here.

Jac said...

Welcome to the window to my soul.

The oil always flows only to the rich in my country and their children ride Rolls-Royces...all because the poor people are yet to realize that they are not slaves.

Always a perhaps...

Thanks for the visit.

Geets said...

Hey Jac,
Welcome back. Beautiful post

Jac said...


I know that the post was a bit nostalgic, but then life is partly nostalgic except for the poor.

Welcome to the window to my soul and I am honoured.

Janice Thomson said...

Never Jac...never. Besides I am NOT old, just... ummm...weathered? LOL

Princess Haiku said...

The peachy tones in this sunset are beautiful. -And you never know what new palette of colors that tomorrow's twilight will offer.

Jac said...


But I am.

I am 77 :)

Jac said...

I too like it very much.
The peachy touch makes it yet more lovely.
Thanks for the visit.

Dotm said...

77 ??????????????????

Jac, I think God gave you a beautiful sunset to cherish as pictures can last a lifetime. Having the clouds cutting across it gave it a different look. No two sunsets are alike, but there will always be another great sunset somewhere down the road in your travels.
Thanks for sharing it with us.

Jac said...

ya, 77 :))

Do you know how much I value this comment and compliments you made ?

Einstein's Relative said...


First, I'm glad you've enjoyed reading my blog so far. Thanks for visitiing and posting. Second, I have read several of your posts. I find the wording to be moving: whether it moves to thoughtfulness or laughter. This particular post caught my eye because of the title: it reminded me of a great children's book. Then as I read further, I thought I might recommend the book. It's called the Tale of Despereaux. My students love it. I have a group of 5 or 6 5th graders who'd love to talk to you about chiaroscuro.