Sunday, January 28, 2007

December 2006.

The year that has passed was like a bullet train.
It zoomed up and went away, with out giving me a chance to share what was happening here at the end of the year,

Was it me who went off leaving my blog like a flash?

Hmmmm...Both are correct, with the same old question, who ?…the chicken or the egg, which one?

Now as I am already here and kicking, we need to put the past in a bundle, tie it up and throw in the sea.
But there are incidents that should be shared in between. I think that I will condense the matter in two or thee posts… some thing like, a post a day to save your time.

Will you come to read or should I stop my blah, blah ???

Giving due consideration to my ailing leg, I have come to a decision that from now on, I won’t be posting on my vacations. I think that it will give me enough time to relax, specially as I walk now like a crippled dog.

I promised starrynights that I will come and visit her on Christmas Eve as Santa, and to watch one with a limp.
I really tried to be Santa, I even begged.
None would give me chance to be Santa.

Which kid would have fun with a crippled limping Santa ?

Finally, miserably I had to give up my dream of being a Santa.

Poor starrynight !! she must be relieved now !

With her paining back, he no more have to waste her precious time with a crippled Santa to serve cake and cookies. hehehehe
All of you know her I am sure, if not check her link please ! You won't be sorry.

Back to the story again !!!

First half of 2006 has gone very sour, ending with fatalities of two of my trainees and 11 of my friends perishing in a tragic road accident.
I have shared it with you all and the sad memories are still in my mind.

Then the mid term went well with out any tragedies.

But the end of the year, the situation went grave again with many close encounters with the fate around here.
Let me go through just the month of December, when at one stage, my life also was threatened by fate.

Let me narrate it you one by one, with some illustrations.

It started with the trip to unity state on a training visit, to the field through treacherous roads made of mud and sand.
Going towards was easier, as it was morning and dust was about go up and the roads were some how visible.
It all happened on my way back.

It was Dec 3rd late afternoon, when there are strong winds which force the dust to fly upwards.

December was the season nomadic shepherds, cattle and sheep. I saw them moving in line every where.
The first thing they do when they pass the grass fields is to put fire to the dry desiccated grass, which at an instant goes up in flames so fast, that poor reptiles get no chance at all to escape and you can see the eagles and crows going around having the relish on their half burned prey.

A few wild animals escape due to its sheer speed. The smoke produced by the burning of grass both wet and dry, spreads around to near by roads where it threatens motoring in the roads difficult. The smoke suddenly covers motorists by the rapid change of the direction of the wind, causing accidents.

I asked one of the shepherds and he said that it is for the strong growth of grass in the next season.

I landed in one of this smoke screen and flames and escaped unhurt just short of scorching me live.
I saw the burning grass just in front of my pick-up, while I was taking the first picture you see below, of the fire spreading up.
In a flash, the fire and smoke reached me.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
I managed to stop the car, open the door and run for my life with my crippled leg to the safer side of the road.
Watch these pics please. This was on 3rd of Dec.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
This above picture was taken after my escape from the smoke and fire. My pick-up is behind the smoke screen and I have taken this picture from my safer side of the road.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Last two snaps are of my pick-up with minor paint damage, after the fire and smoke passed away.
You can see fresh smoke and ash rising up very close to the pick-up while in the background, the fire spreading far.
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starry nights said...

Jac..It was really nice reading this post.I also feel that 2006 just passed me by.I would have loved to see santa no matter how crippled he was.I am glad you were not hurt in the fire.Your pick up was so close. How is your leg doing?.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jac, By the end of the post, I realised my hands were clenched and I was so tensed up, with anxiety. :) gosh! Its one hting knowing these things happen, its another to know a friend has been through a danger like this. glad you were able to get away unhurt.
that is just so dangerous.
well ofcourse, here, there would be something like roads cordoned off, motorists diverted, etc. (if needed, cant imagine that) but thats here..*sigh*

and what is wrong with your leg? i readin a previous post about it but i assumed it was an injury, and should be getting better soon. i will go back and read the older posts. cant something be done about it? cant take time off and you go to a good hospital?

waiting for the next posts.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you were not injured. I do hope your leg is feeling better soon!

It is amazing how quickly a fire can travel! And to see the devistation (go or bad) that it leaves behind.

Enjoy your week!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you were able to escape the fire Jac. I'm looking forward to your next post, but a little nervous about it at the same time. You have been through a lot. I hope that 2007 will be a better year.

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting my blog awhile back...umm...i'm glad your safe and sound...welcome back to blogsphere.

aww...i love this music that's kenny g...from the movie "dying young" of my best faves of all times...great c-o-o-l! ;;)

net-net4 said...

Hi Jac ...
I edited your poem in the front page of my blog ...
It s a very very nice one ! :)
Come have a look...
Hopping you are going better after this horrible accident !
Read you soon

jac said...

Starry nights

It was a close call by all means.

You would I am sure.

I am under medication. Still early to say if it is effective. It is still painful when I walk.

jac said...


thankd s for the comment and *sigh*

There is small lump on my left leg which is not even not big enough to notice by naked eyes.
It occurs to many. But to a few, they are painful, if it happens to be near a major vein.
While walking the hard calcium depositrd to the bone rubs the vein and that is where the pain starts. I am under medication.

jac said...


Thanks for the visit.

It was real scary with the smoke and the fire closeby with all the smoke you loose your orientation.

I too hope that I won't end up a cripple permenently.

jac said...


That is so nice to hear from a cousin.

I too hope that 2007 would be better.

jac said...


Welcome abroad after a long gap.

'Dying young' is one of my all time favorite too.
You have good taste in music...evident from your lyric selection in your blog.

Come more often.

jac said...

net net4

Thank you for publishing it. I have seen it and left a comment too.

That was so kind of you to ask me to write there.

My leg I hope will be better with the time.

Thank you again.

gem said...

Thank God you are safe after all that happend.

BTW, had a nice vacation?

Dotm said...

WOW!! That had to be scarry for a while. Glad you were ok.
We once had a bad fire that took lots of homes and animals,
but luckily noone was seriously injured. it got real scarry when
it jumped the main road on the corner above where I live.
That corner is less than 200 feet from my home.
Fires can be real scarry.

Anonymous said...

oh..jac, thanks for telling me that.(i guess you've been asked too often)

thats too bad :(