Tuesday, January 30, 2007

December 2006 (2)

Two days after my close encounter with fire, a new oil rig on its first assignment capsized during the rig up.
You can see the mast of the rig resting down below...bend, disembered and vulnerable.

As it happend during a lunch-break for most of the ground crew, none were hurt. This huge but simple looking structure is a tecnological wonder which drills the earth surface and brings out the black gold called crude oil.

Nan would know all about the oil rigs from her association with 'Oil man' who is an expert on oil rigs. He is a driller by profession, who really does the major job.

He was 30 years old yesterday as per her post. Please check out the link above to her blog.

The rig as it turns out to be new, I made a request through the proper channel, for visiting that rig on the day of the incident with my trainees, giving them a chance to witness a rig up operation.

On that day morning of the planned visit, one of my trainees reported that he was shivering with fever. I took him to the hospital as I suspected that he has an attck of Maleria. After dropping him in the hospital for a blood test, we proceeded to the rig 45 minutes late and this is what we saw there.

Many would have lost their lifes under the huge structure.
This happened on December 5th.


Anonymous said...

People who work to extract mother earths secrets do so at a risk all the time. People take what they buy from the manufactures for granted but itas these individuals who make it possible to heat homes, fuel cars......the list goes on and on.
Its a hard job and they deserve the credit for making it possible.

Have a good one Jac

gem said...

See miracles happen sometimes.

You are safe now thats wot matters.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made it fine!

Seema said...

Jac that was great escape! Glad u were on the other side !

Caught up with the part 2 n part 1 in a shot...otherwise would have to b impatiently waiting for the part 2 !
Part 1 was so much of adventure..dangerous to the core..fire n smoke!

All's well that end's well..but sad for the people who lost lives in it n especially their near n dear ones who have to live with those losses !

Anonymous said...

It was nice to read about the oil rig machine.. Sad to know that it fell down.. Hope no one was hurt..!

BTW, i`m sorry you expected a new post.. i dont blog as regularly nowadays. sorry about that..!

With Best Regards,

hellbunny said...

It was a miracle no one was hurt.

Anonymous said...

Jac, I am glad you were safe and I am happy for you.

I have posted new article in my blog, now I want to hear your comment. Cross over. :)

starry nights said...

Jac..I am so glad you were safe but feel sad for the other people who lost their lives. People risk their lives to give us the good stuff just like the diamond miners.we dont ever think of these things.

Anonymous said...

wow! Glad you didn't get hurt. Hope nobody else was.

Nan said...

Wow. Unfortunately this happens here to on occassion. We must never forget how dangerous Oil Field work can be.

Anonymous said...

i only knew a little about people working in oil fields through watching news on tv…and sometimes in movies…it’s very dangerous…and you guys should take precautions in everything you do…and be alert at all times…

i’m glad you’re safe…hope your leg will get better soon…take care please! ;;)

Anonymous said...

blessed are you to escape it..nice to see u are safe and sound!!

Anonymous said...

You and your trainees all must have had Guardian Angels watching over you!

Dotm said...

So glad it was on a Lunch Hour so lots of workers didn`t get hurt.
I am sure seeing it made the dangers more real to your crew who saw it.

Your friend with maleria, hope he is doing ok. I have an uncle who
came down with maleria from the swamps, back in world war II, and this
many years later, it still sometimes gives him trouble.

Oil drilling, like coal mining are both dangerous scarry jobs to do.
Has to leave a worry with their families every time they leave for work
untill they arrive back home safely at the end of the day.
God Bless them all.

jac said...

@@@@ walker @@@@
Many people don't realize it. They just say that it is very well paid job
Thanks buddy.

jac said...

@@@@ gem @@@@
Yes, I think that I was too lucky in the last December.

jac said...

@@@@ Andrew @@@@

jac said...

@@@@ Seema @@@@
Fortunatly no one lost their life there too.

jac said...

@@@@ unni @@@@
No one was hurt.

jac said...

@@@@ hellbunny @@@@
For sure, yes.

jac said...

@@@@ pink ginger @@@@

I tried to come to your blog but it seema s that the blogger is doing some
maintenance. Will visit soon.

jac said...

@@@@ starry @@@@
Truly said. No one actually realise the risks they takes

jac said...

@@@@ colleen @@@@
No. No body was seriously hurt.

jac said...

@@@@ nan @@@@
No body relises that

jac said...

@@@@ breathless @@@@
It is lot more riskier than what you see in the movies.

jac said...

@@@@ mathew @@@@
Thanks buddy.
But it is not finished...two more.

jac said...

@@@@ anali @@@@
Very true that is...and my cousins praying too.

jac said...

@@@@ dotm @@@@
Thanks for the very very deep insight.