Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The beat of the clock

Some one is there waiting for me as a rock
tick tuck tick tuck

The bitter chocolate coming to an end one by one
the bitter sweet taste of life lingers on
a few more days to witness the rising of sun

some one is there waiting for me as a rock
tick tuck tick tuck

at times crazy, showing a cold shoulder
other times crazier, tempting, acting bolder

tender, loving, voice closer, though she is far apart
doing magic, melting my heart

tick tuck tick tuck
some one is there waiting for me as a rock


starry nights said...

Me first..I am soooooo glad you are back. She will wait Jac.loved your poem.

BTW you are forgiven.

samuru999 said...

Jac, you are here again!
Welcome back!
You were missed!

Someone is there waiting for me as a

How wonderful!
It does not get any better than that!
Wishing you much joy!


Anonymous said...

how lovely to see this. yay! you are back. :))

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's so nice to see you hack...of course, it's not someone only, lots of people are waiting for you as rocks...

Rose said...


U r Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!! (hey!!! That rhymed ;)))


Gosh!!!! I cant stop smiling!!!!



J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I've been wondering about you. Good to see your work -- very nice, too. :)

Anonymous said...

Someone sure.. is ;)

But dont brood too much looking at the clock dear Jac..

With Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Jac!! Yes, the feeling of someone waiting gives us reason to return home and a meaning to our life:)) Hey, but who is she?;-)

Seema said...

Waw Jac...awesome lines...THERE COULD'NT BE A BETTER REASON TO COME BACK !!! when you have someone ardently waiting for you...how can u not come back...a whole new world !!!

Lovely to see these lines and its a pleasure to cya back !

PS - Yeah yr right..i was where you were...may be we would have crossed paths too...lol !

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

Nice to see you are back..
This is a nice post, as usual.

Anonymous said...

what wonderful verses.

life is always an adventure!

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you back jac.

I was starting to think that you had fallen off the edge of the world. :)

Take care

Chaotic Serenity said...

Glad you see you back!
That is a wonderful poem. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

A very good item to be back with! Keep posting more, and shorten the time period between two posts, if possible... All the best! :-)

jac said...

@@@@ starry @@@@
Glad to be among you.

@@@@ samuru @@@@
Thanks for the patience...and thanks.

@@@@ mystic @@@@
My pleasure too

@@@@ aklanta @@@@
After a long time, thanks for the wait.

@@@@ rose @@@@
Don't you see my toothless grin.
:))))))))))))))))))))))) one teeth less than you.
It is a pleasure to see you again.

@@@@ andrew @@@@
Silly, Isn't it ? But then I am silly too.

@@@@ Unni @@@@
The clock is selected for fluorescence, enabling me to see it in the night too.

@@@@ Saroj @@@@
Was thinking when you will come here. I saw your post which I missed. Thanks for writing.
I am delighted to see you.

@@@@ seema @@@@
Saw the lovely flowered arch in your post.
when did you return from there ?

@@@@ pinkginger @@@@
Flattered by your comment.

@@@@ silent @@@@
You said it because you know that each leap is an adventure.
Nice to see you after a long gap.

@@@@ michelle @@@@
That is exactly what happened, but you see, I can fly too.

@@@@ chao @@@@
Delighted to see you after the month long gap.

@@@@ sreejith @@@@
I will have to find time for that, but I will keep it in my mind.
Thanks for the visit.

Dotm said...

Tick,Tock, Just a reminder that time that seemed to go by so slowly when young, suddenly seems to fly by so much faster as you get older.
Steady as a rock, thats how loyal a person should be with the persons they love.
Nothing better in life than having someone so steady you can lean on them and count on them to be there when you need them most.
Know I have changed your meaning somewhat, but this is what came to mind after reading your post.

jac said...

@@@@ dot @@@@
Man could build dams and stop the rivers flowing or even change the direction.
He can also make rains when there is none, but can he ever stop a clock ???

Anonymous said...

welcome back :)

net-net4 said...

Nice fluorescent clock and nice poem Jac...
Next time perhaps you could leave in my blog few lines of this one to add next to my pictures :)

jac said...

@@@@ boo @@@@
A pleasure to see you boooooooooooooo !

@@@@ net-net4 @@@@
That is so nice of you.
I have posted one at your blog which was published here on an earlier date.

Anonymous said...

Jac - So glad you're back! Very nice poem and you even worked chocolate into it! We certainly have all been waiting for you!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you are up and running again. Looking forward to your next post.
Nice upbeat song.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jac,

Thanku for dropping by.. :) Welcome to MY WORLD !
And this poetry - AWESOME is the word!! :) And i loved listening to the track you have here... Who is the singer btw may b i cud try this track ;) !

Thanku for t track- it just pep'd up!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like time is on your side welcome back Jac

Jay said...

That music scared the heck out of me!

jac said...

@@@@ anali @@@@
Am so happy to see you back here.

@@@@ susan @@@@
Thank you for coming again, will be over to your blog now.

@@@@ marutham @@@@
Nice to see you the second time. Delighted with your comment and thanks from the other end of the globe.
The track was from 'tick tock' by 'Daze'... the Album 'Superheroes'

Why don't you try the track and let know ?

@@@@ walker @@@@
It seems so, that is what the tick tock says.
Thanks buddy.

@@@@ jay @@@@
Awfully sorry !
The track somehow start with the sound suddenly up. Must have happened while I uploaded.
Thanks for coming.