Friday, March 23, 2007

On his knees !!

Image Hosted by When he accpted his fault and knelt down to apologise this way, I had no other alternative.

I excused him.

What would you do if you were in my position ?
Am I being too kind with him ?


breathless said... sure it's his fault that's why he's kneeling down begging? hehehe...umm...maybe he did this to ask you not to click your camera...and take a pic...because he doesnt want to be in hollywood! ;)):p

Jac said...

Yes, though he is still wild and free he has rules to follow if he want to be fed by us.

He knows that he can charm me by doing that act. He has done it manytimes before.

After all, his pics are here now and he is sort of famous now in "bloggywood". Is it not ?

Mindinside said...

Glad you are back to ur previous template ..I agree with all it's nice now

but why actually is his knees bending that way?

alex said...


Have you been with this Ostrich before??

sophie said...

i wanna know wat mistake he did....?

Jac said...

I too feel that this one looks better and user friendly.

If you have seen Ostriches in close quarters you wont ask me that question.
I will give you a clue.

It doesn't have four legs like a monkey or a goat.

Now, work it out in your mind ?

Jac said...

We have five of them coming to our fenced camp.
They are not tamed or domestcated. It is not a bird that you can freely mingle with. It has powerful legs that can kill people.

It is now used to us because we give them food.
I know them for the last three years. But I don’t see them everyday since the area is far from my living quarters.
It recognizes individuals, God knows how ??
I have posted about them once before.

Jac said...

His fault ?

Trying to become a play boy by dating more than one Ostrich dame at the same time, which develops in to a vicious fight, in which he becomes just a silent spectator.

Good enough ?

alex said...


I did not know that they are pretty ferocious. Hmmm.

Will check for your previous post on them.

But, will they attack a person who has not caused them any harm??

alex said...


Could you post the link to the earlier post?

Jac said...

Like as the elephants, who doesn't know its strength, the Ostrich doesn't realize how much vicious its legs are.
So they may harm you with out knowing.
I can even send you some pics if you will leave your mail ID.

It is just a single small post but here is the link.

alex said...


Hmmm. I would love the pics. :)

Jac said...


Done !

Janice Thomson said...

Gosh I have never seen an ostrich kneeling before...and to think he posed so well for you-what an intriguing picture Jac...this would be worth submitting to National Geographic!

Kai C. said...

this is really cool.

Jac said...

I can make him do it again, it is very simple.

You flatter me with your last sentance.

I have many more to show you, just keep visiting everyday, janice !

Jac said...

kai c


MoodsAndColors said...

Hi Jac
I thought Ostriche's were more to do with burying their heads into the sand than kneeling on their knees.But then there can always be fresh perspectives. :):)

Jac said...

I have never seen any one of the five ostriches who are regulars here, hiding their head in sand !!

Monicaatje said...

Hahaha, great pic!
I know I had been gone, but how could one forget a soul such as urs? Thanx for making me feel welcome again :)
I had been gone for personal and academic reasons (most of'em academic, becuase of school I have no life :P), but it will al be over soon, I have my very final exam on wednesday, and then I get my diploma, hopefully :D

So u'll have me back :)
Thanx for the visit :)

Jac said...

I tried even to find out why you left your blog unattended, racking my brain assuming all sorts of reasons.

Welcome back with (((((hugs))))

All the best for the exam and waiting for a grand celeberation when you have the diploma.

Welcome back and thanks for remembering me, night bird.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Not sure what I would do. :)
By the way, this is the 1st time that I visited with my audio on -- I really like the music!!

Jac said...


Thanks for visiting with the audio.
I do post now with songs and change it with each post for 4 weeks and then I go in solitude during my 4 weeks vacations with out posting anything

Thanks for being regular here.

spring orchid said...

He must have done something very wrong, that is why he knelt down.

To forgive will give you a happier life.

The treasure is within yourself.

gautami tripathy said...

This is a very sweet photo. Thanks! Can you see the devotion mischievious look in his eyes?

Jac said...

spring orchid
Welcome to the window.
He is a bad boy altogether, so you see, he must be made to apologise

I have forgiven. Haven't I ?

About the treasure, it applies to everyone, including you whoever you are.
Come again.

Jac said...

I see the mischief in the eyes.

I want to take a closer look at his eyes, but God knows what he can do to me if I go near. He don't seem to realize the strength of his legs.

Dotm said...

Jac, this picture reminded me of the time you sent me a picture of an ostrich saying it was your girfriend. Haahaa. Bet you thought I would forget that one. I see you still enjoy watching them.Yes, I also once heard they hide their heads in the sand. Wonder where that one started from? Wonder if it happens only certain beaches they live on? Maybe it is there way to cool down on hot days. Now you have my curiosity going.

kat said...

That looks painful. His legs are bent the wrong way.

Jac said...

kat is perfectly the right way. That is how he does it.

Jac said...

You have pretty good memory.

Yes, I remember the pic I sent you. Want to remind you I have 5 of them here visiting us.

The "hiding their head" issue, I have heard when I was a child but I think that it is a myth.

I always watch, but have yet to come across any one of them doing that.

Anali said...

Jac - You take the most amazing pictures! I am in awe!

Jac said...

It is a big compliment from my cousin.

@ thanks
@ thanks
@ thanks


Seema said...

Jac - Does he know that you like to click him like this :)

Jac said...

In fact he doesn't know that. If he knows, he may kick me left and right.

I only know that you are a click away from me.

Seema said...

Lol @kick left rite n centre with those slender legs..should i call em ;)
Lill that he knows he's the latest model (caught unawares though)on ya page !
BTW...why is the click taking time???