Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The B's

Have you ever been to the real wilderness. I mean stark wilderness ?

Have you ever been in real desert. I mean real desert ?

Have you seen wild animals at close range ? Have you ever encountered a wild elephant ?
Seen wild boars fighting for male supremacy in presence of a female who just watches curiously ? Have you ?

Have you seen the large open mouth of an African black mamba snake?… the mouth opened wide only when it feels threatened.
Have you seen a crocodile lazing with its mouth fully open waiting for a suitable prey ?
Have you seen the live mating of two intimate cobras ? They are unpredictably dangerous at this time.

I have seen and encountered all the above and I am not afraid any of this animals,
I am not afraid of snakes!
I am not scared of crocodiles!
I am not afraid of any of this fierce creatures !!! I am sure that you won’t believe any of my blah blahs.

What if I tell you that I am also human and I too fear certain things ?
Its true, but as usual you won’t believe me !
‘cause I am all blah blah !

Well, for a change, let me tell you that I am afraid of squirrels, which started with my vain attempt to catch one alive, when I was seventeen years.
I lost almost a pint of blood and a bonus of bite marks all over my right hand, the scars lasting almost 5 years.
A squirrel was the only thing in my hit list until recently… to be precise until almost 7 months ago.
So here I go with my next blah blah.

It happened with my routine visits to my trainees in the main oil processing facilities where there are two huge storage tanks that can store almost 3000000 barrels of oil each.
The roof of the tank is called a floating roof as the roof is designed to move up and down in tune with the level of oil.
I wont go in to technicalities of it, as you will stop reading this right away.
My trainees had two specific doubts regarding the roof that floats, and about the water disposal from the roof during the severe rains that prevails in southern Sudan.
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Safety wise it needs a permit to climb over the tank and I got it by 10 AM and six Sudanese trainees and their hapless trainer (~Sigh~) was ready to climb the tank on a hot morning with safety helmets and harnesses.
Three of my agile trainees, took the lead and I was the fourth on the line with another three following me.
As I reached three quarter way up, my breathing has become faster as I put a fresh chewing gum in my mouth, lest what will my trainees think of me.
I heard some commotion up from the top of the ladder and swore “OMG” thinking that one of the trainee must have slipped the stairs and about to fall. But what I saw was a rush of my trainees coming down fast not caring about me or anyone. My trainee Abu Obeida came fast, pushing me sideways not caring about anything else.
Behind him was Yaser, like a rocket they flashed past me shouting something like ‘Nala’ which at that moment didn’t strike me as ‘Nahala’ (Bee in Arabic).
Ahmed who was a bit slow came panting down... behind him I heard something like the hum of an airplane.
Yea, it was exactly like a humming airplane coming so fast that I had no idea what it was until I got the first bite of the killer bee on my cheek.

Every one had helmets on and they were in full sleeved coveralls, yet they bit me at every exposed space in my body. I don’t know how I came down the steep stairs with out falling… all the time desperately trying to ward off the attacking bees.
They made me run for my life.

They were like a pack of dogs attacking with out mercy.
No one were spared, but Ahmed and I were badly bitten, till someone came with a spray or something.
Suddenly there was silence as they suddenly left me and I saw I was sitting on the ground.
There was burning sensation all over my exposed hand, neck and face. I touched my numb face with my swollen fingers and felt like touching a rock.
As I had my glasses on, my eyes were spared.

An ambulance came to pick us as I kept telling them that I don’t need an ambulance.
When I reached the clinic I casually looked at the mirror that was hanging on the wall. With face so much a swollen, even my Mom wouldn’t have recognized me.
The doc was my friend and he immediately checked the sting marks and took my blood pressure. I was surprised and asked the doc the reason for checking the BP, and he explained that these type of bees has a poison that affects the nervous system and seriousness of the poison directly affects the blood pressure.

He said I wont die with a smile and asked me if my rump is strong enough to take three shots , pointing to my butts. That was another pain in my ***
I had to stay put in the office for next three days and Ahmed was allowed to take rest at home for three days.
From here starts my fright of another creature called bees.
After the incident I think squirrels are much better.
So now you know what I am afraid of ! A brave African who is afraid of squirrels and bees.
Just out of my office, on the eastern balcony, beside the concrete pathway is a large tree, which always bear nice and beautiful yellow flowers. Unfortunately my web search for the name of the free failed get a correct one.
Free Image Hosting
Yellow, being my favorite colour for a flower, I never miss looking at the tree which gives me the immense pleasure at all seasons except in rain, when the yellow flowers just wither off all over there, making a lovely yellow pathway.
You are wondering if I have really become a bit crazy, speaking about different subjects here.
First the squirrel, then the bees and now yellow flowers.
I am not crazy.
But I became almost crazy one day !
What bowled my mind on that day was this a large colony of killer bees in my favorite tree, hardly 20 meters away from where I stood.
Free Image Hosting

Now you know what I did....
Free Image Hosting

I ran with out looking back.


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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Paradise not lost...

While looking at this memorable blue of the ocean from the rear cliffs of Hotel Samudra, I thought how much unexpected was this journey at this time.
I recalled about the day before, when I had no idea I will travel and be here so soon
Free Image Hosting
The previous day I stopped the car and stepped out in the fresh air and looked around the building where my travel agent Maya had her office. The guard asked me which floor I am to and helped me to the lift.
The old gentleman who just came out of the lift smiled at me. His face was familiar to me, though I couldn’t quite recall where I have seen him.
The receptionist was a middle aged woman with glasses, got up to wish me. Crisp and courteous, she was all efficiency.
When I told her that I have phoned her the previous evening, she recalled even my name and whisked me to the inner office where Maya, my travel agent took control from her, to offer me the convenience of the sofa instead of the usual chair.
She sat near me and discussed with me the plans and number of days that I wish to spend in Kovalam.
She showed me the colourful brochures of the 5 star Leela Kempensky hotels and showed me the pictures too of that hotel overlooking the blue green ocean.

I smiled and told Maya that I would like to stay in a KTDC (Kerala Tourism) 3 star Hotel Samudra which I already have seen once. She went on line and did the booking and came back to where I sat to ask about the travel arrangements.

Maya is known to me for the last couple of years due to frequent visits I make in the state of Kerala in south India and she has a keen understanding of my travel needs and knows my habits as well.
She merrily asked me to if I would have a driver to drive my car as she knows my passion to drive on my own… stopping at wherever I liked.
This time she cautioned me about the roads that are in pretty bad shape due to abnormal rains that delayed the annual repairs. I thought for a moment and asked her if she can get me train tickets on an AC two tier compartment.
She was surprised but was on her mobile phone a few minutes and came back to say that if I have to travel by train I would have to opt for a immediate morning one instead of two days later and there will be some changes in the day of travel. She said I have to travel the next day and she gave the hotel booking voucher and assured me that the train tickets will be delivered at my home in the evening it self.

As my plans were rescheduled for the next day I went around my bank and looked at the locations of the ATM’s I may use nearby.
My train tickets too arrived promptly in the evening by a courier and I was all set to go the next morning.
My doctor friend assured me a lift in his car till the railway station.
The train left punctually but the climate was a bit windy with mild showers here and there. The train took almost 6 hours to reach Trivandrum and I was picked up by the courtesy car from the hotel.
Free Image Hosting
Hotel Samudra is a 3 star hotel, situated on a small but rocky cliff facing Arabian Sea.
The buildings were scattered in three locations making it look like three large houses rather than a hotel. I was given a room facing curved end with a beautiful view of the ocean. It was almost lunch time but I took a round and the sight was beautiful.

I plan to continue the travelogue in two or three episodes so that you all will not get bored of reading long stretches of my blah blahs and I am not going to serialise the episodes too.
I leave a few pictures of the place for you to watch.
Till then…
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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Stuart the mouse

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The other day I dreamed, a funny scene in fact
I thought it silly

flashed my hand to brush off, my foolish act
now I know I am not so silly

in dream I am a mouse, small, sharp and fast
but in front was a cat

its paws large, the body, towering like a mast
for it, I am a game so neat

it plays lame with me, knowing I won’t last
says I am its treat

knowing I am helpless, choking me as I am beat
it knows I am its meat

then I woke up, with my clothes soaking wet
I felt, I am mouse Stuart

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

She knows how to...

The apologetic husband: 'When I get mad at you, you never fight back."
'I am amazed at your patience dear! How do you control your anger so easily?' the husband's words were all love and honey.

Wife: 'I clean the toilet ..'

The husband was perplexed: 'You must be kidding, how does that help?'

Wife: 'I use your toothbrush.'

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

A new room and a sleepless night

Yea I am back after my vacation.

A part of the vacation was sad, as what you feel when some one who was dear to you leaves suddenly… and I was no exception.

I actually arrived on yesterday in the field.
When I arrived I was informed that I can have a brand new room in the new block which just got completed.
Who wouldn’t want to live in a new, clean atmosphere?

I was elated no doubt, though shifting my nick knacks from the old room was cumbersome.
I used my new key on the lock and the door opened to a large room more spacious, with a nice looking and inviting bed and a table and chair near it.
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My smile widened as I saw two big wooden wardrobes and its ornamental handles. Then of course, the small table to fix my speakers and my tiny MP3 player and I can throw my keys and Ids carelessly there.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I opened the bathroom and looked at the cubicle shower and disliked it instantly. It was too small and the toilets, though brand new, were not proportionately positioned.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Well, I can’t have everything, I thought and chuckled myself.

I went in the bathroom to have my warm shower and opened the water mixer on low temperature and pressed the shower handles... closed my eyes and waited for the warm water to tickle me…
I was jolted numb, when ice cold water spurted from the shower. What the hell !!!
I closed the taps and checked again. No mistake this time. It didn’t make long for me to find out that the geyser is yet to be connected. So I had to be contended with a cold shower. The cubicle was so small that I had to be careful when I tried to soap myself, my hands hit the side walls. No space for my usual waltz when I shower.

The night crept in slowly, and I decided to turn in early in the new room. I sat on the bed and I felt uneasy as the cot was a bit taller than normal. I brushed my irritation off like a speck of dust.

I brushed my teeth rinsing with ice cold water which was extremely unpleasant.

Looking at the made up bed was enough for me to feel sleepy. I prayed a moment as usual and pulled up the sheets up to my neck and switched off lights.

Though I dozed of immediately for 10 minutes initially, the discomfort of the bed and an unusual strange feeling made me turn and toss in my bed, sleepless, until my alarm went off at four.

I switched on the lights and looked at the tiled floor. I saw a variety of small creeping beetles. The floor was clean just before I went to bed and the doors and windows were bolted, yet I still don’t know where they are coming from.
So here I am writing about my first sleepless night in my new room.

Seeya, until you are ready to hear another of my blah blahs.

***I have Coolio singing "CU when you are there" for the music lovers, not forgetting to remind you to use a headphone while you listen to it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

yet another tag and a bye !!

This is my longest post I ever did in one stretch and you have to excuse me for that. You see, I am not going to give you anything for a month starting from tomorrow.

A young woman tagged me for my 8 random habits/facts.

I have never seen nor heard her but I know that she comes to read my blog.
I don’t take up tags the normal way. I try to make it into a story by spinning facts like a spider…and it takes time.
Time is that I don’t have here now.

In addition, I am leaving on my vacation for another 28 days during which I don’t intend to write or read blogs.
It will be sort of hibernation this time. I will just close my senses so tight, emotions bottled, dreams and wishes crushed, like a pearl hurdled in a shell.
I hope that I can survive.

So I come back to the person who tagged me.
She is kind to me as she accepted my terms on the rules. I can’t write eight facts/habits from my life with such short time. So I will do as much as I can for you and I won’t tag any, as usual.
It is a story that I came in to contact with this person.
One day I saw her in my blog with a comment. I became curious and peeped in her blog… in her pages I saw a lot of wisdom.
From there I learned that she is one of the persons who cherish humanity.
I believe that humanity is not completely lost and I believe in this quote by Mahatma Gandhi.

“You must not loose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if few drops of ocean is dirty, the whole ocean doesn’t become dirty”

For I consider humanity an asset to people in this world where the new generation lack a lot of that.
So in my life, I consider humanity as numero uno (number one) factor

So now I come back again to person who tagged me.
Her name is samrina and she is from Pakistan. I tried to find out the meaning of her name in Arabic…but in vein.
Well, she already stated in her blog that she is also called as Samira (Sameera) which in Arabic means companion. I am sure that with the humanity and wisdom and faith she has, she will be more than a companion to her partner. Let future fill up the gap.
Samrina wants me to write 8 things about my habits/facts

Read this from her post about her interests “I love to write, though initially I started writing poetries”
So we both have something in common… I love poetry so does this girl.
Some times I too write poems but I am not yet sure, if those can be called as poems.

For me... and Thomas Gray
“Poetry is thoughts that breathe and words that burn”

I don’t really love poems by Emily Dickenson but for ‘some reason’ these lines from her… I will always remember.

If I can stop one heart from breaking,
I shall not live in vain;
If I can ease one life the aching,
Or cool one pain,
Or help one fainting robin
Unto his nest again,
I shall not live in vain.

Now coming back to the tag, I am sort of a teacher by my present job. You can call me an Engineer turned teacher with a PG accreditation to teach.
I am called as a trainer in Oil Fields. I teach young National Engineers what they forgot to learn in universities. I take then on a two year long rigorous ‘On job’ training in the oilfields.
My company believes that

“Good teachers are costly but bad teachers cost more”~ Bob Talbert
So they hired me.

My motto about my profession is best expressed by Khalil Gibran
“A teacher, who is indeed wise, does not bid you to enter his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind”

That is what I do.
I teach them, and in turn I learn many things from and about them.
I learn about their family, habits, weaknesses, traditions, last but not least, their love.
I am their partner in sorrows happiness’s, virtually a partner in crimes too. I know when their faces are sad and in five minutes, the reason too.

Oh No, I am going again off track.

This is my desk.
The pile of answer papers littered my table hither-wither.
My two darling miniature speakers were transferred underground, beneath my table to allow space for the files which contains the special bond papers printed in different colours.

The colours now made me puke, as I am getting exhausted with sitting and signing and verifying papers on every stage of their training, now to be sorted in individual files.
I thought I need a lovely secretary just to cheer me up every morning with a smile and a cup of tea, when I am exhausted.
They say it is not allowed…they say it is against the protocol to employ woman on that job in the field.
They say they can give me an old lady if I insist. LOL
They say it with a lewd smile on their lips.
They don’t know anything about woman and womanhood.
For them, woman should only be in the kitchen.
For them, it is better if the woman is illiterate.
For them, it is better if they don’t breathe fresh air.
For them, they are just an instrument of pleasure.
They don’t know of any other relation between a man and woman.

Oh Jesus! Where have I gone with my words and thoughts?
The matter is plain, that I needed to be out in the open… I need fresh air.
I got up from my desk, locked the door, stretched my muscles and went out on the blacony whistling an old Nat king Cole Number

The mild breeze caressed the coarse hairs on my exposed forearms and I felt pleasantly cold.
I looked beyond the walkway to the main office, towards the groomed guava trees, to the large may flower tree and stopped at the large thick greenish tree near the main security office.
I thought that the tree looked so beautiful.
What is so beautiful about that useless tree?

Listen to Martin Luther king
“God writes the Gospel not only in the Bible alone, but on trees and flowers and clouds and stars”
So you see; I love nature.
I love that tree, which for ordinary person is no beauty. It is full of those long beans, like daggers that contain its seeds.
I neither know the name of the tree or its beans but I call that the dagger beans because of its shape and it is coloured shining parrot green.
If it is pleasant colour that attracts me now, in summer it is the sizzling sound that it produces when the mild afternoon wind blows. I feel that it as music of the nature.
Again I need to say, that if you see that you may not see any beauty in it.
As Confucius once said
“ everything has beauty, but not every one sees it”
Take a look.

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Don’t you see the beauty ?
Don’t you see beauty in the colour of that useless dagger beans ?
Oh ! God I am forgetting what I was planning to write.

I am still in the balcony of my office with a cold wind singing strange music

I stood watching there a moment and turned to my little chirping friends nearby.

A robin on the recess between the metallic supports and roofing sheets gave me an unpleasant look. I wondered why?
Sure it knows me well, as I feed them plenty of biscuits from my catering supply, as I don’t relish biscuits.
Another birdie now loomed up between the sheets moving beside him, speaking their language non stop.
Now I saw that he has become chirpy and displayed me his pleasure. I saw that he was really proud now sitting near her

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When I came in here the first time before three years, I tried to decipher their chirping language and I think I was able to understand a bit. But now I lost it or, may be they don’t talk for me or they don’t want to me to hear.

I remember the howling sounds of the night birds when I was in my Mom’s house, lying in the large bed with her, as she showed me how to answer the call in the same way as they do. She could do the talking with any pets or animals we had.
She used to talk with them as soothingly as she talks to me and they seemed to react spontaneously.
She even taught me to talk to the brown stallion that William bought from the auctions especially for Dad.
It was a dooms day for her when it broke its hind leg during riding practice and writhed in pain until my Mom insisted on drugging him for a day.
She even went out with her maid in the middle of the night to the stable…where it was resting on slings.

I looked again at the Robins, the laughing pairs. I was listening intently but was unable to catch what they were chirping.
I pointed my thumb and the middle finger at the male Robin and said "Ahoy ! Damn you, if you don't want to chirp with me"

They were laughing and cooing, and that was music to me.

Good , that I remembered music now… as I am born with music in my ears.
If you want to understand the meaning of what I said, then you need to understand a bit of Africa.
We are a race that has music running through our veins.
We have songs and music when one is born and when one dies.
We dance at birth and death. We even have songs and dances when you need too be sad. Being a ‘kappiri (African mix) brada’… I love music.
I love music irrespective of the language, provided that it makes me close my eyes and relax…or makes me jump out of my bed and move around the room humming and moving with rhythmic steps.
I am like Buffy Sainte Maria who said that
“Music been my play mate, my lover and my crying towel”
Oh well, its time for me to go in now or else I wont finish the papers it 2 days before the trainees leave.

I forgot to tell you that I love traveling.
Every place I visit is an experience I treasure. In fact I am leaving for a voyage tomorrow. See. I am ready with what I have.
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As good by is the saddest word, it is not easy for me to sing good bye…..and more over I don’t sing well.

I will let Celin Dion to do that.
Listen to her sad goodbye. That’s my good bye to you.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Flutterfly !

I have a very moderate office and my two desks are even more moderate.
I can’t complain, as I am not the General Manager of the company.

I am just a trainer who does teach the new generation of National Engineers.

The trainees call me ‘Usthad’ (Sir) or Mr. Jac, and to others I am a muda-ras (teacher) or sometimes plain ‘mohandis jac’ (Engineer jac) as is the Arabic custom.

One way or other I don’t care what they call me. I teach damn well and I am proud of it. (‘Excuse my language, ahem !)

They give me a nice salary, a cabin not very moderate but with two desks, amenities, provide top class food in grade1 officers diner, 24x7 internet(slowest LAN in the whole world) free laundry, top class accommodation single( sorry, no woman allowed)

So you see, I have nothing to complain.
Give me a reason and I will.
In return I teach the new Engineers how to be self sufficient… how to run an oil facility with out problems.
Isn’t that good enough ?

Normally I am the last to leave the office and I leave my office in the late night locking the doors myself.
Yesterday too before locking all doors, I looked around to see if the AC is off, the power plugs isolated, lights in the balcony.
Nothing abnormal!
No smoky smell?
No body hiding anywhere?
Every thing was clear and I locked and left to my room nearby.

Now it is today.
As usual I am in the office at 5AM.
Switched on the desktop computer, spread my laptop on the side table and switched it on too. I am waiting for both the computers to load…and then I heard the sound of flutters.

I am sure that I locked the doors, so it can’t be bats.
There fluttering continued out side my cabin door. I got up and opened the door.

Flut…flut… flut…

The thing was inside my door before I could even wink.

Beside the fluorescent lights inside my office, fluttering around was a very large butterfly!!!!

I looked with interest and with keenness, my curiosity showed in my look

It was not a normal night butterfly and it was not very colorful too, but it has lovely designs showing on its wings and I remembered that this is not the season of butterflies.

Now, after so much fluttering, I saw that it was looking for a place to rest and then, it sat on the paper punch right on top of my cup board and I could see it looking at me with its large bulged eyes and rubbing its sensors.

I wanted to tell it that I am no honey and there are no flowers here.
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As if guessing my thoughts, it started fluttering again here are there with out aim and finally landed on my laptop.

Now I had a closer look. It is quite large…to be precise, as large as my palm.

But I also noticed that it has lost a small piece of its wing…probably a bird tried to attack and it escaped death.
I took the camera out of my case slowly and checked the charge. Shot a pic with its wings at full span sitting on my laptop.

As if it was waiting for the pic to be taken, it fluttered from my lap to my shoulder, and from there landed right on my palm…stayed there put; won’t go away at all. LOL

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I think that it liked the moist warmness of my palm.

I realised now that if it stayed there in the AC cabin, it may loose the ability to fly easily.
I took the soft silk creature reverently outside my office.

I raised my hand and there... it was gone fluttering to freedom……
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hey ! you may !

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To those days that scares you with just a thought
like those black days, with out a reason, lips so tight

damn those days that you feel towed away,
feels the need to be alone… and you find a way

with the wind, to be blown away as you say
wouldn’t I have my say, to you; if I may?
‘nuf' of those dark days that splash, all over with gray
breaking in pieces, your tiny beads of love like clay

a hurt is mutual when hearts are spun like a string of hay
when hearts are afar, do you expect a magical ray?
that travels as fast as a witch’s wand, curing all dismay?

give your life a teeny weenie bit of colour; ‘least a day
then ask me, if you don’t, the meaning of love, if you may
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A teeny weenie joke

A kindergarten class had a homework assignment to find out about something exciting around their home or nearby places and relate it to the class the next day.

The next day, after the routine songs and rhymes they normally practice, the pretty teacher wanted to know from the kids, some innocent excitement that they witnessed around them.

When the time came to present what they'd found, the first little boy Jim, walked up to the front of the class made a small white dot on the blackboard and sat back down.

Puzzled, the teacher asked him

“Jim, what is that?”

"It's a period," said the little boy.

"Well, I can see that," she said, "but what is so exciting about a period?"

"Damned if I know," said the little boy, "but this morning my sister was missing one, Daddy had a heart attack, Mommy fainted, and the man next door shot himself."

Friday, September 14, 2007

Another tag 8-|

I had no internet for a few days due to a fibre optic cable cut on the main lines of my company server and the area was flooded, preventing access for the repair crew

Now I have a lot of pending posts and more importantly, I have a pending tag.

geets has tagged me about the smells.

In fact I would say that she has tricked me…. Let me explain.

There is a saying that goes as that, if you suspect some body planning to ask you for a loan, the best way to prevent is to ask them first, before they get any chance to ask u.
I think it is a very clever strategy.

When I did the last tag for gazza, I was supposed to tag at least 3 persons…and the first name that came to mind was geets. I wrote her name as nominee, and then just before posting it, I took a peep at what is going on with my friend dot at her blog. I saw that dot has already tagged geets.
I am “kereem “( kind hearted, generous) to all those who wants to know , so when I saw geets being tagged some where else, I felt that she shouldn’t be overburdened hence I didn’t tag her.

Now, what I assume might have happened over the other end at geets is that, she being extremely intelligent (her IIT tenure being ample proof) somehow smelt my intentions and tagged me in advance to prevent me tagging her.

She is very clever indeed!!!

Anyways…tricks or no tricks, tags are tags and I will do it with pleasure for her. (Smile from ear to ear)

Let me remember what smell comes to me first, in the order of importance!

The first one I remember is the smell of smoke…the smell of wood smoke drifting from the long lane of thatched roof African huts.

African huts…made with reeds and grass.
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When I was a kid, every morning I used to walk near the huts that workers from the plantation dwell with kids running around stark naked, to inhale the pleasant smell of wood smoke. I know smelling smoke is not good.

My attraction was nothing but the pleasant aroma, that spreads from a particular dry grass used along with the wood, to get the fire going.
The times has passed I don’t get a chance to see those houses often.

Second smell on my list is of lemon…not the smell of the lemon fruit that I like, but the smell of the leaves of the lemon tree.

Ya, I like it so much!
I know, that you people are laughing at my silliness!!

For you, the smell of the lemon and the lemon leaf are same.

But I tell you something??

Next time if you happen to be near a lemon tree, just pluck a lemon leaf, crush it with your fingers and smell it…
Pronto, let me know if I am wrong.

Keep on mocking at me until then.

Next one is a smell of food item.

I like the smell of freshly steamed garry.
Garry(or Eba) is the national food of Nigeria. It is made by steaming the pre- powdered cassava roots (Tapioca)
It has a delicious smell when it is taken out from the oven…that I will never forget.
It is normally consumed with an African fish cuisine called Egussi mellow.
My mom used to make the best Egussi mellow in the whole world, so how could I forget that.

I am now coming to smell number four which is a fragrance and not a smell.

I like the smell of my perfume that I use only while I am not on duty.
I use GIO (men) from Giorgio Armani.

You started laughing when I said "while I am not on duty"???

Though it looks odd, it is true that our company does not encourage the use perfumes during duty, due to purely safety reasons.

That brings in more cynical look from you ???

It is also true, as Africa is the place of wild bees. There is every chance that you will be followed and attached mercilessly by bees, if they are in a bad mood, and they can pick up scents and follow you easily.

Smell number five has two claimers.

I like the smell of flowers of Jasmine and Paala (Alstonia Schlolaris) Both are flowers but one is from flower garden and another is the flower of a wild tree called as Paala in which the yakshi (the beautiful disguised witch) dwells as per geets.

Paala is a tropical plant also known as white cheesewood or blackboard tree, is considered medicinal. Ancient times in Africa, the bitter bark of the tree was used for treating Malaria as a substitute for quinine.

The Paala flower blooms only at midnight and spreads an exotic smell, that is said to attract males to the tree (not me, but geets says so)
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Geets knows better about it, as she nurtures one of that (or a look like) at her apartment.

I hope that geets feels happier with me for taking up this tag for her.


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Monday, September 10, 2007


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Words are now do’s and don’ts lurking one’s life
every day turns a countdown marked with knife

when an oasis turns a desert, marring none to survive
I lie cuddled in sand, stone-like, resisting life to revive
staring at sun, a soul made ready, shedding all reserve

Thursday, September 06, 2007


I was tagged by my good friend gazza .

The first thing you have to do is post the rules. So, here they are:

1. You have to post these rules before you give the facts.

2. You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

3. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

I have decided to make the exception of tagging any. Anybody who is willing can take this up.

My middle name is jac. Ha! Ha! See, it is so convenient too !!!

Now the first letter of my name is J… and what I first remember as usual is my own name.
Now what am I going to write about my name ????

Let’s say that it is not only my name and that I have got something that comes to my mind from my childhood…a fall that should have killed me.
Here is the story of Jackfruit which start from the letter J

During the times on vacation I spent with my late valiammachy (my grandma) in a remote corner of Kerala, I was deprived of going alone anywhere with out her escorting me as she believed that I am a ‘kappiri themmadi chekkan( naughty African imp), bold enough to look and scare even lions, back at my home country.

Well, I didn’t tell her that I am also afraid of lions if a lion happen to look straight at me.

One day she showed me some very large green and fat thing hanging from a tree in her farm and told me that it is a fruit, and is one of sweetest fruits on earth. She told me that it is called chakka.
That was the biggest fruit I have ever seen.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I demanded to have it tasted immediatly and she refused saying that I have to wait a day or two to allow the tree to be dry, so that the coconut-plucker staying nearby can climb on it to fetch one of those sweet things for me to taste.

I am a spoiled brat and I was not happy with that attitude. I am an Aries kid.
I will get what I wanted by hook or crook.

While she was busy with servants in kitchen I was out looking over the tree with the numerous fruits on it.

I found her fears baseless, as the tree bark looked pretty dry and I decided to make a go for the tree, thinking that I will surprise my valiammachy with my African climbing skill.
I was on the first branch with a number of fruits hanging down, that I realized that I didn't think of a knife, to cut of the fruit from the tree as the fruit was firmly attached by a strong spine with the bark. I hesitated a moment, thinking if I should call out my valiammachy for help. But my pride won’t budge.

This little brave jac from Africa, firmly holding on to a branch with one hand, tried to snatch off the heavy fruit with the other hand.

I succeeded in sheering off the fruit but I was totally unaware of the weight of that damn thing and I lost my hold on the branch… off I go with the chakka, landing on my back, that took my breath away for a moment.

I was stunned till I heard my valiammachy’s voice almost pleading and crying “ente mone, ente ponnu mone” (my son! my dear son).

I was afraid to face her, but I got up very slowly making sure that my limps are ok, and managed a smile at my valiammachy.

Seeing my smile, I saw her facial muscles transforming from fear to anger.

She moved so fast for her age and caught both my hands in one hold with her ebony fingers and shouted “nintte appan enne kollum ariyamoda kappiri” ? (That time I didn’t know the meaning but it meant “you African imp, don’t you know that your dad will kill me ?)

I thought she was going to hit me and I closed my eyes... instead I felt her warm kisses on both my cheeks and tears were rolling non stop from her eyes.

My valiammachy later said that she heard only one heavy sound, not two… meaning that chakka might have fallen on me. LOL

So there my story ends !!!

The jackfruit is a huge, spined oval fruit that is believed to have been first cultivated in Indian rainforests.

I think that it is not true because there is mention of jackfruits described in minute detail from travelers of ancient times who passed through Zanzibar, Africa.

Any ways, it is largely grown in tropical or close to tropical climates. It still is found in many parts of India, as well as in most of Southeast Asia. In the Americas, the jackfruit is largely grown in Brazil. The northern parts of the US and all of Canada are generally too cold for young jackfruit trees.

The second letter on the list is A and I am relating it to some thing beautiful.
What about beautiful eyes?

But there again, the word ‘Eye’ doesn’t start with letter A. What about Almonds? It starts with letter A but it doesn't have any relation with eyes.

But yes, people say that a perfect eye will take the shape of an Almond.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I have been to many countries in the past.

But perfect almond shaped eyes that I have seen was from a place called Hilla in Iraq.

There you can tell if a woman is from Hilla, by just looking at her eyes. The female species from Hilla are graced with Almond shaped eyes.

Don’t mistake me please !

I know that all of you may have even more beautiful eyes than them, but I haven’t seen any of you !!!! Almonds are not strange to any of you.

Almonds are normally a favorite Mediterranean specialty.

But they are grown in many countries like Spain, Greece, Italy and Afghanistan Iran and even in California in the United States. But the most sought after almonds are considered to be from Iran.

Almonds are nutritionally dense – a quality emphasized in the government’s Dietary Guidelines. Independent analyses show that almonds are the most nutritionally dense nut, whether compared calorie per calorie or ounce per ounce. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2005 encourage Americans to choose nutritionally dense foods – that is, to get the most nutrition possible out of the calories you eat. A one-ounce, 160-calorie serving of almonds, or about a handful, is an excellent source of vitamin E and magnesium, and a good source of fiber. It also offers heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, protein, potassium, calcium, phosphorous and iron.

Eating a daily handful of almonds a day may lower LDL, or “bad” cholesterol. In a clinical trial published in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation, men and women who ate one daily ounce of almonds for a month lowered their LDL cholesterol by 4.4 percent. Those who ate two daily ounces of almonds lowered their LDL cholesterol even more – by 9.4 percent – and maintained their weight.

Eating almonds may help maintain or even lose weight. A 2003 study in the International Journal of Obesity found that adding a daily ration of almonds to a low-calorie diet enhanced weight loss, as well as significantly improved risk factors associated with heart disease, when compared to a low-fat, low-calorie diet. Researchers cited almonds’ heart-healthy monounsaturated fat as being very satiating, helping satisfy the appetite and prevent patients from overeating.

The last letter in the lot is C.

Here is the word Crystal.

I have a collection of crystals I cherish.

I like crystals because of its beauty of transparency and shining. I get a clean feeling when I look at a crystal

In chemistry a crystal is a solid made of atoms, molecules, or ions are packed in a regularly ordered, repeating pattern extending in all three spatial dimensions.

The word crystal originates from the Greek word "Krystallos" meaning clear ice, as it was thought to be an especially solid form of water. The word once referred particularly to quartz, or "rock crystal".

This pic was beyond my imagination !!

Here is a pic and its narration of something sensational that is difficult to believe.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This is the crystal cave of giants found in the Naica Mine, Chihuahua, Mexico. Those are Selenite crystals (gypsum) and are the largest crystals ever discovered.

They were 1000 feet down in a limestone host rock where they are mining for lead, zinc and silver.
These crystals were formed by hydrothermal fluids emanating from the magma chambers below. The miners had to drill through the Naica fault, that they were worried would flood the mine… and this is what they discovered.

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Am I ?

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I am back at my training desk after 28 days vacation.

While landing in Khartoum airport, as usual, I looked out through the window to see the joining point of the both the Nile rivers at Omdurman…the white and blue Nile.
I couldn’t locate it as usual as I couldn’t find the rivers at all.
I could see a vast lake with no way to know which is what?
Instantly I remembered the previous days TV news coverage of floods in Sudan.
But it was not me who made the floods and cyclones.
Am I?

After landing, on the way to Hotel Meridian, picked up by my company driver, I saw an accident where two peoples died in front of me, before the Ambulance arrived.
Both were speeding in the opposite directions for every one to see.
I am not responsible for that.
Am I?

I had to take a ‘Fokker’ flight to the field where I was working, in the wee hours of the morning.
In the air, I looked down and I could see the roads broken in many places suspending all road traffic.
I am not the one who did all those damage.
Am I?

Some of the trainees were sick because of Malaria. With the rains and floods comes Malaria like a robber.
I am not the one who spread Malaria.
Am I?

Then why me ? Why was that scary fella targeting me? Of all the people, why me?

Says everybody that I am good…then why was it gunning at me?
just me !

Listen to this!!!

It was the second day of my arrival.
I had my shower after my work in cold, hot and cold again, James bond style.
Out of the room in a casual slip-on foot wear to ease of heaviness that lingers with my legs, due to the usage of the heavy mandatory safety boots.
I was at ease and stood a second on the platform looking at the deepening dusk and started descending the steps to the ground and then I stood still uneasily, as my sixth sense gave me an alarm. I had the very well known African feeling of someone or something watching me.
Slightly crouched, I looked around cautiously squinting my eyes, looking through the building shadows for a jackal or wolf.
I couldn’t see any moment and nothing moved around me. But I think I saw some moment on the ground a bit far away but I couldn’t see that again while I looked closely.
I eased my body and moved my legs just one step and I saw that creepy one looking at me …a tiny crab, a normal, harmless land crab. Probably out from its hole for his pray.

I took the next step and there it was, as fast as a snake on to my exposed skin of my right foot, in between the leather straps

Ouch!! That sharp pain was like an electric drill, while it enjoyed making me cry out with its scissor snipers clamping my skin.

As I bend to inspect my leg with my hand, it ran a few feet and started watching me with his bulged eyes. I took out my hankie from my pocket and caught it fast and took it to the cemented lighted platform of my residence block. My leg was bleeding slightly, which I washed and applied some Mercurochrome. But the bitten part was dark purple.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I put my friend down to see what else it has in store for me. As soon as I removed the hankie, it stood glaring at me in its attacking position with the two scissor arms extended and ready for another crimping.
It stood still, while I took this picture with the flash. The flash might have scared the fella, as the poor thing dashed behind the wooden frame of the building.
I let it go.

I did nothing against it or anybody, but why was it just waiting me ?

Now I ask you why it is me.
Did I make the floods that made it to come out of his hole?
Did some one pay it to crimp me?

Am I responsible for its miseries too?
Am I?
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

tender !

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This picture was taken some time back.

Whenever I see this picture, I remember two different topics.

The first one is the name of the subject, which is “tender coconuts” and it brings me a real unique feeling of affection because of the word “tender” and eventually to tenderness.
It also takes me to the past…where a lot of faces passing through my mind, like a movie on slow motion…my child hood included.

If you have ever tasted a tender coconut, I need not say another word about it.
I would say that it tasted to me like a mom’s love.

The second topic that comes to me is that of a young blogger from Kerala in India with a blog name that resembles a coconut.
He is known as nariyal chutney which means chutney made with coconut. Nariyal is coconut in Hindi dialect.
Coconut chutney is a very famous south Indian delicacy.

Though I don’t know him in person, some how I like him. He was in my blog on August 15th after a long gap that made me remember this picture.

As keram means coconut in Keralite language, it is evident that the state of Kerala got the name Keralam or Kerala from its abundance in growing coconuts.
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In this second picture, I tried to stitch two different photos together that is of the coconut trees and a beach both from Purakkad, a fishing village in Kerala.

If you want to see another common variety of coconut, click here

I know what you are going to say now NC, but listen, both the coconut pictures are not taken from Kerala.


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Thursday, August 23, 2007

It was so touchy !

First of all, I want to thank lady luxie for another award extended to me in her blog. Thank you, luxie !
You are Kareem ! ( generous in Arabic) Thank you again !

I was supposed to post this long back as it happened almost a month ago.
The accommodation camp for my trainees has been temporarily shifted after the big fire in the company camp, and it was mandatory that I have to sign a register in the rented accommodation premises every day after verifying the trainee’s presence in the camp. The area was just a few kilometres located in middle of a small village that has accommodation facilities for different contracting companies.

That day while returning from inspection, I saw that sad scene…a jennet (a female donkey) was knocked down by a passing truck and its young foal (baby donkey) was standing guard beside in the stark rain. It was sniffing around it's mom and licking as if asking her to get up and feed her.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I was so sorry, as I saw that the foal was so very small and marks of tears were seen on both sides of its face.
I felt depressed at the sight, but I had to go on for my daily duties with out any further thinking that face.
I went through the same road the third day and the jennet and foal were still there.
The foal was in a pathetic condition being in the rain and it looked so week. The hair on its body was wet and dripping and the foal was shivering with cold. Its belly was seen empty and hollow, it was about to fall at any time and perish.
It was drizzling as I got down from my truck. I put on my coat and approached the small Sudanese shop owner nearby
“Salaam” I said politely.
He knew me from my frequent trips towards the area and he asked me what help I need. I asked him why he doesn’t ask the ‘Baladeeya’ (Municipality) the remove the carcass of the jennet and give the foal a shelter.

He said that no body care about a donkey and as usual, the body is for the Hawks and scavenger Eagles. He also explained that the foal refused water and food though he offered twice and added that it never left the body even for a second.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I explained that it is a health hazard but he doesn’t seem to understand.

So instead, I asked him where the Baladeeya office is and he showed me.
I took another look at the shivering foal and got in my truck to proceed to Baladeeya.
The man sitting behind the desk was reading something and he didn’t even sense my presence.
I cleared my throat and wished him “Salaam Alaikum”
He answered “Wa Alaikum Salaam” with out even caring to look up.

I cleared my throat again to make him look up... and this time he did look.

He looked at my official peacock blue uniform with the emblem my company and at my ID card hanging on my chest with the company embossed logo.

That was enough and he was on his feet asking excuse for not noticing me. His bored look gave way to courtesy and attention… Our company pays his salary. LOL

I explained about the donkey being dead for three days lying on the road and causing a health problem. He listened patiently but don’t see my point about the health hazard.
Finally he agreed that he will make arrangements to remove the carcass and called up a bunch of Khaki clad workers with crisp orders.
I thanked him and went next to the Rafiq’s provision store where I normally purchase my nick-knacks.
I had helped him once or twice when his children got sick that got them special attention from our company Doctors and another time when his son made an accident and I used my truck as an ambulance.

I asked him if he can take care of the foal for me as I knew that he owns a few donkeys that he uses for transporting his goods. At least the foal will be well fed.
He said that he will send his son immediately to fetch the foal and I knew he would take care.

Even after almost a month, I remember the face of the foal, standing guard to its mother expecting her to get up any time and fondly licking the baby.

Mom’s love has no match even if it is with animals.

When I started writing this journal, I had no idea what a female donkey or a baby donkey is called as…but now you see just a click in msn search and I had learned something I didn’t knew before.

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Innocent Babaghai (Parrot)

A woman went to a pet shop and immediately spotted a large beautiful parrot. There was a sign on the cage that said $50.00.

"Why so little," she asked the pet store owner.

The owner looked at her and said, "Look, I should tell you first that this bird used to live in a house of Prostitution, and sometimes it says some pretty vulgar stuff."

The woman thought about this and looked at the beautiful bird, but decided she had to have the bird anyway.

She took it home and hung the bird's cage up in her living room and waited for it to say something.
The bird looked around the room, then at her, and said, "New house, new madam."

The woman was a bit shocked at the implication, but then thought how and where the parrot had been raised.

When her two teenage daughters returned from school the bird saw them and said, "New house, new madam, new girls."

The girls and the woman were a bit offended but then began to laugh when explained about the situation and considering how and where the parrot had been raised.

Moments later, the woman's husband, Keith came home from work.

The bird looked at him and said, "Hi, Keith."

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wishing you...

Best wishes to all my readers of Indian Origin on their 60th Independence day...
This is to remind you that we are one...
irrespective of the colour of our flags, the difference in the way we dress, the variety of the way we speak or the mode of culture we inherited.

Let us stand together for peace and prosperity for all.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Saved !

I was supposed to publish some of these posts before my vacation. Some how I was not able to do that then. I am using my vacation to post those, to compansate it.
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I saw her on my left side almost fifty meters ahead of me, alone and aloof yet enjoying the strong drift of the muddy water. In fact I was seeing her almost three consecutive days…same place, almost same time.
I was on the look out for her today and I got lucky.

I cut my engine and eased the car silently on the bylane. She hesitated a moment and moved to the farther side.
These gray storks are very suspicious birds and I knew it well.

With out getting out of the car, I opened the side glass of my pick up and prepared my camera and checked my battery level because I didn’t want to miss this shot for any reason.

She stood still as I looked through the window with out batting an eyelid.

All off a sudden she relaxed and started to swim around. I breathed a sigh and looked through the view finder and clicked as she ignored me totally. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
As minutes passed, she became confident and moved closer, occasionally dipping her head under water. But the odd angle of my pick up prevented me from taking a shot of her fishing skill. I had to satisfy me with this closer shot.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Aiming for a better shot, I opened the door slowly and eased out my leg towards the muddy bank. She looked up suddenly, probably due to the light reflected from my camera. She hesitated and moved to the shady side of the tree, among the green grass shoots rising above the muddy water.
She seemed to be trying to hide from me when I took this shot.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Suddenly she froze, as I heard the unmistaken sound of the gunshot.
I thought she was hurt but in an instant she took off like a bullet with her beautiful wings flapping a zigzag path, as a precaution.

I thanked God for sparing her life as I saw the culprit...a stale smiling face of the Sergeant in a camouflaged army attire from the bushes with his smoking gun.

As a forigner here, I can’t get angry with this barbarian, I thought myself. He was still smiling like an ape at me.

“You are a damn good shot sergeant” I said, eying the flying bird far away. His smile froze with my mockery, as he trod away angrily to the nearby check post.
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Thursday, August 09, 2007


It was so silent out in the open,
serene, the clouds and sky at a stand still

with the rains gone, brighter the sun
a small crowd in garden is the Chinese roll call

I took a deep breath to freshen
in the bright foyer, I saw it, smiling like a pal

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I forgot to mention to all that I am on my vacation. Sorry for going off with out a word.

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wine !

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Grapes from vineyards
plucked as fresh and good
kept in wooden casks
matured to change with time
the name is sparkling wine !

Is love, like those grapes ?
held like prize of gold
kept in a warming heart
nurtured and cared with time
Could you change its name ?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

yet another day !

Picture courtesy internet
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This is the end of the day as in every day
feeling the unknown heat of the bay each day
or watching sunset… be it any day, Monday to Friday
I have it all marked in a page a day, even today

This is about bubbles, tiny globes, that lives hardly a day
at times as pairs, twined like couples on a wedding day
flying high and low, drifting like balloons freed on a birthday
inside, are souls trapped, dreams withered, shrieking mayday

throw off that pin, sharp as a harpoon used on whale hunting day
It needs just a shake, to make them break and bring their doomsday
let those bubbles dream and live in moments of joy, yet another day

Saturday, July 28, 2007

To tickle your humour cells

An Irishman walks into a bar in Dublin and orders 3 pints of guinness and sits at the back of the room, drinking a sip out of each one in turn. When he was finished he came back to the bar and ordered 3 more.

The barman says, "You know a pint goes flat when I pull it, it would taste better if you bought one at a time"

The irishman replies, "Well you see I have two brothers, one lives in America, the other in Australia, and I am here in Dublin. When we left home we promised each other we would drink this way to remember the days we all drank together"

The barman admits that this is a nice custom and leaves it there.

The irishman becomes a regular at the bar and always drinks the same way. He orders 3 pints and drinks the 3 pints by taking drinks from each of them in turn.

One day he comes in and orders 2 pints. All the regulars in the bar notice and fall silent. When he comes back to the bar to order the second round the barman says

"I don’t want to intrude on your grief, I just want to offer my condolences on your great loss"

The irishman looks confused for a moment, then a light dawns in his eye and he laughs.

" Oh no”, he says, "Everyone is fine. It’s me. I’ve stopped drinking”.

Have a nice laugh and here is my wishes for you to have a nice and pleasent week end.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

That is not my muscle power !!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Listen please !
This is not my show off muscle that you see here !!

I am surprised and out of speach about capcity who has graced me with an award of schmooze... which I understand means, an ability to make connections.

First of all let me thank capcity for choosing me as one among the five awarded. I am flattered with this ardent unexpected attention and kindness.

Though I don't know her very well, I find this sista' a woman of immense inner strength and I would say that she is a born leader.

Thank you, Cap !

The rule also says that I have to pass the award to five others which is a very testing job for me.
In fact, I don't want to do it, but then, I have to do it one way or other.

Now the difficult part of crowning another five individuals very very difficult.

So I am doing the easiest thing possible for me...choose five popular blogers that comes to my mind.

  1. samuru, for her poem a day blog, which became a grand success, though is taking a temporary break at the moment.

  2. janice with her communicating ability in any kind of writing, be it prose, verse or even through her own audio/video reproductions.

  3. mindinside for her simple but evokingly expressive poems and her ability to be on top form to her readers if she wants.

  4. velu for his ability to mermerise and tickle a large number of readers with his unique, little snippets coming through his popular blog.

  5. mathew with his humourous way of writing in his blog has earned him a considerable(sigh) number of female readers. He has also manged to hypnotize and charm a large number of fans including me, with his gigantic moustache (meesa in his language)

Please check them out with out fail and you will see that they deserve it.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

May I come in ?

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To kill means, to get killed by hanging
not to kill is, to get killed unarmed
either way you get killed
Give me a couple of days to visit everyone of you... I did miss all your blogs.
If you do not enjoy the music here, you can switch off the player by double clicking the player, but if you enjoy music...use a good headphone.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A full bloom of Taleh

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Last month while I was going to unity state through the forest short cut, I couldn’t believe my eyes, as I saw yellow every where.

For the first time in my life I saw the Taleh trees in bloom.

The spring has been favorable to this tree it seems.
Last year, I saw a bloom here there, but not in these dimensions.
Every nook and corner where the Taleh forest is visible was covered with small yellow flowers.

This is incredibly beautiful !!

This tree is a wonder tree for the people over here.
My old readers already know what it is. If they remember... Do I see a lewd smile on their faces?
Those readers who are new here and not heard about the tree, please take a look here.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


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I was in that cute boat on their previous round at Cochin backwaters. (The city of Cochin or Kochi, is at the southern end of India)

There was a group of woman from France in it when I entered.

They looked at me suspiciously while I stepped in, but after seeing my camera, they opened up again chattering in French, even one of them eying me from the corner of her eyes and asking the other if I was an Arab...unaware that I know a little French.

It was real cozy inside the boat with comfortable cushioned seats and very clean floormats.

In the background is the city of Cochin.


They say, that a laugh is as good as sex... and sex is said to be healthy.
Enjoy the humor and rememeber to take it in good spirits.

Late on Friday afternoon a Banbury senior citizen drove his brand new BMW Z4 convertible out of the car salesroom.

Taking off down the motorway, he floored it to 90 mph, enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left on his head.
"Amazing!" he thought as he flew down theM40, enjoying pushing the pedal to the metal even more.
Looking in his rear view mirror, he saw a police car behind him, blue lights flashing and siren blaring.
"I can get away from him - no problem!" thought the elderly nutcase as he floored it to 110mph, then 120, then 130mph.

Suddenly, he thought,"What on earth am I doing? I'm too old for this nonsense!"
So he pulled over to the side of the road and waited for the police car to catch up with him.

Pulling in behind him, the police officer walked up to the driver's side of the BMW, looked at his watch and said, "Sir, my shift ends in 10minutes. Today is Friday and I'm taking off for the weekend. If you can give me a reason why you were speeding like that, I've never heard or seen you before, I'll let you go."

The man, looked very seriously at the policeman, and replied, " Years ago," he paused a second before continuing " my wife ran off with a policeman. "

"I thought you were bringing her back." he said with out even a smiling.

"Have a good day, Sir," said the policeman. He raised his cap slightly as of a salute and left with a broad smile.

Monday, June 04, 2007


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In deep slumber it came, a picture, crystal clear
array of colours so vivid, I felt her so near

eyes closed, I sensed, the image was you
holding hands, leaning... a cozy feeling anew

I felt your long fingers, touching my nose
moments, breath intense, moving so close

then, the shrill of beeps I heard from far, I felt
eyes wide, I saw my clock shrieking atop my quilt

Saturday, June 02, 2007

A trapeze on the ground ???

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Last Wednesday was a day for safety awareness and there was a small exercise for the trainees as part of the training on the subject. It was just a matter of being with the trainees for 10 minutes. But the exercise was scheduled in a station almost 40 kilometers away.
I sent my trainees in the minivan with the driver and I proceeded after 10 minutes in my pick up.

After the exercise, I have allowed my trainees to go back early and I stayed behind to meet a few of my ex-trainees who has already become regular staff.

My return was delayed until 11AM and I have as usual, cruised at low speed enjoying sights around me.

The summer this year is abnormally hot and the pools were getting dry. There were very few migrating birds that day. There were a few showers which were simply not enough to wet the fertile land.

On the way I had to pass through many pools with muddy water that were actually dug for the shepherds and cattle...the only source of water to cater the animals.

While passing the third pool I saw movement in black and stopped.

I saw this bird doing a virtual dance near the pool.

First what I thought was that it somehow got hurt by some cactus thorns which are deadly to these birds when they are dry.
I knew I can’t help the poor thing, as the reef Herons are so much afraid of of us.

I stopped the pick up and decided to investigate.

When I was out of the car, I had a partial view of the pool and now, I clearly saw that it was doing a virtual waltz near the pool.

I thought that the bird was crazy.

Now I asked this question to myself
Does it happen ?

I didn't know if they become crazy some times?
I have never thought about this subject before ! I have to ask Abdulla or refer some books.

Who else in the hell want to do a waltz when the sun is on top of your head ?

Yes, that one was one crazy black Heron, was my thought.

While I was watching that peculiar dance of my friend in the sun, I noticed yet another moment nearby, which I couldn’t see before, due to the dry weeds that blocked my view.

I moved to get a clear view.

Now I knew what that cheeky fella was doing and the reason for his crazy dance.
A crazy Heron waltzing ?

geets ! .... Are you looking for a clue ?
Well ! you won't find any, this time.

Intead, take a look here

Current music is spice girls

Friday, June 01, 2007

Tagged by Kai

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The pic that you see was taken from Malayasia.
I tried to look for the pic of a live butterfly for kai but couldn't locate one good enough to be shared, as I know that she is great admirer of butterflies and poems.

Normally I dont take tags.
I was tagged by my young friend Princess Kai. I am unable to refuse her request. So here I am.

Rules are:

* each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.

* People who are tagged need to write posts in their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.

* At the end of your post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

  1. I love to write; but I really know how good or how bad I am.

  2. Once on a flight in a business class cabin, I surprised a famous film star who was my co passenger, just by pretending ignorance about his identity. He was offended very much that he asked the air hostess for another seat.

  3. Unlike many males, I am very emotional. I cry when I feel bad, but so far only less than three persons have seen me crying. I don’t do it in public however sad I am.

  4. When I am alone and doing something with utmost concentration, I do talk to myself.

  5. I am not afraid of death, devil, snake or crocs but I am afraid of wild bees. I was attacked and bitten by them once.

  6. I fight injustice irrespective of the country caste or creed or religion. My country is the most corrupt country in the world.

  7. I was slapped once in my life and was shocked and numb for 3 days. Don't ask me why ?

  8. I am not particular about where I write. I think the best place to write is in an aircraft. Many of my verse have originated in flights on unused vomit bags, as I couldn’t find any other paper to write. I loose many of them by misplacing it elsewhere.

*I do not tag any.

The song "that girl " is for you kai.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Filigree !

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The spider's web with the flowery background and the light reflection on the thin net it made, looked to me like an intricate but symitrical artwork on metal wires.

An artist unparalleled !!!

I had no uploading speed on my net server from yestrday to post as usual. Apologies to my regular visitors.

Here is joke to ease your facial muscles and to let you know that I have my little cells of humor too.

A man and his wife are awakened at 3 o'clock in the morning by a loud pounding on the door.

The man gets up and goes to the door where a drunken stranger, standing in the pouring rain, is asking for a push.

"Not a chance," says the husband, "it is 3 o'clock in the morning!"
He slams the door and returns to bed.

"Who was that?" asked his wife."Just some drunken guy asking for a push," he answers.

"Did you help him?" She asks

"No, I did not, it is 3 o'clock in the morning and it is pouring out there!" he tried to sneak back under the blankets.

"Well, you have a short memory," says his wife.

"Can't you remember, about three months ago when we broke down, and those two guys helped us?” she said with such conviction, making him feel guilty.

“I think you should help him, and you should be ashamed of yourself!"

The man does as he is told, gets dressed, and goes out into the pouring rain.

He calls out into the dark, "Hello, are you still there?"

"Yes" comes back the answer.

"Do you still need a push?”, calls out the husband.

"Yes, please!" another instant reply, from the dark.

"Where are you?" asks the husband.

"Over here... on the swing!", replies the drunk.

Monday, May 28, 2007


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Make me a winter chill
that sweeps the greens, past that sleepy hill

teach me to love the arid sand
grows the trees, the nut of pistachio land

slow but certain I will grow
it’s my refuge, breathing your smell and snow

if not given hopes
where will I land in those slippery slopes?

from quietness that’s me
a shell in which I am in, to escape in to thee

oh no, leave me not here
hung threadlike, gripping with unknown fear
*** *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
Written on Dec 23rd 06 in piece of paper while on a crowded flight, thought to be lost with tickets. I got it back while searching for an air tag among the old boarding passes in my old laptop bag. The pic was a gift from a wellwisher that came by mail. I liked it instantly and the credits for the photo are not mine.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


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Cotton candy or snow
how tempting my heart, you know ?

a moment my vision
flew out and had a total submission

Friday, May 25, 2007

Embaressed !

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I was really embarrassed the other day.
The place my travel agent arranged for me to stay previously was Casino Malabar in Cochin, India.
When I was received in Cochin he asked me if I would like to stay in serene location. I readily agreed as I had three more days for the wedding which was the event I was supposed to be there for.
He used his mobile phone for a moment while I placed my small backpack in the car. It was almost 16 kilometers away from the airport through teak forest. I like d it instantly as it was beside the river Periyar and there was ample space in the lawn to lie down and rest in the night if I wanted to.
I slept early as I had to visit the city in the morning to buy some presents. Morning was so nice with the resort.
As it was not open officially, very few people were staying there.

I have asked the reception not to call me early, but I was up at six looking at the slow flowing river. The place and river were isolated as the resort was inside the Government forest area.
By seven I strolling the river bank with my camera to take pot shots of the small robins that go around in the morning for their honey breakfast.
Now I thought it good idea to have dip in the cold water and so moved towards the river with my camera in hand.
I tested the water to see if it was cold, surprisingly finding it warm.
Then I noticed the lone man standing in knee deep water looking around down in the water.
I was suspicious as it was quite an odd time for a man to loiter around, dressed in khaki shirt and lungi (a piece of coloured cloth worn around the waste).
I waited as I suspected that the fella was trying to move towards the deeper side of the river for a suicide attempt. I brushed off the idea because he must have seen me standing on the bank taking pictures.

Suddenly I wanted to take a pic of the man over there in case he is on to some wickedness.
He was not facing me.

So I started the focusing sequence and suddenly, a grisly figure appeared near the man from the water.
Black and gruesome, I thought it was crocodile coming up to eat the standing man. I shouted at him to warn him as he was looking the other way and stopped short.

The man turned in surprise at my shout with a look of puzzlement or surprise.
He saw the creature and started to talk to it loudly.
I looked again embarrassed totally as the man started laughing and mocking at me.

I wanted to hide in the water until he is gone because of the total shame.

I have never seen a tame crocodile out side any zoo.

Want to see a tame crocodile? Try here.

Thursday, May 24, 2007


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Due to fiber optic cable damage in our main server system, my network is functioning like a wounded cockroach from yesterday.
For this reason neither could I write a reply to your comments, which I enjoy normally, nor visit your pages and write a comment.

Though I am able to open and publish a post after several attempts, it just refuses to open when I try to comment in your posts. Finally I am giving up and biting my nails instead.

I request you to bear with me until my net is normal to make a comment in your blog or in mine.
I do apologize for this, and assure you that I will reciprocate the visits once my net is back to normal.
I will try to post as normal if network be favourable to me.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My flame yellow.

This tropical wild beauty is seen in any nook and corner of Madagascar, African continent, Philippines, India , Bangladesh and Pakistan and may be a lot of other places.
Needing no fertilizer and with minimum water, it thrives in any territory except the deserts and it gives you flowers in an array of colors and mixed colors.

See this yellow beauty taken at twilight.

The sodium vapor lamp overhead fifty meters off the target gave me enough light to proceed without the flash and in a manual delayed exposure.

I don’t know if it is perfect.
See for yourself.
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Monday, May 21, 2007

penance !

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When I call you a cherry, a merry strawberry
I used to feel your breath to ease my worry
to end the tuft of loneliness of years, I carry
here, today I consent, for I am now too weary

to fight a lone battle so silly, over a mere response
a sure defeat, hurt, unarmed, for nothing I suppose

here is my harmless way, my only way... my penance
dear !...I freeze my soul, my feelings too with patience
a quartz I am from now on, to keep a stony silence