Monday, May 21, 2007

penance !

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When I call you a cherry, a merry strawberry
I used to feel your breath to ease my worry
to end the tuft of loneliness of years, I carry
here, today I consent, for I am now too weary

to fight a lone battle so silly, over a mere response
a sure defeat, hurt, unarmed, for nothing I suppose

here is my harmless way, my only way... my penance
dear !...I freeze my soul, my feelings too with patience
a quartz I am from now on, to keep a stony silence


Anonymous said...

Patience is a mental power that makes one strong

will ya lend me some of your?

Keshi said...

I need some Patience too..


mystic rose said...

delicious!! the pic.

ur poem.. hmmm .. :(.

Princess Haiku said...

You have a bright soul.

alex said...

Hey jac,

I loved eating these cherries, but i didnt know they were cherries since they were not sweet. Could you tell me if this has another name? [Malayalam or English] Want to get one planted in my house. :)

zzz-writer said...

now i am this happy or sad??
patience is good, but then why freeze emotions and achieve stony silence
however, everything rhymed so perfectly :)

b o o said...

yummy grapes

Janice Thomson said...

Awesome photo Jac...sad and haunting words...especially the last line.

Shahrzad said...

hi there,

Thank you for your nice comments on my blog.

The photo is really nice and the poem is a very sad one.
Wish you the best.

btw...I tried to leave a comment on your blog several times, but failed due to some problems occured!


Kai C. said...

very romantic!

Jac said...

I am trying to learm patience, not an easy task to come in to terms with. need to borrow some from me ? which is the biggest joke of the year.

Jac said...

I wish if that was freely available for sale like cosmetics.
I am trying to muster it and it needs more patience.

Jac said...

Thanks, whatever. :)

Jac said...

You have a kind soul.

Anonymous said...

but i wasnt joking!

Deepak Gopi said...

Hi Jac
this is really nice.I really enjoyed.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Jac said...

The pic you see is of wild cherry, which is sour and bitter while half ripe, sweet and slightly bitter when it is ripe.

Unlike the normal sweet cherry, this one needs processing before it is directly edible.

I don't know the name for it in your country but I know that it is very common and they pickle it while it is half ripe.

But I can get you the information you seek.

Jac said...


silence !

Jac said...


Jac said...


Jac said...


Thank you !

Jac said...

Thank you ! kai c

Jac said...


I am too weary and my quiver is empty.

Jac said...



magiceye said...

silence speaks!

Jac said...


It is painful too !

Chaotic Serenity said...

Beautiful. I love reading your poems.

Anonymous said...

umm...wondering if this "sour cherries" tastes sweet when ripe? or umm...are they eatable? hehehe...umm...i don't quite got blog fans all over the globe and still feel this way? :-?

yo! 'sup with this country song?! #-o;))

Anonymous said...

Please not a stony silence.
And silly is as silly does!
Thanks for the visit.

Princess Haiku said...

Thanks for the visit, Jac.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love the last line!

Jac said...



Jac said...

It is not so bitter when half ripe, but it still have the trace of bitterness in the ripe fruit too.

Jac said...



Jac said...


Thanks to you too

Jac said...


Thanks for the compliment.

Sapna Anu B.George said...

The sour bitter cheries does remind us all about your lovely words and "A stony silence " you evict out of your poems .