Saturday, June 02, 2007

A trapeze on the ground ???

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Last Wednesday was a day for safety awareness and there was a small exercise for the trainees as part of the training on the subject. It was just a matter of being with the trainees for 10 minutes. But the exercise was scheduled in a station almost 40 kilometers away.
I sent my trainees in the minivan with the driver and I proceeded after 10 minutes in my pick up.

After the exercise, I have allowed my trainees to go back early and I stayed behind to meet a few of my ex-trainees who has already become regular staff.

My return was delayed until 11AM and I have as usual, cruised at low speed enjoying sights around me.

The summer this year is abnormally hot and the pools were getting dry. There were very few migrating birds that day. There were a few showers which were simply not enough to wet the fertile land.

On the way I had to pass through many pools with muddy water that were actually dug for the shepherds and cattle...the only source of water to cater the animals.

While passing the third pool I saw movement in black and stopped.

I saw this bird doing a virtual dance near the pool.

First what I thought was that it somehow got hurt by some cactus thorns which are deadly to these birds when they are dry.
I knew I can’t help the poor thing, as the reef Herons are so much afraid of of us.

I stopped the pick up and decided to investigate.

When I was out of the car, I had a partial view of the pool and now, I clearly saw that it was doing a virtual waltz near the pool.

I thought that the bird was crazy.

Now I asked this question to myself
Does it happen ?

I didn't know if they become crazy some times?
I have never thought about this subject before ! I have to ask Abdulla or refer some books.

Who else in the hell want to do a waltz when the sun is on top of your head ?

Yes, that one was one crazy black Heron, was my thought.

While I was watching that peculiar dance of my friend in the sun, I noticed yet another moment nearby, which I couldn’t see before, due to the dry weeds that blocked my view.

I moved to get a clear view.

Now I knew what that cheeky fella was doing and the reason for his crazy dance.
A crazy Heron waltzing ?

geets ! .... Are you looking for a clue ?
Well ! you won't find any, this time.

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Rose said...

hahahaha! :D

So did she join him after al that effort...



magiceye said...

the female species love to be wooed!!

Geets said...

Hey I guessed as much! LOL!!!!Last week I witnessed a peacock in all its grandiose, strolling about while a group of peahens stood watching. And this was in the garden of a Kempinski hotel here. I did not have my camera, so I lost a good shot. This incident somehow crossed my mind as I read the last few lines.

Janice Thomson said...

Aha ...a lover's dance...tis the same with every species methinks :)
Great photo Jac!

Princess Banter said...

It's so hot over here too... I think no birds dare to fly over anymore. They're all probably in the beach sunbathing or something. Lucky birds!

One said...

this is a cute post
one enjoys reading.

Walker said...

LOL Shaking his booty for the female.
So umm did it work ;)

Have a nice weekend

alex said...



You sure do seem to be finding such instances a lot. ;)

b o o said...

that must have been too cool to watch :)

aurora said...

Very cute. :)

VIDYA said...

trapeze on the ground!!!!!
:) :) tht was a cute post.

Jac said...

Of course not!!!
:) What you would have done If you were me, kalyani ?

"nomukkokke nanamavoollai ?"

"ayyee!! Gnan atharakaranalla !! (mohanlal style)"

Jac said...

I am not sure about it now adays. LOL

Jac said...

And thereby we missed a nice pic by you, geets !

Perhaps it is a lesson that you should learn from me. I may forget my driving license when I go out, but never my camera.

Jac said...

Me too think that way, Janice

Jac said...

I too read from blogs that it is hot there but then we can’t fly like a bird from one beach to another in a pretty two piece swimsuit.
Can we ?

Jac said...

Welcome who ever you are.

If you enjoyed it here, then you should be visiting me again probably with a real name.

Even otherwise it is not a problem, as I already have a few @annons here.
‘One’ more doesn’t make any difference.


Jac said...

He ha ! not wasted his energy for nothing, Walker
Have a nice weekend buddy.

Jac said...

Or in other words they seek me out.
Well, who knows, may be I am a Casanova at 77.

Jac said...

Cool or hot, it was sooooooooooooooooooooo strange.

Jac said...



Jac said...

That fellow will do more than that at that time...that was my observation.

Thank you vidya.

Um Naief said...

i knew it was for a female... boy birds really put on a show for the females... too bad the male human species doesn't do the same! ;)

Jac said...

That is not true, um naeif !

They do in our country :) and they do it beautifully.

Um Naief said...

well... after i made the statement about males... i rethought it and you are right. males do have a tendency to go outta there way to be noticed, now don't they! :) And.. I've even been witness to some crazy dancing by men... w/ all hopes of impressing a lady. So... indeed it is true.

Jac said...

um naief

I knew that you will retract and correct it.
Dancing and making sure they are noticed :)) Am I right ??
They are everywhere.

Thanks for the second visit too, um naief

CapCity said...

jac, where is this country u refered to in an earlier post where the human male species "dances" for the attentions of his beloved? in this country (usa) the men have been so spoiled by the throngs of women...sadly, the men don't appreciate the gift of a real women often enough...but i continue to pray for the rare gem who will find me:-)

again - u take the best photos & tell the best travel tales. i'm glad you're "nosey" & have a camera to capture it, too! lol!

Jac said...

hi cap
Thank you for going through my posts word by word, letter by letter and I am delighted at your ability to compel people to speak effectively on a variety of issues.
From what I was able to grasp from going through your blog, you have a way with people that makes them peel of the shame and to come open.

You were asking me of where are these men who dance to please the opposite one by cooing and shrieking???

Go to your roots where you are enslaved, open your eyes and watch...then you will see the dancing of males with the primitive steps, the jumping, swirling and sweating of the male just like a peacock, just like a mere heron, to please and to make a laugh on his mate.
Yes I know your country’s culture is degrading the woman, making and forcing the woman to be a piece of soiled cloth, easier and cozier to get rid off.
Its not just your country but even many countries are following this path…woman to some extent is responsible for that, I am sad to say.

I am sure that some one will come around to you, seeking just you and breaking a couple of cots in the middle of action.LOL

You have waited so long and a little more wait doesn’t matter much. He will come looking… I am sure, in fact I am more than sure.

CapCity said...

:-), jac it is so dear of you to read my blog as carefully as U do! elders always warned me to behave accordingly at all times - because u never know who is watching...and paying attention to the slightest gestures:-). yes, there is frustration, yet i remain faithful that God will send the correct Man-King who is not blinded by the degradation around us. I don't get into the habit of blaming one species over the next - it's just a vicious cycle that individuals will have to stop by determining for themselves - as I am doing...frustrated or not;-)...

Gazza said...

It was the mateing dance,no wonder it looked so fine lol

Jac said...

It is part of my job too to know and understand about the people I come across.
I do have the same profession as you; more or less, and I know that you too have this golden gift of getting to know others.
I observe and store data not in a computer but in my mind, so that I know who I am dealing with.

I know it is a vicious circle, but we have to survive with what we have, until some thing comes up like a flash.
You are frustrated but you are not impatient. That too is a gift and I am sure you know how to use it.

Take care, cap.

Jac said...

Welcome to the window to my soul.

Yes, it was indeed a metring dance. LOL