Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Prologue...animal brain

What do you say when somebody commit a grave mistake??

We ask them at point blank “Are you an animal?”
Or we simply state that “You are worse than an animal”

Are they really worse than us just because they have a teeny-weeny brain?
Are they cruel because they eat fellow animals for their food?
But we do exactly the same thing.
Do we not kill our own people for no reason?

Well ! I object with tooth and nail about them having no brain.
This is not fantasy. This happened in front of me, right beside my nose.
This actually happened just like two parts of a movie and I want to tell you this, in two parts.

The first part actually happened when I was on a roller coaster ride and decided to quit writing… took a plunge from my writing.
That was about my long hiatus that lasted 38 days in August.
Those were the times that I was not worried about my writing or my blog, yet I took photographs during my field training programme.

I was on my one of the field trainee inspection and assessment prior to my monthly report.
After completing assessment of one of them, and as there was yet a half hour delay for my lunch, I wanted to sit in a shade or a place where it is calm.
I asked the guard at the gate if I have place to sit in the open for a few minutes. He directed me to the small but not so-well-cared park.
Well ! It was not a park at all, but there were some tall trees and a few concrete benches to sit…were all I needed.

That is were I met them first.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw them !!!
Two full grown, graceful Cheetahs in a make-shift cage looking curiously at me.

The sheen of their skin in gleaming yellowish brown with black dots made it excitingly beautiful !

The difference was that they seem to be at ease, showing no uneasiness of being caged.
I was not very happy about the caging of them but then, I have no authority to ask too. So I looked for the care taker of the garden, an old man named Jon Kingly to ask him about the pair.

He told me the story of the two Cheethas

The unity state is a wild area and the surroundings are full of trees and covered by tall grass in the rainy season.
In summer, when the grass becomes dry and brittle, the shepherds torch it to scare off wild animals. Many animals die in this process as the flames spread with the wind, faster than the fastest animals.
That summer…one a warm morning, the caretaker found two full grown cheetahs (a male and a female) inside that abandoned cage that used to keep sick cattle under medication. They door remained open and they refused to go out, accepting the meat that was supplied by the kind catering manger.
They knew that their life is at stake without the tall grass in the forest. Later, the company security allowed them to stay with an assurance that the cage will be strengthened and locked if they were to be kept in the camp.

To come to a camp full of human, and to feel safer than being out in the field where they will be hunted, needs brain with out a doubt.

I have not gone there for another two weeks. Knowing my craze with nature and animals, one of my trainees phoned one day to tell me that the Cheetahs escaped while the door was opened to serve them with dinner. LOL

While I was with them looked happy with me taking some pics of them.
See how graceful they are.
See for yourself.

At that time, as I was not posting anything in my blog, so I simply saved these precious pictures in my hard disk. Something happened later forced me to search for these pictures.
So that is the end of the first part of my story.

Read the very interesting, second part about them... the finale proof about their sharp brain, in three days.
Till then,
Chao ! !


samuru999 said...

They are so graceful and beautiful Jac!
Wonderful creatures!
Thank you for this story!
You have that tender heart!
I look forward to to Part 2 about the

Have a wonderful day!


Keshi said...

o they r beautiful Cheetahs!!

ur right...humans r more dangerous than any animal on Earth!


jac said...


I guessed that you will like it. Soon you will have the finale part.
They are lovely creatures !!

Thank you samuru
Wish you another lovely day.

jac said...


Aren't they graceful ??

Yes, they are better than humans.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jac,

It works now.. thanks a lot, my friend..!

And it was a wonderful reading about these awesome cheetaahs. I hope they are safe now.

Waiting to read the next part.

With Best Regards,

jac said...


Wait for next and finale on the cheetahs.

Thanks for the visit.

Anonymous said...

Will they harm someone while escaping? I am curious about 2nd part.

BTW they are looking very beautiful :))

jac said...

I am so happy to see you here. I was sure that you will be back.

No, they are harmless as it is. They did not harm anyone while escaping, just sneaked out through the half open door and gone in the dark.

My cheap camera doesn’t do justice to them, I know.
They are incredibly beautiful.

Anonymous said...

cheetahs are bootiful & fast. i wonder why u can't comment on my blog. a few other friends are having problems ad well.


Dotm said...

Jac, It must have made you feel great to have the cheetahs just watching you and not feeling afraid or uncomfortable having you so close by. As they say, animals have this great sense of knowing who they can trust and who they need to run from or to fight to protect themself from.
Waiting for the next chapter.

jac said...


Yes, they are very boooooootiful as you can see.

I tried many times to comment but later found out that I can't do it with all the beta bloggers. Simply refuse to admit me.
Sort of boooing me off. LOL

jac said...


Of course, it is not so difficult to stay near them if you know their language. LOL
I can teach you too if you come down here.

The second part is more interesting. Check it out.

starry nights said...

Jac..those pics are awesome.really beautiful.I think animals are smart and can think.your story proves this.cant wait for the second part.

jac said...


I will prove it beyond doubt in the second episode.

Thanks for the visit.

Chaotic Serenity said...

Such incredibly beautiful creatures! I can't wait for the second part!

Keshi said...

I love the music here!


Mindinside said...

Nice post ..

Animals are lovely .. am just scared of lizards

jac said...


Aren't they ?

Wait another day for the rest of it.

jac said...


Do you like it ?
You too have good taste.

It is nature music here !!!

Can't put a rap number here for the topic :)))))

jac said...


I will find a big wild lizard story next time...that is if I can find a big one to take some pics.


Seema said...

Uffff...miserably late here !!! hmmmmmm
Nonetheless...made it before the second part came in...there's fun in waiting for the interesting bit...waiting eagerly !
Loved the pics...they look so serene n peaceful !
Hey the music is simply nice !
Thanx for this treat for the eyes n ears too !

jac said...


You are never late for a good read.

True, that there is thrill in waiting, until it turns to longing. LOL

Cheetahs are graceful animals !!

You like that unusual music ? That was
"Hevia" in action.


Anonymous said...

Interesting and now looking fwd to the second part.. :)

Neers said...

they really ARE so handsome!! Jac, you are so right!! these guys are so much better than us!

jac said...

perapective inc

Welcome to the window to my soul.

You will have it on the third day as usual.

...and do I say thank you for the visit ?
Yes, I do. LOL

jac said...


Shamefully, we have to say that, though animals, they fare much better.


Anonymous said...

m waiting

jac said...


A wee bit more.

Thanks and sorry.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful story! Looking forward to the grand finale!

I'm already convinced about animals having thinking and feeling brains. There are far too many stories that I've heard for this not to be true.

jac said...


Wait another day, you will have the finale.

You will believe the widom of their brain after the story.

Thanks, anali !

hellbunny said...

Such beautiful animals.

Anonymous said...

Its a sad day when mother nature has to kneel to her worst enemy.
They have brains and then knew what theur life was worth surendering to the enemy but the threw themselves on theiur mercy and were lucky to have fallen upon gentle hands.

Great post Jac..
Oh and I have to ask, ummm are you trying to tell me something
My link says Talker LMAO

Have a nice day

jac said...


Yes they are.
They are so graceful and agile too.

Thanks for the visit.

jac said...


Join with you on that. They fall prey at the mercy of unscrupulous hands most of the time. So sad.

The link was meant to be quite personnel.

How did you find that out ? LOL

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

They are beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest of the story. :)

Seema said...

Heyy Jac am sure u wont make the wait longing...and am again sure that this confidence will not break apart !

Well on this music...i just put it on in office and the whole lot is a fan of this now...u know the more u hear it..u want it more it is so soothing and engrossing..lovely !!!

jac said...


Just a day.

jac said...


just a day...time to write it calmly, among my never ending training shedules.

Really you and your friends like Hevia ?
I thought that I am the only one who enjoyed that soothing echoes.
I can't put a Brian Adam number in a cheetah post? Can I ? LOL
I thought it apt for that post.
I plan another hevia for the second part.

Thanks to you and 'hi' to your friends.

Anonymous said...

came across your blog somehow.... loved it!

jac said...

Who ever you are, welcome to the window to my soul.
If you find it somehow digestable to your likes, do come again.

I want you to know that, though I don't mind who you are, even as an anonymous you can choose a name of you choice so I need not call you @ann

Suits you wahat you prefer.

Thanks for the compliments.

Anonymous said...


and hey..we kill and they kill..the difference is they kill out of hunger and only enough to satisfy it, or perhaps attack outof fear. animals are so innocent, but human beings, there's too much wickedness in this world.

waiting for the next part.

jac said...

mystic rose

Isn't it ?

We do kill for dubious purposes, greed, power and wealth.

In a few moments the second part be with you.