Saturday, December 02, 2006

A personality test

This is a psychological personality test

I don't guaratee that is true for you. But it seems to be true for me more or less,,,, as far as I know.

When I was a kid, my mom used to say "hey ! don't do that "
It is considered a taboo to put your head directly in to the shower spray...says it is not healthy, but I do it one way or other.

So, my answer is hair...though I don't have much left on my head or what ever is left there. LOL

So here it is ! Take a self peronality test and let me know. If you are shy, then the best thing is, just smile.

When you step into a shower, which part of the body do you wash first?
a) Chest
b) Face
c) Armpits
d) Hair
e) Privates
f) Shoulders
g) Others

The following describes your character:

a) Chest - You are practical person. Straightforward and do not beat around the bush. To you, convenience is of paramount importance. You hate to be distracted when concentrating and are impatient with people who do not see things your way. You are a good sex partner and are willing to try new things. Your best partner in life will be those who chose d) hair.

b) Face - Money is important to you and you will do anything to get it. Integrity and dignity is not important. You feel that friends are there to be used and life is one big hassle. Other people find it hard to understand you but you are not concerned as to what they think. Very self-centred person. Average sex partner as you are too selfish and tend to be absorbed in self pleasure at the expense of your partner. Your best partner in life will be those who chose e) privates and g) others.

c) Armpits - You are a dependable and hard working person. Generally very popular person as you are very down to earth and willing to help others. Tend to get yourself into trouble as you cannot tell whether people are genuine towards you. Make very poor sex partners as you are the working type with average talent. Your best partner in life will be those who chose f) shoulders.

d) Hair - Artistic type. Daydreaming is your hobby but you can achieve what most other people cannot. Dedication is lacking but you will work tirelessly towards goals which are to your liking. Money is not important. Friends are but only intellectuals and fellow artistic types. Make the best sex partners as you are most willing to explore and please the other partner. Talent is your main strength. Your best partner in life will be those who chose a) chest and e) privates.

e) Privates - Shy type. You lack self confidence and tend to be bullied by others. You do not have lots of friends as others find you boring and unattractive. Perseverance is not your strength and you tend to give up easily and at the first opportunity. However, you make an above average sex partner. You are able to show your true emotions to very few people. Hence in sex, you find your inner strengths. Your best partner in life will be those who chose b) face and d) hair.

f) Shoulder - A born loser. You fail in everything that you do. People dislike you and you tend to spend your time alone. Your type have been known to be heavy gamblers and drinkers. You see the world as a living hell. Money and power is also important to you. But your luck will always fail you. You make a lousy sex partner. You will find it difficult to find a partner in life. Those who chose c) armpits are your only chance.

g) Others - You are a very average person. Undoubtedly, you have your inner strengths but people find it hard to see. You must learn to be a little bit more adventurous and sell your potential. Deep down, you are a very likeable person with very few faults. However, the key will be to make your strengths stand out and not just hide your weaknesses. You are an average sex partner. You have great fantasies about different techniques but unfortunately are not brave enough to try them out. Your best partner in life will be those who chose b) face.


kat said...

I always wash my hair first - Start at the top and work down.

jac said...


That is one on my side.

samuru999 said...

Hi jac
Always hair first for me too!
I'm in your good company!


jac said...


Well ! the number on my side increases.

Dotm said...

Hair deffinitely. But the one part I disagree with is the friends, their intellegence and artistic abilities are nice, but not necessary for me to call them a friend. I expect a lot more from myself than I do from others.

jac said...

The count increases.
I already said that it may not be true for all.

Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

Hey me too.. Hair.. :D


jac said...


Like a football game, if there are no opponents coming forward to disclose, we win unanimously. LOL

But we also know that almost 37 more viewed and decided to have just a 'shy smile' until this moment.

Anonymous said...

jac jac jac ,

i'm 'face'

i'm not sure i like your 'test'


- Nayan

jac said...


OMG! What have I done!!!

I have already stated that it may not be correct. I got this link from the net.

You are bold, fair and frank and...
From what I know of your character from you posts, I would say that you are the opposite, as far as I know.

I apologize, if it has offended you.
It was supposed to make a smile in your lips and I am sorry if it has done the opposite.
Nayan, I am truly sorry.

The test doesn't seem true. Ok, I accept the wrath.
Come on! you can curse me now.

starry nights said...

Hair for me too Jac.Nice to be back.Thank you for your prayers.

jac said...


Welcome back.
Thank God that you are crisp like a fiddle or like "fresh ginger"

Yes. I prayed for you speedy recovery and I am sure that I made it known to you too.

Have you completed your long awaited trip to India ?

Keshi said...

Interesting test :)

Mine was so u see Im a good ahemmm...partner hahahaha!


Mindinside said...

The music goes with your post very well:)

Cecilia said...

I agree with keshi...good one..pretty true in my case!

jac said...


You sure is... as the test says.


jac said...


Pleased to know that you like the music.


jac said...


Welcome to the window to my soul.

So the test does justice to some. I am pleased.

Thanks for the visit. Do it more often.

Anonymous said...

I start with the chest but I aways thought it was because its where the water hits me first BUT if I was in there showering with someone I would start with their chest to LMAO

Have a nice day Jac

jac said...


That really made a smiling me to climax with laugh.

You sure know how to make people LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, specially by starting everything from their chest.

zzz-writer said...

hi jac how are you doing?
take care

jac said...


You didn't take the test. LOL

But any way thanks for reading.

Chaotic Serenity said...

I always start with the hair because it's long and while i'm conditioning it I can wash the rest of me! Of course that's only when showering alone, I'll give the "shower for two" info a "shy smile" for now. LOL

jac said...


I got my clue from that shy smile.

m.reza said...

Hi Jac,

jac said...


It is surprise.
Don't go away. Stay for a while.

hellbunny said...

Mine is always the chest lol

Wanderer said...

I am a ' chest type ' .....

but was wondering what the description would have been if you had started with the Stomach ;)

adi said...

seems m in good company, hair for me too ;) although if its very very cold, i will put a little finger forward to test the water first...

jac said...


So you know the specialities

jac said...


If your answer was stomuch, then I would have been forced to give you the answers.


jac said...


So here we are, after all, a formidable force to recon with.

The hair