Monday, December 18, 2006

OMG ! Another Tag ?

Most of you know about my dislike on tags
I don’t like it because of the time factor. I just don’t have the time.
But shine is my friend for a long time and she had been with me from the beginning here and even responsible for the layout of this blog and possibly the next one too.
So when the tag is from her I can’t refuse.
Mind you that she is not a lamb as she seems to be. When gets angry, she is a fierce Chinese cracker.
My grandma would have called her a Karanampotti mulaku (literally meaning a cheek piercing chilly).

Oh GOD, now I have to tell you what it is.

On one of my vacations with my grandma in a place called as the gateway of the high-ranges of Kerala in India, she took me around her vegetable garden; a major portion being reserved for her various hot chilly plants.
She used to allow me to pluck all the ripe chilies in there telling me tenderly to wash my hands with soap right after plucking it.

One day she freightened me while I tried to pluck the rounded red chilly by preventing my hand from even touching it saying “kappiri kutta, vendada, ninte kundi vare eriyum (meaning “kappiri ! don’t do that, it will burn your anus too” and kappiri is the nick name for Africans)
I was offended for a while, as she explained that the chilly was so hot that you virtually feel the cheek as pierced after eating it.

I am coming back to shine. She will be fuming now after reading like a red chilly

Let me tell you something more about her. She is a magician. She vanishes like a wink and comes back like a flash from another place. I mean about her blogs. She is music maniac and loves good music.
She enjoys reading poetry as I know from the past, and says that she doesn’t have the knack to write poems.
But one day recently, I saw a poem here and I was surprised meaning that she can write a poem if she wants.

Let me do my task quickly for her. The task is to:-

1. Grab a book the closest to you.
2. Open to page 123, go down to the fifth sentence.
3. Post the next 3 sentences on your blog.
4. Name the book and the author.
5. Tag 3 people.

I can’t accept this tag fully as it involves other people too. So I don’t intend to tag anyone to swear at me.

The book nearest to me is English to Arabic translator. My laptop doesn’t support Arabic scripts. So there goes my first nearest book.

My next one near me is Hydrocarbon manual Amendment, which unfortunately does have only 110 pages. Even if it had the necessary pages, I can’t use it because any amendment reproduction in my blog is copyrighted subject to Anali’s First Amendment. You can check out to see the amendment conditions She is a practicing attorney and happens to be my cousin.

The next book near me is the dictionary of chemistry which I will use here.

At page 123, the 5th sentence is about hydrogen Sulfide. I quote the next 3 sentences here.

1) Hydrogen sulfide is prepared by reacting hydrochloric acid with Iron Sulfide.
2) It is tested for, by mixing with lead nitrate, with which it gives a black precipitate.
3) Its aqueous solution is weakly acidic.

The book is Dictionary of chemistry and the Author is John Daintith.

I am sorry that the sentences I quoted are not luscious to you in contend, but I am sure that, though it may not be useful to you, at least some one in your house will find it useful in their studies. LOL

Now, I need to take some rest.

Ending my blah blah for the day.


Anonymous said...


it was fun reading about ur grandma. interesting blah blah.

Mindinside said...

Good for you!
You are lucky to have such a nice friend.
I hope Shine tages you again to make you write more :)

Seema said...

MUSIC - Awesome !!!

Heyyy i could related to these sentences cauz I did CHEMISTRY(6 units for Graduation!) it wasnt Greek n Latin or for that matter Arabic to me heheee
Jac, didnt know u had roots in God's own Country...ammooma adipoli aanaloe (hope you follow mallu) heheee

Anonymous said...

thanks for accepting the tag...don't like tags myself! hehehe

umm...what you say? i'm a cheek piercing chilly?! that a compliment...or something? hehehe...umm...what kinda chilly forgot to mention! ;)):p

jac said...


My pleasure hearing that my blah blahs are intersting.


Anonymous said...

lol, what a cute book to reach out to. happy holidays to u & yours Jac {{hugs}}

samuru999 said...

You have a neat grandma Jac!
Always love your blah blah!


zzz-writer said...

so this one reached you too
btw, you can check out
for my version
bye for now
ta da

jac said...


yes, true.

jac said...


I felt bad the first time when I was called a Kappiri.
I realized later that it was a petname she gave.

jac said...


Exactly !

jac said...


Very conveniently near.

jac said...


Ya, a great one.
Thanks for the compliment.

jac said...


Ya, I checked it, but I am luckier.

SierraBella said...

Okay, I tag you with only the wish that you have a wonderful vacation real soon!

jac said...


...and I reciprocate you with the same tag and wishing you all the goodness Of Christmas
Merry Christmas sierra

gel said...

Ooooh, Jac, that was so much fun to read your introductory hot chile tale! :) Very creative way to do a tag!
BTW, I used to teach chemistry so I enjoyed this very much. (I'm an artsy-science person, or a science-artsy person... )
If I'm not able to be by sooner, Happiest of Holidays to you!

Keshi said...

HCL, H2SO4 n all that jazz LOL!

Mine wud be all .NET stuff so I better not take part in this tag.


starry nights said...

loved the story about your grandma and the hot chilli peppers. was too funny.BTW you actually do really well on made it very interesting.take care.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I dislike tags like you do, but it's always interesting to read them. You learn so much about someone. :)

jac said...


That was a lot of compliments for a tag.

Best wishes of the holiday season.

jac said...


NaCl and Al2SO4 too.
Thanks for the coming so fast.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cuz! It's funny to be reading a post and then see my name! You're a good friend to do the tag even if you didn't pass it along. I had to do something similar today with a recipe exchange.

jac said...


You flatter me with compliments.

Tags are normally so boring but I tried to make it pleasanter.

jac said...


You are so true when you say that though tags are cumbersome and time consuming, we learn many things about the person from it.

jac said...


My lovely cousin ! thought you will never come :)

Thanks for coming here in time.

pink ginger 珂琳 said...

discovered your very interesting blog. Love the music too, could you kindly let me know the song title?

jac said...

pink ginger

Welcome to the window to my soul.

Thanks for the compliment.
It is M_L_T_R Bluenight number.

Seema said...

so r u still being called a Kaapiri;)
well...that butterfly seemed to be more friendly to u hehe ive released it !

jac said...


The only one who called me fondly and boldly.
I am still called...behind my back. LOL

Great news about the bfly. I have one here too, but its free.

zzz-writer said...

yeah with a mole at the end of the eyebrows, you are lucky. he he

jac said...


WOW ! OMG ! How much lucky can I ?

Watch here tomorrow..

Dotm said...

Took 1 year of science in high school.Not realy into science or chemistry, but must admit that i did enjoy doing the experiments.

jac said...


Me ?
I never thought I will land up in a teaching profession.

Here I am quoting from Chemistry.