Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Motaz !

I hope that I am not late in updating some of the things long pending on my personnel and blog front.

My leg seems to get better accepting a suggestion by the doc here in our clinic Dr Kamal, advising me to use a different type of safety boot.
Off I go to the Musthouda (warehouse) looking for a lighter, softer boot and now, though it is just one day, I have to say thanks to him.

Now, about the updates:

My readers who are with me for some time know about Ashri who is one of my close friends and the accommodation supervisor for our living quarters, who is also the only living person who calls me a ‘Professor’ teasingly.

For my newer readers, you can read about my ‘brada’ Ashri who speaks with a never fading smile and about his lovely wife Mihasin by clicking here.

At the time of writing that post about them, Mihasin was three months pregnant.
A boy was born to them on 23 rd May 2006.
He is named Motaz and in Arabic it means something like a proud one (not arrogance) that is as far as I can grasp with my feeble Arabic.

Due to Mihasin being away to her house and I, relocated on special assignment in Khartoum, which is a two hour flight from here, made it impossible for me to take a pic of the boy to share it with you.
Many readers were enquiring by mail about updating their present status.

But I made it only yesterday afternoon while I was returning from Unity production area where I had to visit one of my trainees.
I have spoken to Ashri my intentions and he was waiting by the road. Mihasin had no idea about a guest coming with Ashri.

I could see that she was very pleased to see me after a long time.
She shook my hand firmly with both her hands, which is very rare act by women, towards persons from the opposite sex, out side the family.

Mihasin though don’t speak a word in English… is a charming host.
She made me completely at ease by asking me if I need any pastries or eatables and forcing me to have some cake with her ‘yella ! yella’ in Arabic, a word similar to ‘come-on’ in English.

If they looked very happy in my previous post, now I saw them again with much happier and ‘made for each other’ mood.

All the best to Ashri & Mihasin, while not forgetting little Motaz

They are looking at these posts now and reading you. So give them a cheer.

Another of my update and blah blah follows soon.


samuru999 said...

Little Motaz is a beautiful litle guy...and the smiles on his mum and daddy...well those smiles could light up the world!
Love this post Jac...very nice!
What a beautiful family!


samuru999 said...

Oh, I forget to mention...
so glad your leg is getting better!

Take care now!


Anonymous said...

hope your leg is better soon {[hugs}}my best withs to Ashri, Mihasin & little Motaz.

jac said...


I knew that you will like them.
Saw my previous post on the link about them ?
If they were happy in there, here you see them happier.

I was so happy to see them in that way.

Thanks for the concern on my legs. It is seems to get better everyday

jac said...


They are looking at your comments and they read you well...all the three.

Thanks on their behalf and me too.

Seema said...

Warm wishes to this warm n happy family...their smiles lit up this page !May these smiles always shine!

Well Jac on different note .... i am late of this but work at office was the culprit..i owe this one!Firstly, many thanks for spending yr valuable time writing down for me(you really spoke my mind…wish I had the patience to put it down like you)…u surely are the right person in the right n a great profession i must say…cant tolerate anything wrong to anyone, a teacher in the true sense! Sincere thanks to you, since you could have just ignored all of it and walked off…yr presence n views highly appreciated !
Grateful…thanks for feeling for me:)

Neers said...

heyyy... have a great family life...Motaz and his parents!

jac said...


I am sure that they are smiling at your comment now.

On the different note, I appreciate all comments, be it flowers or brickbats, with a name or as anonymous, if expressed fairly in a decent way, I treat it with respect.
I also can't agree with people who say that "this is my blog and I will write what I like and if you don't like don't come here" attitude. I think that… then they better write in a private blog. In a public blog like this, every reader has a right to express his/her opinion in a decent way.
I have done my obligation to express something that I found unsavory. That is all there is to it. No offence meant to anyone.

You know that you are flattering me. LOL
Thanks for the visit.

My comment is in your post.

jac said...


Keeping yourself pretty busy ??

Comment appreciated.
They may be laughing with pleasure.

hellbunny said...

Im sorry about your leg .Hope it is better soon.And there son is lovely.Hope he has a good life.

jac said...


As I said to everyone, I have two legs. LOL

Ashri is a good man I know the kid will have a good life.


meetu said...

jac ..i wish them a beautiful life ahead. enjoyed reading this one.

Anonymous said...

enjoyed reading this,say my regards to them

jac said...


They are reading your comment.

where are you hiding ?

jac said...

@ann, thumbi

done !!!
thanks for reading.

Keshi said...

Glad to hear ur getting better Jac.

that cutey Motaz broke my heart with his smiles!


Mindinside said...

I can see their smiling pic now :)

Tell her that I like her from my heart and I think of her and i think Ashri is a lucky man.

jac said...


Thanks for the concern.

If little Motaz broke your heart with smiles when he is just 5 months old, what happens when he grows up ?

Thanks keshi.

jac said...


That post is just lifeless with out the pics. Thank God you can see it.

I will tell her the next time I pass through.

zzz-writer said...

my good wishes for the lovely family.
their faces are radiating the happiness in their hearts..its a treat to watch them. thanks for sharing it jac.

jac said...


zzzz...don't say it, because it is my pleasure too.


MoodsAndColors said...

Greetings for the lovely family from New Delhi.
And all the best to you.

jac said...


Acknowledged, they are looking at your comment.

Thanks on their behalf
...and me too.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing this..I feel happy to see this happy family. very touching..
lovely family , best wishes to them and hugs to the little one :))

Anonymous said...

ps: i have a song for u on frothy waters... :)

jac said...

mystic rose

They are indeed a lovely family.

They are watching your comments and I thank you on their behalf, specially a peck on your cheek from little Mothaz.

They are delighted with your comment.


Anonymous said...

:) mmm

and u should indeed tell ur friend that hes lucky to have such a lovely and happy wife.

jac said...


As you implied it again, I am going to tell him that one more time... though the 'fella' knows that he is lucky.


starry nights said...

Did not know you hurt your leg, but am happy to know it is feeling better.Take care.liked the pic of that loving family.

SierraBella said...

What a big, healthy baby!
I didn't know about your leg either. Hope you're healing nicely.

jac said...


Welcome back !
My leg is nothing compared with what you faced with your back.
They are a happy family and they knew it for sure.


jac said...


Isn't he cute at five months ?

My leg too is healing I hope.
Thanks for the concern.

Anonymous said...

What a delightful post Jac! And Greetings to you Ashri, Mihasin, and Motaz! You are a beautiful family!

jac said...


I am sure that they already saw your comment, but I intend to see that the greetings are conveyed to them

Thanks on their behalf.

Anonymous said...

i love your tales from Nigeria..rarely get to hear such incidents from abroad..merry X mas...

jac said...


I will keep that in my mind and give you more of Africa in future.

Merry christmas !!

Pat Paulk said...

Ditto Margie, those smiles could light up the world!! Good to have friends, best treasure in the world!!

jac said...


Delighted to see you here again.
That smile is a treasure...a treasure valued more than money.

Dotm said...

Hi Jac, Thanks for letting me know you had posted a new picture of Ashri and Mihasin and added their beautiful little son Motaz. I was looking forward to seeing a picture of their prescious little one. I can see the parents pride in their faces. I am so happy for them. Nothing brings more smiles than becoming parents to a new little one. He is one lucky baby to be born to parents who love each other so much. One happy Family. I wish them all the very best.
Hope the new softer shoes gives you releif from the pain. Hope your leg gets batter real soon.

jac said...


Thanks !!

Dotm said...

Jac, I learned that nandi means thanks, now how do I say "you are welcome"?

jac said...

It is not "nandi" instead you should say "nannee".(na-nnee)

You should say 'Swagatham' as a welcome note.

...and dot, 'nannee' for coming here.